Alleged Molester Baruch Mordechai Lebovits Evaluates Arthur Aidala (SATIRE)

Arthur Aidala, like most private practice attorneys, shows up on websites which solicit customer evaluations. Here is what
Baruch Mordechai Lebovits
wrote about Arthur Aidala.Rabbi Baruch Lebovits being mesader kedushin in FloridaMy Dear Hasidic Brothers,

Trust this man. He is one of the world’s righteous gentiles. The holy Munkatcher Rebbe says he is a worthy tzedakah (charity).

Just as a Hasid needs a Rebbe to get closer to Hashem (G-d), you need Mr. Aidala to get closer to the seat of justice in the Office of District Attorney Charles Hynes and the Head Racketeer, Mr. Michael Vecchione.  Aidala was Vecchione’s chazer bochur (study companion) when they worked together on homicides.

None of us want, chas vicholilah (G-d forbid), to need a cancer surgeon. But if you need one, you want the best. May you all be spared my nisyonos (testing circumstances) of being prosecuted, persecuted, and jailed because of mosrim (snitches) and tummlers (noisy activists). But if it should G-d forbid happen, use Mr. Aidala and you will get to say birchas hagomel (the blessing for escaping dire circumstances).

May G-d spare us all and bring an end to this magayfah (plague) of arrests which has devastated our poor beleaguered community.

I also owe hakoros hatov (gratitude for favors) to Rabbi Moshe (Gabbai) Friedman and Rabbi Dovid Niederman and other choshiv (distinguished) askanim (fixers) who prefer not to be named.

If you are in Boro Park and need a ride, just call me and let me know, or approach me in the beis medrish (prayer hall) of Munkatch or Congregation Shomer Shabbos. I am also glad to give people rides to Atlantic City and to give words of chizuk (strengthening) to bochurim (teen-age boys) struggling in yeshiva.

Kol tuv (All the best),

בארעך מארדכע לעבאוויטש
Baruch Mordechai Lebovits,
Atlantic City Rebbe

Chapeau tip to H.

5 thoughts on “Alleged Molester Baruch Mordechai Lebovits Evaluates Arthur Aidala (SATIRE)

  1. Wow, He is a real advocate for this gentile. )( and I am a gentile) How many palms are getting greased. These little piggies may say “birchas hagomel” (the blessing for escaping dire circumstances), here on earth, but I definetly wouldn’t want to be them on judgement day. Shame on him promoting this schmuck.

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