Message from Monsey re a missing 19-year-old

UPDATE- He has been found and the search was called off.

19 year old Autistic Male with Excellent verbal Skills missing. Possibly wearing dark brown work boots and wears black Kangol style cap. RESPONDS TO BINYOMIN. Left home in Rockland County sometime between 12AM and 6am.

Possibly took buses to Virginia via NYC or other means of public txp.

Please call Chaveirim of Rockland County @845-371-6333 with any leads. Thank you!

CORRECTION UPDATE AT THE SUGGESTION OF A COLLEAGUE. In light of the disastrous mishandling of the Leiby Kletsky case by the heimish self-appointed klutzes, I instead urge anyone spotting this missing man to call 911. It is a fine public service that will appropriately deal with Chaverim as necessary.

Note- In the Leib Kletzky case, Shomrim delayed contacting police for several hours. That delay may have cost Leib his life!

See article.

One thought on “Message from Monsey re a missing 19-year-old

  1. If Dus Iz Nies is a reliable site, this was recently posted there:
    Thank God he was found safe and sound a little while ago. Thank you for posting this.
    June 26, 2013 at 11:04 PM

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