Rules for Comments on Frum Follies

Readers sometimes ask me about my rules. They are the rules of commonsense for civil discourse and it should not be necessary to state them.  But since I have been asked, here they are.

Don’t insult others. Don’t hock away. If you have made your point and someone doesn’t agree, don’t dump the same thing ten times. You are just shouting in internet fashion.

We don’t bully each other. Don’t just call someone an ignoramus. By all means share information and explain why you think it relevant or why this establishes that someone else is wrong.

No Sockpuppeting or Spoofing: Made up names or your real name are fine. Passing yourself off as another real person is slimy. You must use a real email address when you submit comments. I am the only one who sees it and I will not disclose it to others. However, from time to time I may contact you to confirm that the email address is real. If it isn’t I may remove your comment.

Don’t do six posts in a row under six different names to make it seem like five people agree with you. That is another form of screaming and monopolizing. It is even worse because it is deceptive. At my discretion I will block sockpuppets or even ban someone from commenting on the site.

Please use links rather than pasting in large chunks of material. Follow that with a brief description. This method respects other people’s copyright and allows the comments section to focus on the thoughts of our readers.

Don’t use foul language. I get it. Some of you are angry, furious. Survivors are completely justified in that feeling. I don’t begrudge you such usage in your communication with others. But such language turns off readers and gets in the way of thoughtful consideration.

NEVER post victim’s names or contact information unless they themselves have chosen to make that information public. Violating this rule will lead to immediate and permanent banning from commenting on this site. Where appropriate I will also publicize information about those who do this and will contact legal authorities.

Aim for clarity in your writing. Take a few moments or even minutes to check your comment before posting it. At my discretion I will edit or delete comments which are gibberish, or rambling. I am not talking about perfect spelling, grammar or usage. Just elementary clarity.

Do not use ALL CAPS. That is SHOUTING and hard to read.

In sum, I am aiming for civil discourse and  interesting, constructive, disagreement. Unlike the Haredi websites, I am not afraid of opposing viewpoints. I find that being challenged helps me correct my errors and improve my arguments. Bad arguments lose out in a free market of ideas

I will enforce these rules. At my discretion I will issue warnings, delete comments, and ban serious or persistent abusers. At my discretion I will explain my decisions. Since I am doing this on my time I will not feel obliged to waste it by arguing about it with bullies who try to get their way by wearing down other people.

Sometimes comments on a specific post will be closed. I have only done that to about 1% of all my posts, usually when comments went past 100+ and the exchanges were getting repetitive.

IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME PRIVATELY– Submit a comment just saying please contact me privately using a pseudonym or email me at, or send me a message on facebook or message me at my Twitter account, @frumfollies.


2 thoughts on “Rules for Comments on Frum Follies


    Take a look at that

    Nearly all Gan Israel Camps refused multiple times to partake in Project E.M.E.S. JCW thus decided to take matters into our own hands; They printed hundreds of handouts for every staff member informing them of the dangers of sexual abuse. The letter included in the handouts explained that it was a first and final warning and that NO FORM OF ABUSE WILL BE TOLERATED!

  2. it is mindboggling that they refuse to. i just read about this yesterday, but not this post, and “right before shabbos” sent out a strong letter to one of the camp directors. no holds barred.
    Plan to personallu write to many more, They believe that they can hande the danger themselves, without professional guidance. well, chosen at random yesterday, since it was getting late, one camp in monmouth county (??) not even sure. plan to contiinue with letter writing campaign after shabbos. One abused child due to a camp’s negligence and refusal to get professional guidance is one child to many, Any Gan iSRAEL camp that has one episode of abuse, makes the director(s) enablers and just as guilty as the perp, and they think they can handle it alone? It happens at day camps, and Jewish or not, and friend of daughter was raped at a day camp 11 years ago, and took her 5 years to tell anyone.
    But this can’t happen here? eh? hashgacha pratit? The Rebbe would never allow an innocent Jewish child to be abused at a Chabad camp. why even the thought is outrageous that the Rebbe would allow such a thing to happen, S’moch, hakol yihiyeh b’seder. just s’moch.

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