Vecchione & Hynes Hurt Pollack, Collins, and Justice in Brooklyn

Charles Hynes photo by Patrick Cashin / Metropolitan Transportation Authority, 2013

Charles Hynes photo by Patrick Cashin / Metropolitan Transportation Authority, 2013

Yesterday I wrote about the cruelty of the Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes and his Deputy, Michael Vecchione, who convicted the wrong man, Jabbar Collins, for the murder of Abraham Pollack. In spite of a legal exoneration the DA continues to mislead the family of the victim by claiming Jabbar is guilty and only got out on a technicality. (For more details see Hella Winston‘s excellent article in the Jewish Week)

A reader of this blog, “Kevin in Chicago,” wrote,

More than Abraham Pollack’s blood cries out for justice. The probable murderer, a drug dealer, is likely either dead or in prison by now, but the people who stole 15 years of Jabbar Collins’ life have gone unpunished, and almost certainly will continue to go unpunished, without even by losing their jobs, unless Hynes is not re-elected. [Also see ProPublica about DA Hynes, Detective Scarcella, and falsely convicted David Ranta]

For the DA’s office to tell the Pollack family that Collins was released because of a “technical mistake” is beyond obscene.

I worked as a staff law clerk for the federal district court in Chicago, and reviewed habeas corpus cases as part of my job. Federal courts do not grant writs of habeas corpus, and particularly without the possibility of retrial, for mere “technical mistakes.” I read Judge Irrizary’s remarks from the bench when she granted the writ. Because the State agreed to Collins’ release without retrial, forestalling a complete evidentiary hearing, not everything came out, but there was evidently egregious prosecutorial misconduct, followed by a cover-up. Collins could never have been convicted if the prosecution had disclosed to the defense what they were required to disclose. More than that — if the prosecution had acted ethically, the case would never have been brought.

I wouldn’t appeal to Messrs. Hynes and Vecchione’s Christian religious sympathies, but to the Jewish and Christian sympathies of the voters who have kept these ministers of injustice in office.


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