The Voice of Your Brother’s Blood Cries Out to Me!

When Cain said, “Am I my brother’s keeper,” God cut short the evasion by saying, “The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” (Genesis/bereshis 4:10).

This cry for justice can be exploited by the unscrupulous.

When Abraham Pollack was murdered, the Brooklyn DA delivered a scalp to Hasidim, it was just the wrong one. Jabbar Collins was railroaded and served 15 years of a 33 year sentence before a federal judge vacated his conviction because of alleged prosecutorial misconduct. Collins is now in middle of a lawsuit alleging egregious misconduct by Michael Vecchione and others in the Office of the DA.

According to the Jewish Week’s Hella Winston, a relative of the murdered Pollock still hears that cry and says,

There should be a new investigation, but it’s not going to happen. Charles Hynes has more power than I have.

Winston also reports that,

The Jewish Week learned that after Collins was released, the DA gave assurances to Pollack’s family that the office continued to believe in Collins’ guilt and that he was released only because of a “technical mistake.”……

The relative [interviewed by Winston] is skeptical of Hynes’ assurances, however, particularly in light of recent information that has emerged about the office’s involvement in other wrongful convictions, particularly that of David Ranta; in that case, the district attorney held firm for 23 years that he had convicted the right man of killing Rabbi Cheskel Werzberger, who was the sexton to the Satmar rebbe. Comparing the Pollack case to the Werzberger case, the relative said it appears that in both cases, the district attorney may have been more interested in getting a quick conviction in a high-profile crime involving a key voting bloc than actually delivering justice.

How could [Hynes] get away with [not finding the real killer] for so many years? If he did it in the Jewish community, I bet he did it in other communities, too. In my heart, I am still fuming about how this can happen.

Winston offers a cogent argument for Collin’s innocence and the cynical misconduct of the DA and the police investigators. Read her entire article.


All deaths leave an ache! The ache of murder resonates in a very special way for Abraham Pollack’s relatives, the baby boom generation whose parents survived the holocaust with memories of pits and smokestacks of unavenged and unburied relatives.

Charles Hynes and Michael Vecchione, you are paid handsomely to be your brother’s keeper. You have compounded the torment of Abraham Pollack’s surviving relatives. Do the decent thing and tell them the truth; you convicted the wrong man. Beg their forgiveness for cruelly misleading them. Give them some small measure of closure. They have already resigned themselves to a murder and to never getting the right man convicted.

The two of you claim to be believing Christians. If so, acknowledge the message of Genesis 4:10. Abraham Pollack’s blood still cries out and you will bear the mark of Cain.

5 thoughts on “The Voice of Your Brother’s Blood Cries Out to Me!

  1. spoken so well, where have we ever seen justice? if the Jewish rabbinate does not afford justice and integrity and morality???? to expect it from goyim with a HUGE political axe to grind, makes me sick. yeah, i am weak. and worn out,

  2. As I have been following many of your blogs, It is apparent that Mr. Hynes is a corrupt, evil person. I know he is a district attorney, as to where I am not sure. However I would assume this position requires a moral & ethics, with this position being a big part of the judiary system. It should not be political. A crime is a crime it should see no color nor religion. People who work in the justice system are employees of the town, county or state for which they are employed. If employees are corrupt or commiting a crime, they need to be charged and held accountable for their actions. No one is above the laws. I would like to know if there is anything I can do to help inform people where this is taking place, maybe through media? If I am reading correctly it seems as if this DA is in NY. I am of the secular world and read alot, before getting these blogs I was unaware of many of the things I read. None the less, I don’t discriminate with crimes and justice, if one is doing wrong, they should be made to stop and serve the penalty.

    • Charles Hynes isthe elected NYS DA for Brooklyn (=Kings County). A search of other postings will give you the lay of the land. At this point he is up for reelection in Nov. However, since Brooklyn votes overwhelmingly Democratic, the critical race is the primary on September 10th. It is a race against time to discredit him publicly so he loses the election. The alternative is a Federal indictment. Many people have shared allegations with the Feds, but they are closemouthed about the status of their investigations. It is an uphill battle on two fronts: getting the community to confront abuse and getting a DA who fights for justice rather than pandering to the faction of the leadership (alas the majority) who will deliver many votes for him in return for his molly coddleing of their molesters and fraudsters.

  3. More than Abraham Pollack’s blood cries out for justice. The probable murderer, a drug dealer, is likely either dead or in prison by now, but the people who stole 15 years of Jabbar Collins’ life have gone unpunished, and almost certainly will continue to go unpunished, not even by losing their jobs, unless Hynes is not re-elected. [ see ] For the DA’s office to tell the Pollack family that Collins was released because of a “technical mistake” is beyond obscene.

    I worked as a staff law clerk for the federal district court in Chicago, and reviewed habeas corpus cases as part of my job. Federal courts do not grant writs of habeas corpus, and particularly without the possibility of retrial, for mere “technical mistakes.” I read Judge Irrizary’s remarks from the bench when she granted the writ. [] Because the State agreed to Collins’ release without retrial, forestalling a complete evidentiary hearing, not everything came out, but there was evidently egregious prosecutorial misconduct, followed by a cover-up. Collins could never have been convicted if the prosecution had disclosed to the defense what they were required to disclose. More than that — if the prosecution had acted ethically, the case would never have been brought.

    I wouldn’t appeal to Messrs. Hynes and Vecchione’s Christian religious sympathies, but to the Jewish and Christian sympathies of the voters who have kept these ministers of injustice in office. A naive question — would it help if Hella Winston’s articles were translated into Yiddish?

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