Was the RCA Website Hacked?

That’s the opinion of Richard Chasman. He cannot think of any other explanation for a series of statements on the Website of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) that contradict previous RCA positions. He writes,

How else can you explain the strange statements on the website of the RCA…? It must be a plot to ridicule and destroy modern orthodoxy.

Mr. Chasman points to contradictions between the RCA’s position on reporting child abuse and Rabbi Yisroel Belsky’s views which the RCA tries to paper over. He writes,

Why there is a need for whitewashing Rabbi Belsky and why is the RCA is providing the whitewash……Belsky needs a whitewash (or some sprinkling with water containing ashes of a red heifer)……[because he defamed the family of the victim of abuse by Yosef Kolko who subsequently pleaded guilty to all charges].

Check out the full posting. It is funny in how it exposes the absurd contradictions between the RCA’s position on child abuse and its kowtowing attempts to get along with Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, Senior OU Kosher Posek. It is tragic because the RCA is betraying one of its great accomplishments, its excellent position on child abuse.

The bad news is that the RCA website has not been hacked. Even worse, its integrity has been hacked and the culprits are its top leaders who made unjustified concessions to Rabbis Belsky and Rabbi Menachem Genack at OU Kosher.

We can only hope that the RCA members attending their convention on June 30th will bring along cyber security nerds and ethics experts to debug the RCA website and reboot its conscience.


To link to Mr. Chasman’s article in jpg or as a compressed file go here.


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