Will Yosef Kolko Say, “My Uncle Yehudah Molested Me?”

I think he will do that because that will help him get a shorter prison sentence. Yosef’s prison sentence will depend on his potential for rehabilitation. Right now he’s being extensively evaluated to prepare a report on his potential to bring his pedophilia under control. The most important criterion in rehab potential is willingness to confront one’s history. Based on information I have received I believe he was molested by his uncle, Rabbi Yehudah (Joel) Kolko, a teacher at Lipa Margulies’ Yeshiva Torah Temimah until he was arrested for child sex abuse.

After Meir Dascalowitz was arrested he publicly stated he had been molested by Baruch Mordechai Lebovits. When Lebovits was being sentenced, he reported that he was molested by his uncle. Now it is Kolko’s turn to talk about his Uncle Yehudah.

Rabbi S., the father of the boy who testified against Kolko, made it clear that he was not interested in making Yosef Kolko suffer; he just wanted to protect other children. At sentencing, the family of the victim will make a statement. His statement and the prosecutor’s recommendations will influence the sentence. Thirty-six-year-old Kolko understands all this. So I will bet that he will expose his Uncle Yehudah to get out of jail before he is an old man.

This may also be why Rabbi Belsky so desperately persists in claiming Yosef Kolko is innocent. For decades he insisted that Yehudah Kolko was innocent. If Yosef Kolko points a finger at his uncle, he wins but Belsky loses. That may even be why Belsky advised Yosef Kolko to reject a plea deal before the trial. Had he pled guilty early enough he probably could have gotten the charges reduced. I strongly suspect that Rabbi Belsky sacrificed Yosef Kolko’s future for selfish reasons.

21 thoughts on “Will Yosef Kolko Say, “My Uncle Yehudah Molested Me?”

  1. what happened to havei don kol adam lekaf zechus that lofty principle seems to elude you but then you wouldnt have a blog to expound upon

    • Neil, It says, judge, lekaf zchus (tending in the favorable direction). That does not call for us to park our brains and avoid all judgment. Even after considering alternative explanations, I have reached the conclusion that this is the most likely explanation.

      BTW, why don’t you ask Rabbi Belsky why he was not judging Rabbi S “lekaf zchus.”

      Also, ask rabbi’s Shmuel Kaminetzky and the Novominsker Rebbe if they have a favorable view of Rabbi Belsky’s defense of Yosef Kolko.

      • they all have their own agenda have you honestly considered all explanations or always seeking the negative especially when it is with rabbi belsky i personally disagree with Rabbi belsky but i dont judge him unfavorably because of his opinions and would like to believe that his intentions are good although his judgement may be impaired

        • Neil, if as you say, his judgment is impaired, perhaps it would be a favor for him to retire him from roles where his impaired judgment misleads others and creates serious problems. However, I believe that there is deeper problem, I believe he consciously misleads others because of his agenda.

          • as i stated i don’t agree with his opinions and never have so he is not doing anything he hasn’t done in the past he should have stuck to being a rosh yeshiva and stay out of kashrus and the ou

  2. Neil,
    You first state that you need to be dan lkav zchus and then you state that you believe that [R’ Belsky’s] judgement may be impaired. How dare you. How dare you state that a gadol’s judgement is impaired. You need to be dan lkav zchus. He is 100% not impaired, but he, being a gadol, obviously knows more than you do and that is why he has paskened the way he did.
    Please apologize for your lack of being dan lkav zchus.

    • Yossie Abramson, How dare you challenge gedolim like Rabbi S (ask around Lakewood), Rav Moshe Sternbuch, Rav Yaakov Perlow (Rosh Moetzes), Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky, Rav Shmuel Blech and others. Why are you daring to disagree with them. They obviously know more than you.

      Yossie, here is one good reason to reconsider your position- when someone regularly violates halachos of negius to pasken he forfeits his right to respect as a dayan and posek.

      But yossie, I have another question for you- how dare you violate a mesorah which didn’t include the doctrine of daas torah until the 19th century, the same time the Roman Catholic Church first claimed papal infallibility.

