QOTD The Culpability of Rabbi Yisroel Belsky in Defending Yosef Kolko

QOTD= Quote Of The Day

Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn writes on his Daas Torah blog in the aftermath of the yesterday’s guilty plea of Rabbi Yosef Kolko on multiple felony counts of sexually assaulting a boy below the age of bar mitzvah,

How is Lakewood going to justify not only facilitating a child molester to continue to go free but also persecuting his victims. How is Rabbi [Yisroel] Belsky going to explain his “investigation” and public declaration  not only of Kolko’s innocence but that it was prohibited to go to the police.
If the victim had not gone to the police, there is no doubt that Kolko would have destroyed many other innocent lives from our community. In fact it was only because other victims suddenly came forward that  he confessed. How many more victims are there? Even  now in England the community is intimidating victims from testifying in the Halpern case.
Hopefully G-d will give these rabbinic leaders the understanding to make major changes in the way they deal with such cases in the future. Hopefully they will no longer try to destroy those who feel that the police and secular  justice system are the only way to properly deal with these cases.  Hopefully they will wake up before their own children and grandchildren suffer from this illness.

9 thoughts on “QOTD The Culpability of Rabbi Yisroel Belsky in Defending Yosef Kolko

  1. I suspect it will take many individuals going the police route before the power of these cult leaders over the minds of members of these communities is broken. What’s the Yiddish word for omerta?

      • I would have thought that “mesirah”, being the act of turning a Jew over to gentile authorities, would be the obverse of –omerta–, which is the act of remaining silent.

        • I meant that when frum folks shout “mesirah” they are brandishing it to deter the act because it is a grave prohibilition. Of course, some of the most prominent orthodox Jewish rabbinical authorities have declared that going to the police is obligatory when done to protect people from a molester or somehone who is dangerous in other ways.

  2. It seems as though it might take more then this to break the barriers the communities have with the secular world. It is very sad for the victims, for GOD created all of us, we may believe & practice different faiths, but should have unity as humans.

    • You may well be right however the sheer number of individuals whose sexual predation is being exposed may be expected to have some effect on some of the more critically-thinking Haredim. It may take the secular authorities waking up to what’s going on in these communities in terms of molestation as well as fraud and harassment and, it is to be hoped, choking off their benefits. I’m not optimistic about that happening either as long as politicians remain in thrall to the bloc-voting Haredim. Perhaps it’ll take action at the Federal level to do something or a crusading media company going after them in a big way.

  3. We will never impact mamzerim like Belsky from within his insulated community. One approach might be to demonstrate that the wider Jewish community will not tolerate his ilk by pressuring the OU where he is a primo advisor of some kind in the kashrus division. Ideally we should boycott OU products but that might be unrealistic in our country. However, there can be a campaign that no one should donate a penny to the OU or any OU affiliated organization until they dissociate themselves from this evil person.

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