Belsky’s Ruling that Doheney Meat was kosher Is Crooked Because It Financially Benefitted His Son-in-law

I wrote a long post that makes the point that Rabbi Yisroel Belsky violated fundamental requirement that you recuse yourself when you have a conflict of interest. The post is subtle and develops its argument gradually with a lot of contextual and supporting information. It turns out it was too subtle and too long. Readers have complained that they don’t want to bother with that much detail.

I felt that if I was leveling such a serous charge I had to get into the details. I still feel that way. If I I have the time I will try to do an shorter more direct rewrite. In the meantime I want to urge folks to work their way through my post. I believe it will reward with you a better understanding of what was wrong with the Rabbinical Council of California’s handling of the Doheney Kosher Meats scandal and why Belsky once again behaved in ways that disqualify him as a dayan and posek.

Please take the effort to read it. I feel it is an important post about a timely issue that is not being addressed by any other journalists, rabbonim, or bloggers.

8 thoughts on “Belsky’s Ruling that Doheney Meat was kosher Is Crooked Because It Financially Benefitted His Son-in-law

  1. The proof that you are full of yourself is that when Rav Belsky issued the psak, his son in law wasn’t even involved with the purchase yet. That happened later.

    And even if he was involved in the purchase, how would a psak that the whole thing was assur made a difference for his son in law? In fact it would have probably helped!!

    Obviously you are one vindictive person.

    • “The Proof” you offer is not proof just because you use the word “Proof.” How do you know that Rechnitz was not involved. The LA Jewish Journal quotes Rechnitz that he was involved in the initial meeting that preceded the psak. So who should I believe on. that detail, you or Rechnitz.

      If everyone using Doheney meat was forced to toss it and kasher, over 50% of LA would have had a meatless pesach. That would have destroyed RCC hasgachah and Doheney would have been a worthless business. Western would’t have had to buy Doheney, they just would have taken over the market on their own with many businesses just switching to hasgachah from Kehillah or some ofthe smaller hasgachos.

      I am not vindictive, but I can live with being called that by someone who is completely invested in defending a corrupt posek. ignore me if you dislike me and go back to reading the shulchan aruch on negius.

  2. On whom does the burden of proof lie? You’re accusing Rav Belsky of having a vested interest, based on the flimsiest “evidence”. There’s no reason to assume that he new about his son-in-law’s interest in the business when he issued his psak. This is also a sheilo that has unfortunately come up a few times before, he wasn’t breaking new halachic ground. Has any posek argued with his decision?

    • Kehilla kosher did not adopt his psak. So yes, Rav Teichman clearly has unanswered questions. Other talmidei chachamim who shared serious doubts with me and said if they were in that relationship with Rechnitz they either would have refused to pasken or would have created some firm mechanimsm to prevent their son-in-law from subsequently getting involved in any such business.

  3. PS You’re doing exactly what you like accusing rabbonim of – I don’t suppose you’ve actually invited Rav Belsky to respond to your accusations? Only Rabbonim have to hear both sides of the story, but it’s OK for bloggers to write whatever they want?

    • If you get me his email address I will send him my post and ask him for his response. If he sends it I will print every last word.

      I did call Torah Vodaath and asked to speak to him. When they asked what this was about and I explained I was a blogger they pretty much told me to drop dead in polite language.

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