Breaking- Yosef Kolko Pleads Guilty After More Witnesses Come Forward

According to the Asbury Park Press, Rabbi Yosef Kolko pleaded guilty after learning that two more victims of his came forward to the prosecutor.

The winners in this case include the many other children who will be protected from this predator. Other winners include the prosecutor who showed a case could be prosecuted even in the community of Lakewood, all those in and outside the family of the victim who stood by them in this pursuit of justice, and those who have contributed to a changing climate which led a frum family to bring a molester to the civil justice system.

Obviously, Kolko the loser just lost, but actually he is lucky. He would have lost bigger time if the trial proceeded and he did not get a plea deal. Bigger losers are the ones who obstructed this prosecution including Aaron and Malkiel Kotler, Mickey Rottenberg, and Rabbi Yisroel Belsky who went out on a limb to declare Kolko innocent.

8 thoughts on “Breaking- Yosef Kolko Pleads Guilty After More Witnesses Come Forward

  1. So, does anyone out there think for a moment that all of the hot shot “gedolim” who stood up and defended this rotund larded pile of crap – Belsky, Kotler, and every so-called “Rabbi” who is ultimately responsible for ruining the life of the vicitm and his family- does anyone think they will provide a single moment of public contrition for the embarrassment they have caused Klal Yisroel?

    I would hope that every one of these clowns gets a knock on their doors from a special court-appointed messenger who hands them a subpoena for any and all records related to this case. I’d also love it if a special investigator or prosecuter was appointed by the DA’s office to investigate the harrassment and threats levelled at the victim, his family, and any possible witnessess who had the guts to take their side.

    If there was ever a real life example of the old phrase, “the fish rots from the head down”- I think this is it.

  2. Kudos, Yerachmiel! couple of questions when you get a chance. Big day today. How very sad that this is a day to celebrate.
    aleph, do you think that these new victims just really emerged, just now? or were they lingering in the shadows? do their names get released? Any rough estimate of sentence, given the plea?
    Also, last but not least, are these ortho sex offenders getting special handling, protection, or are they imprisoned with the “ruffians”. Because , if so, the first violent physical or sexual attack on one of them, any, NW, e.g. will really put the fear of Hashem into those still free on the outside. and those who think they can continue their current abuses. From everything that I have ever read, including a class in criminology in college, eons ago, the ‘normal” violent prison population abhors pedophiles. And acts accordingly. That was a long time ago, but human nature does not change.
    Hate to wish it, but one good. “case” could really shake things up, further increasing the the current positive progressive trend in ferreting out these human vermin.

  3. Thank you for the praise. But I do not deserve credit for the conviction. It would have happened without me thanks to the brave family that pressed charges and testified at the cost of being forced to relocate. Credit also goes to the Ocean County Prosecutor. I only deserve credit for reporting on the case. Even there i was helped by several courtroom observers who choose to remain nameless and the reporters Kathleen Hopkins of the Asbury Park Press and Katie Zezima of Associated Press (AP) Wire Services.

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