DA Withholding Key Evidence In Chasidic Whistleblower Case, Kellner Attorney Alleges

Vecchione Stock 2aSurvivors for Justice(NY) issued an email notice that,

The Jewish Week reports that DA Hynes’ the Brooklyn district attorney’s office is withholding “highly significant” evidence favorable to the defense and may have suborned perjury, according to an attorney for Sam Kellner.

 “The case against Kellner hinges on two witnesses: Meyer Lebovits, the son of Baruch Lebovits [a convicted child molester who is alleged to have abused Kellner’s son], and a man The Jewish Week has called Yoel. In 2008, Yoel gave chilling testimony to a grand jury about the sexual abuse he had suffered for years at the hands of Baruch Lebovits, who was subsequently charged with close to 70 counts of sexually abusing Yoel.”

 “In November of 2009, according to court documents, the DA received a call from a prominent attorney on Yoel’s behalf to say that Yoel was no longer cooperating with the prosecution. At the time, Yoel did not deny he was a victim of Lebovits. Then, several months after Lebovits was convicted on the testimony of another witness, Yoel was brought forward to the DA by supporters of Baruch Lebovits. At that time he accused Kellner of paying him to fabricate his claims that Lebovits had abused him. (Lebovits’ attorneys, Arthur Aidala and Alan Dershowitz, have taken credit in news reports for providing the DA with the basis of the case against Kellner after Lebovits was convicted.)”

This report and many others like it prompted me to encourage employees of the Brooklyn D. A. to distance themselves from involment in Michael Vecchione’s shenanigans.

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