The Return of the Prodigal Son- Yagen Reappears

Rabbi Yaakov Yagen went to ground around December of 2012 when Nechemya Weberman testified that he originally sent his girls to Yagen (in Weberman’s appartment). but then the vaad decided to use Weberman himself. His website stopped listing events and he cancelled many speaking engagements. Even now, the calender on his website is completely empty.

Last night he reappeared to give a talk at the Safra shul in Miami. During Q & A he said he spent most of this time in Israel  on “business” which he will only describe as “this and that.”  He also says he was in Israel to perform a wedding. What a tzadik! He went to a country suffering a severe rabbi shortage to help out.

For more on Yagen and some cautions to consider if you are considering dealing with him, see my earlier post, Rabbi Yaakov Yagen Cares, But About What? Pay attention to updates and extensive comments.


5 thoughts on “The Return of the Prodigal Son- Yagen Reappears

  1. B.H ovomit, chaver knesset, YS, ,
    one and the same. sleazebag. darn, you stole that moniker from me. fast work. lock up some 800 numbers also. no kidding.

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