Belsky Claims Yosef Kolko Is Innocent Even After Guilty Plea at Trial

A colleague tells me that someone he knows informed him that he spoke to Rabbi Yisroel Belsky after the guilty plea, and Rabbi Belsky still stands by the letter. Rabbi Belsky told this person that there is, “More than meets the eye, and Rabbi Yosef Kolko pleaded guilty even though he is innocent.

Some of my colleagues have expressed the hope that Rabbi Belsky would apologize to the victim and his family. I respect my colleagues for their sincerity and erlichkeit but I fault them for not realizing that they do not have honorable party on the other side of the aisle.

Update- 5/17/13. I have since confirmed that this position of Rabbi Belsky has been heard by several prominent rabbis. None of them buy his argument but only some are deeply disturbed by it.


9 thoughts on “Belsky Claims Yosef Kolko Is Innocent Even After Guilty Plea at Trial

  1. Wow. This is totally shocking and really upsetting. In one small way this is the hardest part of the story for me to come to grips with.

    When this whole thing starting I believed that the Rabbonim were right – mainly because I was brought up (and to be fair I bring up my children) to always believe they are right. I was “sure” they knew the real facts and this was just a case of bitter bloggers on an “anti-rabbi” crusade.

    As the facts of the case became public and I learned that Kolko admitted the abuse to his therapist, the victim’s father and some Rabbonim, I starting getting a feeling that something strange was going on. But I convinced myself that the Rabbonim must know something important that I didn’t- why else would they stick their necks out so much for Kolko?

    When I read the letters the Rabbi Belsky and the Lakewood Rabbonim publicized and when I read about the persecution of the victim’s family I was even more troubled. The Rabbonim seemed to be going out of their way to harm a family that quite frankly was going through a rough enough time as it was. But again I thought “it must be that there are a few “machers” out there that have these Rabbonim’s ears and are convincing them that Kolko is a tzaddik and the victim’s family are Reshaim. And just like I have been fooled in my life, perhaps these Rabbonim were fooled as well. They don’t have the Internet, so they aren’t reading the blogs like I (secretly) am.

    But when I saw on this blog that even after Kolko admitted his guilt in open court, and even after two more victims came forward, and even after Kolko agreed to plea to a full sentence for this crime in order to avoid being charged with the other two (which to my mind clearly indicates he abused many childrenin his life), after all this Rabbi Belsky still maintains that Kolko is innocent and there is “more than meets the eye” I don’t know what to say.

    I always hoped that when faced with the truth these Rabbonim would be “Modeh al HaEmes” and realize that they made a mistake. And to be honest, I can deal with Rabbonim making mistakes. I know I have made more than my share. But unfortunately that simply did not happen. How can Rabbi Belsky be so obstinate and not realize what he has done?

    Like I said, in one small way this is the hardest part of the story for me to swallow. I don’t think I will sleep well tonight.

  2. There certainly was “more than meets the eye”, as who knows what else happened behind closed doors. Hopefully it will come out in the trial.

  3. My experience with children is almost none would ever make up or accuse someone of molestation / sex offense if it didn’t happen. Unfortunately Rabbi Belsky is ultimately allowing all of the victims to continue to be victimized by his denial to accept that Rabbi Kolko is guilty. Rabbi Kolko had admitted his actions to the child’s father. It’s unfortunate that Rabbi Belsky a spiritual leader in the community, one whom is looked at in high regards, but his actions display a disregard to the communities safety & welfare. He continues to expect the community to keep drinking the “kool aid”. Thankfully people are empowering themselves against these evil perprtators & having them be accountable for the actions.

  4. I don’t believe that anyone outside the frum community is surprised by Belsky’s comment. It is clear that the image of the frum community is more important to Belsky than anything as minor as repeated instances of child molestation.

  5. This comes out all the time. Many rabbonim just know halacha. R Belsky is a master in kashrus halacha. How does that make him qualified to give an opinion on a criminal sexual matter? Is he a lawyer? Is he a psychologist? Has he molested anyone or been molested? what shaichos does he have with this? Why is he even involved? It is retarded.

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