The Third Man- Richard Andron

Richard (Rick,Ricky) Andron ~1980

Richard (Rick,Ricky) Andron ~1980

It is now over six months since the Forward reported allegations of child sexual abuse in Yeshiva University’s high school YUHS (also known as MTA) by former Principal George Finkelstein and and former teacher Rabbi Macy Gordon. Two days ago (7/8/13) the other shoe dropped when the attorney for nineteen former students announced the filing of a lawsuit against Yeshiva University (YU) as the parent and controlling body of the high school. According to the most recent article in the Forward,

The suit also alleges that Richard Andron, a former Y.U. student now believed to be living in Boca Raton, Fla., was allowed to visit the high school dormitory even though staff knew he was a threat to children. Two former high school students say Andron abused them after befriending them in the dormitory.

Buried in the court filing is the allegation that Finkelstein colluded in arranging for Andron to molest students.

Andron, moreover, frequently notified Finkelstein that boys who slept over [at] Andron’s apartment would be late or absent for Sunday classes at YUHS. Finkelstein thus knew, excuse[d], condoned, and facilitated sexual abuse of numerous YUHS students (p. 58).

When the Forward’s story broke in December, Finkelstein and Gordon were comfortably ensconced in jobs in Israel. It seems that even at this late date YU still hadn’t notified anyone that these two should be kept away from children.

Richard Andron moved to the other Jewish homeland, Florida. I assume by now the allegations are known in Boca Raton. It would be helpful to know where he is successfully ensconced in his Jewish community, perhaps trusted with youth, honored in synagogues, a member of boards, and so on. It would also be encouraging to hear about places where he is no longer welcome. I ask readers with information to share it. I am also interested in locating pictures of Richard Andron on the Web.

You would think it would be a no-brainer that credible allegations would lead to appropriate inquiry and precautions. Yet, in Teaneck, Rabbi Michael Taubes, the current principal of YUHS, regularly hosts Baruch Lanner, the most notorious molester in the modern orthodox world in the U. S.

Richard Andron Thursday Nov 12 1991 Boca Raton News Business 2B w captionUpdate: 1:30 p.m. 7/10/13–I have confirmed that the story at the left refers to the Richard Andron named in the lawsuit. It comes from a lousy photo reproduction of a print first brought to my attention by jewiswhistleblower (JWB) a very able and trustworthy researcher.

Boca Raton Synagogue Reacts to Lawsuit and announces Andron’s resignation and exclusion from their facilities: I have confirmed from multiple sources that the Richard Andron who is alleged to have molested boys in the YUHS lawsuit is also known as Rick Andron or Ricky Andron. He was a member of the Boca Raton Synagogue (BRS) but yesterday (7/9/13) the synagogue sent a private email on behalf of their board of directors  announcing his resignation in connection with the allegations and they announced that Andron had agreed not to attend any BRS events on or off their campus. They also stated that they were not aware of any allegations of abuse within their synagogue.

Crowd-sourcing & Cautions: The crowd-sourcing going on here is terrific. I just want to caution people to be very careful about not inadvertently posting information identifying the wrong person as the individual named in the suit. There are a number of Richard Androns in the United States. Be meticulously careful to note any doubts or uncertainties.

Information we are looking for: Knowledge of where the alleged abuser lived, went to school, worked, etc would be helpful. I am interested in pictures from any stage in his life because there may be victims out there who will be better able to confirm their identifications by seeing picture of him at the age at which he molested them. If you went to school with him or worked with him in organizations or even attended events with him, pictures from you would really help along with other identifying information. This sort of stuff from the before the 90s is usually or even the turn of the millennium is usually not digitized. But we should be able to find it with crowd-sourcing.

Contacting Yerachmiel Lopin: If you need to contact me privately there is information on the upper right of this page.


This will be a cumulative work in progress focusing on verified information. If anyone has the energy to go through the court filing (there are links above) it would be great if they could collect that chronology. If you do that please include page numbers to make it easy to check.

?? years he was in NCSY(plus particular locations he was sighted) if anyone has programs or other materials that would be great.

?? moved to Boca Raton

1980s-mid to late 1980s one of the founding families of the Boca Raton Synagogue  hosting Shabat services with his wife Sue at their home (see here)- confirmed

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  1. Can you or your readers provide any further details as to Richard Andron? There are just a handful of people in the US with this name. An age would help as would the name of his parents and wife. I assume he is approximately in his mid sixties.

    I assume he is not the one in California (too young) and not the one in Minnesota who works in architecture. I also assume he is not the one in NJ who works in medicine and has ties to Susan Rosenbluth (aka Susie Smear) of the Jewish Voice and Opinion and her husband Dr. Richard Rosenbluth (aka Dr. Richie Rich).

    You can do a public records search of parts of Florida here that may help:

    Also, here is a google news archive search with some results:

    There is a 1991 photo of a Richard Andron who was appointed executive director of the American Committee for the Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem? Can anyone confirm if this is the same man?,6212011&dq=richard-andron&hl=en

    There is a Richard (Rick) J. Andron who is 66 years old and has ties to Boca Raton, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach, Florida. He has worked for US Pool and Boca Raton Real Estate and studied at Harvard Business School. Is this the person in question?

    Post what you can in this message thread and if I can I will look again to see if there are more particulars.

