QOTD- The Unfortunately Named Rabbi William Handler

QOTD= Quote Of The Day

This week, the Jewish Press published a remarkable piece, “Molestation Cases Must Be Handled by G’dolim, Not by ‘Experts’” by the unfortunately-named Rabbi William Handler.

Even the JP editor seemed uneasy about it, introducing this article with the information that the author “was also a supporter of Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Weingarten, convicted of molesting his daughter.” (I think we can drop the “Rabbi” now.) Handler’s basic argument is this: sure, child molestation is bad, but child protective services are evil.

It is not surprising that Handler is ultra-Orthodox, what is called haredi here in Israel (although both these terms are imprecise).

The right wing of Orthodoxy subscribes to the theory of Da’as Torah, which has its very own Wikipedia page, and this approach boils down to 1) every question in life (fashion, economics, politics, etc.) is essentially a religious question; 2) these questions can only be answered by the g’dolim, the “greats” among contemporary Torah sages. I’m not sure how far this extends. House on fire, call the g’dolim? Car stolen, call the g’dolim? Cancer, heart attack, syphilis, call the g’dolim?

(Above quotes from “Sorry Rabbi, it’s not OK” by Rabbi Yoseif Bloch which was published in the Times of Israel. )

If you read the Handler article on the Jewish Press website, be sure to check out the comments including one that I wrote.

For what it is worth, the awful stuff about sex abuse being posted on the Jewish Press website is not appearing in their print editions. They seem to have ceded editorial control of their website to some perv defenders.


One thought on “QOTD- The Unfortunately Named Rabbi William Handler

  1. after listening to this vile creature just for five minutes,you realize this guy is a criminally insane mentally deranged ignorant savage,and he should be ignored

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