Rabbi Aryeh Leib Dudovitz of Chabad Chicago Arrested for Sexual Molestation of Teen

Chicago Police Dept. / May 26, 2013
Courtesy Awareness Center

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Rabbi Larry L  Dudovits of West Rogers Park, 

 Was arrested Saturday in the alleged sexual molestation of a teenage boy in 2006 — even though prosecutors say authorities were told at the time.

Larry L.  Dudovitz, 45, of the 6400 block of North Albany, was charged with one count of criminal sexual assault, prosecutors said.

Cook County Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil shot down a request that he be held without bail and ordered him held in lieu of $100,000.

She also grilled a prosecutor about the six-year delay. “Now it’s 2013 and we’re charging him?” Kuriakos Ciesil said. A prosecutor said the family of the victim — who was 15 at the time — was originally unsure about whether they wanted to proceed criminally.

Dudovitz is accused of trying to assault the victim while the boy was sleeping in his home in October 2006, court records show.

According to the Awareness Center, Dudovitz’s Jewish name is Aryeh Leib and this is confirmed by inspection of local directories. 


21 thoughts on “Rabbi Aryeh Leib Dudovitz of Chabad Chicago Arrested for Sexual Molestation of Teen

  1. Not true. He is not from Chabad of Chicago. He is from the messianist fringe cult that fights Chabad of Illinois and was banished from the Chabad community 15 years ago even before the alleged molestation took place due to his insanity as well as a handful other loonies.

    • Can you point me to any public records that confirm what you are saying?

      Can you clarify whether he worked at Chabad of Northwest Indiana, located in Munster, IN for several years?

      When you say “messianist fringe” I am confused. Based on visits to shuls most of chabad recites yechi and has the yellow messianist flag. Are you saying he is an elo-ist or does not fast on shivah assur b’tamuz?

  2. Chabad fired Mrs. Turen (was Lubavitch Girls High School principal, and after the Rebbe’s petirah she evolved into the most radical messianist imaginable) who formed a breakaway community of approximately 5 families. They are shunned by the Chabad Lubavitch community of Illinois. Dudovitz used to be a shliach in Indiana but either quit or got fired (and moved to Chicago) about 15 years ago and replaced with a sane individual. I’m not sure exactly how he got the position in Indiana and how he subsequently lost it, but he was replaced by a non- messianist shliach.

  3. Saying yechi makes someone a messianist (yellow flags are the flags of the radical ones). Having said that, you can be a moderate messianist, or a fringe lunatic messianist. Though I dislike all messianism, this dudowitz fellow is from the ultra fringe variety.

  4. I think it is terrible that this is in the paper before even a trial…this is guilty until proven innocent-and this is not the way we should conduct ourselves.

    • Actually, I think it is terrible that charges were brought to the DA six years ago and the victim was pressured into not going forward for six years. It is terrible that other children were exposed to this man and many did not know that they had to keep their children away from him. He is free of any criminal penalties until he either pleads guilty or is found guilty through a trial. However, there is a rabbinic dictum, kabdeihu v’chashdeihu (respect and suspect). People need to know about the charges so they can protect their children.

      Adel, if he pleads guilty over the coming weeks, will you come back here and say you were wrong? I don’t know you. However, in my experience, those who scream about presumption of innocence, turn on a dime after a determination of guilt to allege unfair prosecution. Then at sentencing they turn again to say, yes guilty but the sentence is too long. The one thing that is usually missing is compassion for the victims or a concern to end the plague of child sexual abuse.

      So tell me Adel, how will you respond if he is guilty under the law?

      • Of course-if proven guilty—anyone who does such a terrible thing should be punished to the extreme-Rabbi or no Rabbi. I also think that when this came to light-there should be a questioning and an arrest and possible lock up just to protect more children in case the facts might be true. I just am wondering should it be written up in the paper with a name when we are not sure it really happened and the circumstances around the situation.

        Unfortunately, I have seen many cases in which the child had problems or the family might have had an axe to grind against a certain person. I am not saying this is the case here. Everything a child or family says regarding an issue of this nature has to be taken seriously and acted upon. But should a name be in a paper-without any evidence of truth so soon?

        The thing that is most sickening is that things with our leaders have probably gone on and other people knew it for sure-like other Rabbis..and still protected the guilty without caring for whom they harmed for life. Why are not more speaking out when they know for sure things like this are going on? Sad to say, it becomes a “good old boys” club…What a disgrace to our faith-and what a shandah. …and these same people wonder why the Messiah is not coming?????

        • forgot to add. As I meet more and more of the fanatic element of orthodoxy-sad to say, they think and act like a mob. Consequently, this leads to a tribal mentality which in turn, deters their members from speaking out against their “comrads” when they see a wrong doing. It is really the most un-Jewish way of behaving in my opinion…and an insult to the Jewish psyche as a whole.

