Day # 17 Since Kolko Conviction and the OU and RCA Are Still Struck Dumb

See this for background to OU/RCA failure to respond to Yosef Kolko conviction.

According to Julie Wiener, a reporter for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA).

With a new president and plans to overhaul the organization, the Orthodox Union (OU) is trying to restore its credibility after a report found “profound errors of judgment” in the way O.U. leaders dealt with a top professional……However, judging from the responses at the organization’s … convention last weekend …, it appears that the new plans will not be enough to satisfy all constituents ……Allotted 90 minutes, a heated session on the issue ran a full hour longer than scheduled… The O.U.’s new president, called the alleged behavior of longtime … Rabbi X, … a “stain and blemish” on the group — one “we’re going to work hard to remedy.”

The above quotes come from a January, 2001 report on the OU convention in the aftermath of the child sexual abuse scandal surrounding their NCSY leader, Rabbi Baruch Lanner. How much have they really learned from the Lanner affair? Back then they claimed Lanner was indispensable. Now they say that Rabbi Yisroel Belsky is indispensable. Really? If he should G-d forbid suddenly die, would the OU just go out of business?

2 thoughts on “Day # 17 Since Kolko Conviction and the OU and RCA Are Still Struck Dumb

    • Classic for rent-a-heter Belsky. He alligns himself with kanoim like Aaron Shechter and Avrohom Schor but takes care of MOs (who are the only one’s like to attend the parade) by saying, but if you made plans, go, just let some know you are opposed to inclusion of gays. So now he is appreciated in both camps.

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