Rabbi Yisroel Belsky Also Covered Up for Molester Lipa Brenner

A comment submitted by jewishwhistleblower (JWB) points to a 2006 UOJ tidbit that Belsky covered up for Lipa Brenner. JWB wrote,

UOJ has reported in the past on Rabbi Belsky’s protection of Rabbi Lippa/Lipa/Lewis Brenner a now convicted and confessed pedophile:


Rabbi Belsky was present, although not as a Dayan, during testimony before a Bais Din panel in 1985 against Lipa Brenner, and heard the horrific testimony of numerous witnesses. Yet he chose to protect his friend Brenner and actively cover up the abuse of children in our community.

When a devastated parent came crying to him several years later and informed Rabbi Belsky that his son was being molested by Brenner, Rabbi Belsky informed the parent in no uncertain terms that the boy was lying and that Brenner was innocent.

After the parent was advised by friends to ignore Rabbi Belsky and to go to the police, a sting operation successfully caught Lipa Brenner. Lipa Brenner was charged with 14 counts of sodomy, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. The sexual contact was alleged to have been committed over a three-year period until October 1995 (over 10 years after Rabbi Belsky protected this pedophile from prosecution in 1985.)

Brenner agreed to plead guilty to one count of sodomy in the third degree, a Class E felony, in exchange for a sentence of five years’ probation. Lipa Brenner is now a registered sex offender.

Had Rabbi Belsky prevailed, Brenner would still be destroying children’s lives to this very day. Had Belsky not interfered in 1985, numerous children would have been spared a fate worse than death.


11 thoughts on “Rabbi Yisroel Belsky Also Covered Up for Molester Lipa Brenner

  1. A shonda. No prison time. Sometimes in my Walter Mitty fantasies I wish that the Jews had some of those other ethnics, you know, the ones who use naalay cement.,

  2. Of course no prison time. The Brooklyn DA’s office continues to do what it has done for decades, routinely handling abuse cases in the Orthodox community so that offenders do not serve jail time, do not have publicity and, since the establishment of sex offender registries, ensure that Orthodox sex offenders avoid being registered (or at least put on the public registry).

    This is how it was done with Rabbi Yehuda Kolko just as it was done with Rabbi Lewis (Lipa/Lippa) Brenner (Hacohen) a decade earlier. No jail time no requirement to register on the public sex offender registry. Nothing has changed. The DA’s office routinely takes advantaged of the families of abused children and pushes them to accept these sorts of outrageous deals claiming it is to “protect” the survivors/victims.

    The Brooklyn DA’s office was run for 13 years by District Attorney Eugene Gold, one of Hynes’ predecessors, who was charged with raping the 10 year daughter of another district attorney. Gold confessed to a lesser charge of fondling and agreed to undergo psychiatric treatment to avoid prosecution and jail time. This is the routine way of handling abuse cases in the general community for decades and continues to be the routine way abuse cases are dealt with in the Orthodox community.

    Hynes’ mentor and former boss was convicted and confessed pedophile Eugene Gold. Gold was his advisor for many decades. Here he publicly praises this low life pedophile. Understand who Hynes is? A protector of pedophiles.


    JANUARY 9, 2002
    In 1968 the Country was reeling from its first surge in crime of that Century. Although the apparent crime wave would never come close to the pubic safety crisis of the crack-driven 1980’s, a slogan was developed and used repeatedly by all candidates for political office – that rallying cry became, Law and Order. In the same year a prominent New York City trial lawyer was chosen to run for the office of Kings County District Attorney. During his campaign, he added one word to that slogan, which came to embody the goals of his administration and mine. The word was Justice, and so his campaign promise, which he later fulfilled became; Law and Order with Justice. He was my mentor for the six years I was fortunate to serve in his Office, and he has been one of my most important advisers ever since. Please welcome the three term former District Attorney of Kings County, Eugene Gold.

    This is Hynes’ legacy. He cannot be trusted. He is unrepentant. He must go.

    As for Rabbi Belsky, he was also involved in recent years serving on a beis din with Rabbi Brenner’s son-in-law, Rabbi Ephraim Boruch Bryks (Halevi) who is also an alleged pedophile. Rabbis Belsky and Bryks both (along with other Rabbis) signed a siruv against a Rabbi in Las Vegas a few years back that was made public.

