Notary Fraud Involving Vecchione, Brooklyn DA’s Rackets Guy

Vecchione Stock 2a

According to yesterday’s New York Times , Michael Vecchione, Rackets Bureau chief in the Kings County (Brooklyn) Office of the District Attorney,

Testified in a deposition last month that several affidavits sworn and notarized in his name in 1995 had actually been signed by others……

Among the claims in Mr. Collins’s suit is that Mr. Vecchione used falsely notarized warrants to compel witnesses to testify against Mr. Collins.

“Is that your signature?” a lawyer, Joel B. Rudin, asked Mr. Vecchione during five hours of questioning, pointing to a document containing Mr. Vecchione’s name, according to a transcript.
“It is not,” Mr. Vecchione replied.
“Did you sign that document?” Mr. Rudin asked.
“I did not,” Mr. Vecchione said.
“Do you know who signed it?”
“Don’t have any idea.”
Mr. Vecchione failed to answer many of the questions posed by Mr. Rudin, who is handling the case for Mr. Collins. More than 300 times during the deposition Mr. Vecchione said in response to Mr. Rudin’s questions that he did not remember.

I believe that  Vecchione was involved in fraudulent notarized signatures in other cases, both of his own signature and of other’s.

Mike Vecchione fancies himself a crime fiction writer. He crossed a line when he brought those predilections into his work as a prosecutor in this case and into several other cases involving Arthur Aidala, confidant of D. A. Charles J Hynes. Vecchione is also trying to buy time and cover before his next deposition in the trial of Jabbar Collins.

People working with Mike, you would be well advised to realize that you are no longer in the scripted CBS Brooklyn DA TV series. If you work for the Brooklyn DA,  you are now in Watergate territory.

The “plumbers” at the DA are trying to patch leaks, intimidate or smear potential leakers, manipulate a number of you into behaving improperly, and spinning ever more bizarre plots to obscure misdeeds.  Vecchione, Hynes, Artie Aidala, and others are flailing hopelessly but dangerously.

These ploys will not work, but each of them is putting more and more of you in danger of losing your law licenses on ethics charges, losing your liberty to criminal convictions, losing your reputations, and worst of all, losing your honor. I understand Vecchione’s desperation. He is panicking even though he keeps up appearances. Wardrobe does not make this man.

Mike Vecchione is already at such great risk that he is being rational in choosing to gamble. But it is a very bad bet for the rest of you. I understand loyalty. But don’t’ count on being rewarded for loyalty when the chips are down and someone has to be sacrificed and thrown under the bus.

Many of you being asked to take serious risks  if you continue to act on Vecchione’s directives and off-the-record explanations. When push comes to shove you will not be able to prove you were following orders. However, you will be vulnerable to charges arising from Brady violations if you followed illegal instructions not to fully record or disclose potentially exculpatory information.

New York’s major media outlets are on the story like sharks circling a bleeding man. Don’t turn yourself into shark bait.


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