What Was the Munkatcher Rebbe’s Blessing for Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner?

The Munkatcher Rebbe, famed conniver at getting Jews off the hook and out of the pokey, met with mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner of sexting fame. Weiner toadied up to him and reiterated his support for the Agudah position on Metzitzah BPeh (MBP). At one point Weiner asked for a brochoh (blessing). The Rebbe took his hand and said something that was not caught on the video.

Given the Rebbe’s specialty, I am guessing he said the brochoh of  matir assirim (who redeems the imprisoned) with a special kavonoh (intention) on behalf of Brooklyn’s top orthodox Jewish criminals.

The Rebbe probably says the same brochoh when he meets with Charles Hynes.


17 thoughts on “What Was the Munkatcher Rebbe’s Blessing for Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner?

  1. Weiner supports Bloomberg’s regulation. Weiner weaseled his way to convince you, Failed Messiah, the Munkatcher, and the rest of Orthodox Jews that he opposes Bloomberg’s regulation.

    The fact is that there is nowhere that Weiner said “I will repeal Bloomberg’s regulation against Metzitza B’peh”.

    Whenever Weiner talks about circumcision rights, he is talking about the general circumcision and not Metzitza B’peh.

    Read my post.


  2. Actually, more subtle than that. According to NYT

    Anthony D. Weiner, the only Jewish candidate and one who sprinkled all of his responses with Yiddish terms, noted that he had stated his support for metzitzah b’peh in a 2005 article in The Forward about the practice. He did not, however, address the specific question of consent forms.

    So in the past he supported MBP and now he avoided the detailed answer. He is a politician playing both sides. In the end nobody is going to be able to deliver to the orthodox community on MBP.

    , “http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/05/30/diverse-mix-of-candidates-weigh-in-on-an-obscure-jewish-ritual/?ref=anthonydweiner

  3. Here is the 2005 Forward article.


    “It is not the place of the department of health to be deciding on a religious practice.” Weiner added, “I am troubled, based on the facts of this case, about whether or not the city has overreached here.”

    Notice that even in 2005 he was not sure if the city overreached with MBP.

    I 100% agree that Weiner is talking from both sides of his lips.

    Salgado and Liu are the only candidates for MBP
    Quinn and DeBlassio are the only candidates against MBP
    The rest are liars.

    • Actually six are politicians. Four of them have decided their best overall strategy was to clearly state a position (whether or not they feel it is the best one); two of them decided to waffle.

  4. When one Jewish embarrassment meets another …. I feel about Weiner the way I felt about Nixon– whatever happened to the good old days when disgrace lasted a lifetime?

      • I’m not sure — haven’t tried to research it — but I think the instant forgiveness accorded Southern Evangelical politicians is a recent phenomenon. One used to have to prove the sincerity of one’s repentance by keeping one’s nose clean for a decent interval before asking the public to accept it. I think you’re wrong in saying it’s novel for a liberal to try for a comeback after a sex scandal. What about Bill Clinton? Like Nixon, he didn’t run for office again, but he hardly kept a low profile. Or doesn’t Clinton count as a liberal because he also is/was/claimed to be a (Southern) Evangelical Christian?

        • Liberals/Moderates haven’t historically rehabilitated offenders who are still in office, nor have they typically returned them to office. Vitter and Sanford are two excellent illustrative examples of Conservatives who were guilty of egregious behavior and suffered no long term consequences. Vitter not only remained in office, with strong support from his caucus, he was reelected. The investigation of the alleges suicide of the madam whohad agreed to testify against him was cursory, at best. Sanford used state funds to visit his mistress in Argentina, yet suffered nothing more then a rebuke. He was also recently elected to Congress.

        • To be clear I was referring to YL’s comment regarding liberals just recently trying for comebacks. Considering the democrats worship Bill Clinton Ted Kennedy shows they forgive rather easily…or just have very low standards.

  5. Good points. However, I would say that Southern conservatives get believed while liberals can get off the hook on the grounds that private consensual sex is no one else’s business except maybe the deceived spouse. But Weiner was tackier than Bill by hitting on strangers via the internet.

    As for the Munkatcher Rebbe, he likes meeting with everyone to bolster the impression in religious and secular circles that he is a kingmaker.

  6. It really is not difficult to understand if you want to….the self proclaimed “pro-woman” party, the democrats, support accused rapists, serial sexual harassers and a guy who drives a woman into a lake. I bet, Yerachmiel, that you still support Obama despite the lies, the powergrabs, and God knows what other scandals will come out. You guys literally let candidates get away with murder, so what the heck are you ripping on conservatives for. That Wiener would run for Mayor shows that he believes Democrats really don’t care that he is a sick bastard.

    • I believe that pandering to voters is a bi-partisan trait. By now, attempting and succeeding at comebacks after a sexual scandal is also a bi-partisan trait. The haredi community’s willingness to do business with disreputable politicians is something they will offer to candidates who deliver the goods on either side of the aisle.

      As for your complaints about Obama or Democrates in general, even if they are true, they would have no bearing on my main arguments about the Munkatcher-Weiner meeting or my reflections on the broadening public tolerance for disgraced politicians.

      As for Obama, I supported as the better of the two on policy matters. Sometimes he has delivered, sometimes he has bitterly disappointed me. But I am not sure how it relates to my other points. I do not believe the Democrats are an evil party to the extreme and the Republicans are exceptionally better on most moral matters.

      I am always interested in this sort of debate but I do not see how debating the question of the extreme evil of the Democrats is relevant to most of what I write about on frum follies. In fact I rarely get into partisan politics on Frum Follies except as it affects core questions of abuse and corruption in the orthodox community.

      For example, I am convinced that Hynes must be driven out of office as Brooklyn DA. But I have not strongly favored any of the competing candidates. Partisanship is not at issue because the Democratic primary will pretty much determine the winner in the general election. Brooklyn’s registered voters are 70% Democrat and dems usually do better than that in general county-wide elections.

  7. Even though I happen to have a soft spot for Charlie Rangel, he can also be added to the list. As for orthodox Jews doing business with disreputable politicians, that is something I condemn wholeheartedly.

  8. Why do we care? Are politicians supposed to be moral role models? Do we choose doctors according to their morals? Your Rabbi should be your role model and your politician should do his job. Stop looking for fresh milk in a hardware store.

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