    So Rabbi Belsky is a known protector of at least 2 extended pedophile families and has come out publicly against taking allegations of child sex abuse to the police/DA. The fact that the leadership of the Orthodox community at the OU, RCA etc. allow Rabbi Belsky to continue in any position of honor, in any leadership position, allow him to continue as a posek and an educator simply demonstrates the complete lack of leadership that we have.

  3. all of this is really ridiculous, belsky is the head of a a huge originazation. he must be held accountable, a bunch of anonymous perps (myself included) will not get anything done. anyone have any ideas?

    • If you know anyone in the RCA or the ou, write them or call them and share your outrage. Talk to others who feel the same way and get them to write or call. Come back here and share what happened.

  4. >he must be held accountable

    Since when has the leadership in our community been held accountable for its protection of the abusers and pedophiles?

    Remember when the Jewish Press editorial board published its attack on the efforts of UOJ to stop Rabbi Kolko senior and others in various cases? Where was their apology? When were they held accountable?

    Here’s the current Jewish Press position/attitude on publicly smearing child sex survivors and their supporters who go to the authorities:


    And here is one of the few pro-“Rabbi” Weberman editorials:

    Of course, Jeff Helmreich is a friend of the Ungar-Sargon family, who are followers/supporters of Rabbi Hershey Worch (google his name for more information). Batya Ungar-Sargon wrote a defence of “Rabbi” Weberman in the Forward. She is in contact with the Worch and Yanover families. Yori Yanover runs the online Jewish Press.

    So what has changed?

    Did you know that at the time the Jewish Press was defending Rabbi Kolko senior and other abusers and pedophiles and attacking the motives of anti-abuse advocates and telling us there was no abuse problem in our community, there was a mother of eight from Jerusalem who entered a polygamous marriage with “Rabbi” Elior Chen and assisted that Rabbi in severely abusing her own children to this extent:

    “The three-year-old suffered permanent brain damage as a result of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his mother and her companions, and is expected to remain in a vegetative state for the rest of his life.”

    This mother signed a plea bargain according to which she turned state witness against “Rabbi” Elior Chen in return for only five years in prison. She went to prison an agunah but finally got out of her marriage to Chen and was released from prison. She has recently married convicted murderer Ami Popper who sits in an Israeli jail until 2030.

    “During his time in prison, Popper became religious, got married and had three kids. In 2007, while on prison leave, Popper was involved in a car accident which left his wife and one of his sons dead. He had been driving without a license.”

    The mother in question is the graddaughter of Jewish Press founder Rabbi Klass and daugther of Naomi Klass Mauer. The mother took a plea bargain for 5 years in jail for abusing her children in the Elior Chen case.

    And many “gedolim” allowed there names to be used to help and defend Chen. Where are their apologies and retractions?

    The only thing that can be done is to expose the abusers and their enablers/protectors, beg the secular media to investigate and expose these monsters, change the laws (Marky’s law and laws to expand mandatory reporting and increase criminal and civil penalties for failures to report and harassment of survivors), replace DAs that are soft on enforcing these law and beg the secular media and the Federal prosecutors to get involved and clean up the corruption in our community.

    A regime change is necessary in the leadership of our community.

  5. That Brenner was caught in the act only means that the police are also lying and fabricated the whole thing. If you don’t believe me, just ask Belski R’. (I.e. it wouldn’t surprise me if Belski R’ would say that in face of the facts)

  6. Actually, R’ Belsky denounced Lipa Brenner and was involved in having him reported to the authorities.

    • Arthur Bader, can you provide me with some documentation? For the moment, I will rely on Jewish Whistle Blower’s conclusion given his strong track record of getting these sorts of things right.

    • Googling “Belsky Lipa Brenner” only comes up with links saying that Belsky protected Brenner etc. Is this another example of their camp lying to cover up their disgraces?

    • Yes, the Un Orthodox Jew (UOJ) started blogging under that pseudonym. But for some years now is openly Feivie (Paul) Mendlowitz, Grandson of Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz, zatzal, founder of high school and Smichah education at Torah Vodaas, founder or Beis Medrish Elyon in Monsey, and founder of Torah Umesorah.

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