What Happens When You Put Weberman and Yegutkin in One Cell?

Convicted ultra orthodox child molesters Nechemya Weberman and Emanuel Yegutkin are both in the NYS Shawangunk Correctional Facility, one of the few in the system with a sex offender program. It is conceivable that they share a cell.

This got me thinking about the possibilities for a playwright or script writer or even a novelist.  Picture them sharing a cell.

  • Do they both claim innocence to each other initially but by halting steps come to tell more and more of the truth?
  • They are both manipulators. How does that play out between them? Does Weberman try to get Yegutkin to subordinate himself?
  • Does each accuse the other of being worse?
  • Do they fight about religious issues getting into all the usual arguments about the things that divide Hasidim from Yeshivish Jews or do they share a bond as religious Jews, or do they both decide to become less religious only keeping up a front for those outside who will stop supporting them if they are not religious.
  • How do they relate to the fact that they are largely abandoned?
  • How do they function in the sex offender therapy groups. Ridiculous claims of tshuvah (repentance) will not wash in that setting. Do they eventually discover they have more in common with non-Jewish sex offenders?
  • How do they deal with their chaplain(s)? Does a Chabad chaplain rail about Weberman’s purported role in beating up a Chabad shliach (missionary) and cutting off his beard?
  • Do they bond because of antisemitism by guards or inmates?
  • Do they scheme together as a two-man jailhouse legal team?
  • Most likely, do we hear elaborate rationalizations punctuated by mixtures of confirmation and skepticism by the other? Does each accuse the other of being the real molester?
  • Do they reveal a great deal about their crimes in the process of denying or rationalizing them?

The possibilities are endless and the plot writers can take their time. They will have a canvass of several decades over which to spread the plot.

Meanwhile, I think we can safely predict that the Haredi media will ignore all the issues I raised and will instead give us occasional news stories about Rabbis visiting them to give them chizuk (boost their morale).

I would love to see a talented Haredi writer explore the possibilities of tshuvah (repentance) by such dreadful sinners. Sadly, that sort of Haredi fiction is unlikely, and it definitely won’t find a haredi publisher. After all the party line was that they were innocent.  If or when they give up that party line they will just try to ignore the story altogether.

12 thoughts on “What Happens When You Put Weberman and Yegutkin in One Cell?

  1. What a great suggestion. The writer of such a novel is sure to be put in “cherem”, by 38 “babboonim”.

  2. This is an atypically silly post and unworthy of the generally high quality of entries on this blog.

  3. Mark H. Jay,
    I think your are out of your league here. This was a brilliant post. Brillliant. Did you just crawl out of the woodwork?
    It would be a brilliant play, albeit with a restricted interested audience.
    Can I ask you a personal question, is it the politics, the religiosity,, or the creative idea that bothers you, Are you (best case) an accountant? OR A SANITARY ENGINEER?
    This, btw, is the most derogatory comment i have ever posted online. Kol Hakavod lecha.
    Have a great Memorial Day.

  4. Maybe if they’re in the same cell they will learn Mussar B’chavrusa…

    Jail is a big impetus and opportunity for them to do Tshuva. A lot of time for introspection, and nobody to impress. Probably better if they aren’t in the same cell, though.

    Gaon, some sanitary engineers are geniuses with incredible creativity. I don’t know why you refer to them in such a derogatory fashion.

  5. Stewart,
    I stand corrected and chastised accordingly. Thank you. I’ll give my garbage collector a much larger tip for christmas than i normally do, in order to do teshuva. I am usually very generous at Christmas, but taking your words to heart, even though I probably over tip as it is, I will increase it. this year, just made a note on my calendar. Thank you for calling me on this. I just wish to heck that he would find a way to keep the raccoons out of the garbage cans, they already have those built in locks and bungee cords. which are useless. The raccoons are very smart, you won’t hear me say anything derogatory about them.
    The “sanitary engineer” used to come late in the day, so I could take out the garbage when I heard their truck, but with an approximately 7AM pickup, I need to leave it out overnight. And then the garbage is all over the driveway. I wish they were so creative as to change their collection route and do my street last, late in the day. . Not to say anything derogatory about raccoons but they do thousands of dollars of damage to many homes, basement crawl spaces. breaking open attic air vents, and nesting there and it is really disturbing when they return to the attic at about 5AM, they are noctunal animals. They sort of parachute in and then hearing them walking around for a couple of hours is really disconcerting.
    So the sweet garbage guy hasn’t had any other suggestions, and i guess all of the creativity in the world won’t solve this problem, but he has a good heart, and the raccoons living in the area are not his fault, so I will increase the Chtistmas gratuity for teshuva, even though i probably already tip far more than most of the neighbors. They are unionized, and every year the village puts out requests for bids, so the provider seems to change most years. It used to be that most of these sanitary collection companies were Mafia controlled, but that may no longer be the case. in any case, that does not concern me, if they are low bidder and it keeps my village tax bill down.
    Unfortunately though it has doubled in the last two years, whereas the county taxes have barely budged. Go ficgure.

  6. I can just picture them say to each other the first minute they met “Watta small world! Mee Kamcha Yisroel!”

    • very funny… these peole are sick. after the sentencing they didnt even cry or ask for forgiveness. they have to pay for what they did not only to these kids but to their families and friend and etc.

  7. LOL, Chananya. anyway, my scenario is triple bunkbeds, with the two Satmar rebbes (sic) tripling up, time sharing with Nehemiah,. Do these guys do each other? Will they fight over who does who? Is there a problem of gilui arayot, or, is that Tafel at this point?
    Perhaps advice is needed from one of the G’dolim, like the Sagi Nahor.

    • Given the fratricidal impulses of those two brothers towards each other, putting them together could be lethal. I was proposing a drama, not a murder mystery.

      OTOH I can see the dramatic advantages of having them both manipulated by Weberman.

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