        • I agree that sometimes parents in a nasty dispute custody dispute lodge charges against their spouse with protective servI wices or the police. However, that doesn’t turn into an arrest until after the police or the District attorney conducts their own independent investigation. If the complaint came in, in the context of a divorce battle they are doubly suspicious and even more vigilant. They don’t arrest on the say so of the parent and they go to some length to preclude a child being bullied or coached into making false allegations.

          In this case there are also no indications that this grew out of a custody dispute.

          I would not post an allegation that came from one parent in a custody dispute without independent verification.

          The case has passed through a critical police investigation and they reached the conclusion that they could and should prosecute him. Dues process under the constitution entitles him to all sorts of protections and a trial where he gets to examine witnesses and gets to put up his own witnesses. I favor that. But in the meantime I feel there is a high enough likelihood of guilt to justify warning others to keep their kids away. I will admit that I might on rare occasions be wrong. However, lets consider the tradeoffs. Yes it is terrible to be falsely accused and suffer reputational damage which is hard to undo. Yes, it is also awful for another kid to be molested and it is much harder for that kid to undo the damage of the molesting. i would rather err on the side of the kid than on the side of the alleged molester. At least he is an adult better equipped to cope with the problems associated with the allegation.

          The Torah repeatedly admonishes us to protect orphans and widows and our prophets admonished us for falling short. I believe it does that because it recognizes their vulnerability and the special need to care for them. In our times the vulnerable are often children from families that have problems

          • You are certainly correct that the children must be top priority…thanks for your most thoughtful response….

    • Adel,
      stam sakran ladaat, re your aversion to media coverage until after a guilty verdict, would you be just as disturbed, and making the same assertions, if the accused were an athlete or politician (white or black)???

  5. Kedei lehotsi miliban shel tsedokim, here is some spicy food for thought. A Soteh that was about to drink the mayim hameorerim, of which has yet to prove the guilt or innocence was to be done at the Beis Din, quite a public place. We just read in the parsha of Eldad uMeidad mitnabim bamachneh, … vayomar, adoni Moshe, KLAEM (ayin Rashi) that is locking them up and putting them in PRISON, and YES! There WAS a PRISON in those times beDas Moshe veYisrael. Shlomit bat Divri, Vayanichihu BAMISHMAR lifrosh lahem …( Vayikra 24:12). Mekoshesh etsim of Tselofchod, Vayanichu oto baMISHMAR ki lo forash ma yeasseh lo, that again is PRISON. The common denominator of all these are,
    1) The perpetrators have been put on notice,
    2) Raglayim ledavar or more,
    3) Plenty of publicity even BEFORE the verdict and due process,
    4) And protecting the public so that velo yezidin od etc.

    We also find PRISON in Talmud as a form of a punishment as well as a holding pen, machnissin oto mitachat leKipah, that is an Arch with a very narrow space, as for standing only. Let it be known, ACHALKEM beYAAKOV vaAFITZEM beYisrael, that YES! There WAS a PRISON lefi Mishpatei Yisrael serving multiple purposes!

  6. Thank you! I second emotion 100%. When you got to do, what you got to do, you got to do, what you got to do and ASAP, no questions asked! Hehakol lefi GEDOLEI YISRAEL UPOSKEI HADOR, UBETH DIN HAGADOL shebeYERUSHALAYIM

  7. Oh! And BTW, let’s not forget the Shloshet Arei Miklat aka Rikers Island for life extinguishers, where doors were not opened even by Shfoch Chamoscha.

    In any which case, it is Moshiach’s times, Be’itah/Achishena. As the Mishnah says Kan Sofrim Tissrach, Pnei hador kipnei hakelev, and if they can make from himmel erd, and nacht vasser, Z.B. make (molesters)Chazir flaish Kosher, and Boheiny flaish ‘Stampled’ 150 times ‘Glatt’ Kosher Kosher. “Haloy davar hu”. Is it a wonder how we have from Web’s in US and the Alp’s in UK, to Cocoa Nuts in the lakes of the woods and Berl’…s in IL all the way to Marrakesh, if you get my drift. Es asher timeso tiharti, V’es asher ossarta hitarti R’L’. Oy, mayn shefele Belz, es brent vi a fayerel. Tzad hashave shebahem, they tell their victims about gilgulim and neshamos, in heichal elef layla velayla. Vehameivin yavin Ve’dal

  8. First everybody writes on internet, that the rabbi plead guilty, then it comes out not true. Rabbi is constantly has contact with kids and there no more complaints against him. Usually the molester does it again and again. Rabbi pleads NOT guilty. The accuser had drug problems, not frum anymore and waited 6 years to file? Police will arrest anyone if there is a claim. The fact that there is no other cases with this rabbi during this 6 year period, and the witness is not that kosher, i say innocent until proven guilty! Something does not match. What really upsets me how all this anti frum organization , or anti chabad pick up the line and cheer.

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