  3. why is it when some one agrees with your viewpoint such as “Rabbi”Kaminetsky or the novaminsker rebbe then he is not misleading others or doesnt have an “agenda” I just had an eye doctor appointment and had to wear sun glasses for a few hours quess what every thing i saw was tainted

    • I personally rely on facts and reasoning. I point to those who disagree with R. Belsky just to show that even many who share the modern haskafah of daas torah also reject Rabbi Belsky’s position.

      • now you hit the nail on the head; it is precisely those that adopt the modern concept of daas torah that criticize r belsky shlita

      • where were your so-called gedolim when the “uncle” was molesting kids for decades now they are trying to save face

        • In some cases that may be true. However, I think 3 things aligned in this case,
          1. the facts
          2. the outstanding reputation of Rabbi S
          3. the fact that Rabbi S. did seek approval by rabbis and only reported Kolko when he refused to stay in therapy and continued to work with children

          Personally, I think the facts alone should have led to supporting reporting to the police.In fact rabbis have no business vetting whether or not victims should go to the police. I am just trying to explain the mindset of prominent rabbis who supported Rabbi S in going to the police. In fact the most important exceptions were Rabbi Malkiel Kotler who orchestrated the campaign against Rabbi S and Rabbi Belsky who agreed to be the most prominent, extreme and public attack dog.

    • Neil,
      I am going to dan L’kaf zechut. and as such based on consultation with my Rav, I will grant it to you based on a hypothetical possibility of Alzheimers disease, rather than evil intent, Dan L’kaf Zechut, YOUR WELCOME.

  4. BTW, for those that may not have noticed, I was posting as the Devil’s Advocate. In my opinion, you do not need to be dan lkav zchus for Rasha Belsky. He has forfited his right for that.
    Also, you really can’t bring in “gedolim’s” opinions from 30 years ago. Regarding child abuse, it was a much different world. Even so, there were a few gedolim that were against Uncle Kolko, but Belsky is a bully and we all know how the yeshiva world caves in to bullies.

  5. and why is something from thirty years ago not applicable the torah didnt change so why should the gedolim change thir stance to fit the climate of today if it wasnt right then its not correct today or is political correctness trickling down to the “gedolim”

    • Halachah didn’t change. It always allowed reporting a rodef and someone who harasses the public to be reported. However, the halachic question was whether a child molester fit into that category. There were virtually no piskei halach addressing that question (pro or con) until recent decades.

      There was a change in people raising the question of whether molesters constitute such a risk. There was also a whole new body of research on the damaging effects of child molesting leading to suicides, overdose deaths, and deep enduring mental health problems. The awareness of these effects among poskim led them to issue rulings.

      • the definition of rodef didnt change they should have been called for what they were then as now just the pressure on the so called gedolim caused them to realize that if they dont conform to halacha they would loose their status amongst jews and the world opinion would be against them.

      • they did not expletive care, as long as abused were DISTAFF once it got in TO male to male pedophiiia voila vayhi layla vayhi boker and pit’om it was an issue, i figure there are no religions that have variant opinions re females, is it true YL, is it true tht they married them off at age 3, i have read that in multiple places? me, am haaretz could RivkA have been three years old at the well? when whats his name eliezer found her, hey , again i am am haaretz but the quintessential stuff i do not lose. ? is it true that after age 9, repeat age 9, it is no longer asur??”??? TO SEXUALLY MOLEST SINCE SHE IS ALLOWED TO HAVE RELATIONS AFTER AGE 9>????? (mikveh, well, that is a problem for a god fearing pedophile who lusts after 9 year olds, but does not want to violate laws, send her off to distant mikveh where she is not known, oy, we are talkiing shtetllim horse and buggy and maybe somene else would rape her on the way. good luck mr. good intentions, who just wanted a bit on the side, and his wife’s cycle was so screwed up, that , he got, a max. of 5 days a month. thank you to harbbanim hag’dolim. Heter for rent, to steal a phrase from YL. .
        how many batei din would it take l decide that with the help of ortho charedi MD’s that that was normal for that women and giving hormones woud be detrimental, but barring hormonal interference t the 5 days a week well, each year has 360 days, dai, thank you hashem.who shall live and who shall die, and who the Rabbis will let procreate. by their own husbands of course ( oy, not of course)
        I want to vomit, and after we hear about the chief rabbi or his assitnt sr assoc rqbbi who triple incested three older daughters, well then i will puke.

        was it metzger, really? after the money fraud, hey he had nothing to lose

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