The Number of Rabbis in America

On the Main Line excavated a wonderful tidbit from an 1885 issue of the New York publication, the Jewish Messenger.

According to the Jewish Press of Berlin there are 747 rabbis in America. Slightly in error. There are about 300,000 Jews in America and 299,999 rabbis.

I am guessing that the one American Jew who was not a rabbi was the wit who penned this item.


5 thoughts on “The Number of Rabbis in America

  1. I guess the author had no problem counting women as rabbis back then, so there really is a mesorah for this 🙂

    • Why shouldn’t a woman have the same right to a clergy discount and a tax deduction as a man. Now children, that is a more complicated question. I dread to think of the day when some folks will debate about whether a fetus can be a rabbi.

      • Why shouldn’t fetuses be rabbis? The frum have spilled enough ink by now proving the a fetus is a real live, fully grown person, like Eisav when he came out of the womb. Also he’s plenty talmid chochom before the malach swipes all his toireh out of him.
        I really don’t see why anyone should have a problem with a fetus being a rabbi.

        • Shragi Getzel,

          Your talk about the malach reminds me about european rav who came to america in the late 1800s and wrote disparagingly about his orthodox congregants. He said, iirc, “In America the learning proceeds till bar mitzvah and then the malach hits the lip.”

        • Thank you, Shraga, i never knew when the eniire torah taught in utero, disappears., is forgotten. awesome. how many months, ???? that is superfluous re when a fetus is considered a humna (oy gevalt a human) but the angel who taught him/hern the entire torah in utero, when iis
          he finished, and does he “o” females as well, and how, does he f n know the d na a code?
          So when exactly is he finished, and at what uterine age is it all forgotten, Interesting point beyond interesting , ramifications re abortions . much to ponder for those who ponder. l

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