    JWB- please contact me in private via any of the methods listed on the top right of the page-

    • jewishwhistleblower,

      I have confirmed that the man in the Sharei Tzedek article is indeed the Richard (Rick, Ricky) Andron named in the lawsuit. I have placed a screensave of the article into my post. If anyone has advanced skills and can produce a better image that would be great.

      Bear in mind that this is a picture of him 22 years ago. However, if he had victims at the time it could be useful to them in identifying him.

  2. I grew up in Boca and I know Rick. It’s funny, he’s not the type [which makes sense now]. Boca Raton Synagogue sent out an email to all members yesterday and said that the individual listed in the complaint has withdrew his membership from the shul and agreed to not attend the shul anymore. He used to be a Baal Tokeya on the Yomim Norayim and said Havdalah every Motzei Shabbat as well as lead the young men in the Anim Zmirot every Shabbat (all makes sense now). It’s amazing how he lived his life, married with kids, and walked around as a member of a large and warm community, yet he had a dark and sick secret of abusing kids. I was nearly abused by George Finkelstein as a child, I luckily has some sense that a grown man that wanted to wrestle with a 5th grader was odd, and it is a scary scary world out there.

  3. You may want to search some of the Florida papers.
    Here are a few articles to assist, again, I need more information to confirm it is the correct Andron:

    1) The Palm Beach Post – July 21, 1989
    A sweet scent hangs in the air as Rick Andron returns home from synagogue and kisses his wife …

    2) Miami Herald, The (FL) – August 9, 1991
    Eee, ma, eee, ma, ah, ba, aba, ah, ba.”Eighteen students in Meyer Strassfeld’s Hebrew reading class at Boca Raton Synagogue

    3) Boca Raton’s Orthodox Revolution
    As Palm Beach County’s Jewish population grows, a new core of Orthodox Judaism forms at its center
    Sunday, July 1, 2001

    The third Orthodox congregation, Boca Raton Synagogue, was formed in September. Most of its members are young couples with children.

    The group, which has 30 families, meets at the Community Day School in Boca Raton on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. They have bought land in Boca del Mar and have hired 26-year-old Rabbi Mark Dratch, from Stanford, Conn. He will begin conducting services July 28.

    But, those who live on the circle say people who pay inflated prices for houses near the synagogue are buying much more than a home. “They’re buying a lifestyle,” says Sue Andron, who followed Dratch to Boca and stayed after he headed back north.

    At Andron’s house, an hour before sundown, she and her husband, Rick, rattle through a checklist. “Let’s see… paper towels, liquid soap? Anything else we need before Shabbos?” Rick Andron asks before grabbing the car keys and darting out the door.

    Once back from a nearby Publix, he hands the roll of paper towels to the housekeepers who begin ripping the napkins apart and stacking them in piles. Religious law, Rick Andron explains, prohibits Orthodox Jews from ripping or cutting on the Sabbath. The liquid soap is needed because Jewish law prohibits the use of hard soap.

    “You can’t change the status of things,” Sue Andron explains. You can’t cook because you can’t turn raw meat into cooked beef. You can’t boil water because you can’t make something cool, warm. You can’t switch on lamps because you can’t turn darkness into light. While some Orthodox Jews unscrew the light bulbs in their refrigerator on the Sabbath, years ago Sue Andron just decided to do without.

    “I don’t even know what it’s like opening a refrigerator with a light on in it,” she says, opening her refrigerator, which is completely full and completely dark. Other lights in the house are set on timers.

    Just before the appointed time, Rick and Sue Andron make one last check. She turns off the ovens and plugs in the warming trays she will use on Saturday to warm up the family’s lunch.

    “Are all the lights set?” Rick asks.

    “I think so,” she answers.

    Then she turns to a long, narrow table in the living room, lights 15 candles—one for each of her four children, her husband and other important people in her life. She rocks gently back and forth, quietly saying a prayer. Then there’s silence.

    “That’s it,” she smiles. “The world’s gone.”

    It’s an unbelievable feeling, she says, knowing she has nothing to do for the next 24 hours other than talk with family and friends and go to shul.

    “Everything that’s happened in Boca Raton is all because of Rabbi Brander,” Sue Andron says. “He took his dreams and made them reality. There’s absolutely nothing Rabbi Brander can’t do.”

    Yeshiva High School opened in September 1998 on the grounds of the synagogue. Torah Academy, which is for preschool through sixth grade, opened last year on the grounds of Young Israel Synagogue, another, much smaller, Orthodox synagogue just north of Palmetto Park Road on Palmetto Circle.

    The opening of the schools fueled the area’s popularity among young families. Some families, including the Androns, still send their children to the long-established Hebrew schools in North Miami Beach. Eventually, however, Brander is hoping children won’t have to make the hour-long trek. In fact, less than three years after Yeshiva High School opened, school officials are already planning to add a second floor and eventually increase the student population from 100 to 170.

    While not surprised by the growth, Andron says she sometimes is surprised by how far the community has come. Recently, a colleague at the North Miami Hebrew school where she works asked her to stop by Albertson’s and pick up some baked goods for her. After spending years schlepping to Miami to buy kosher food, the significance of the request wasn’t lost on Andron. “The tables have really turned,” she says with a laugh.

  4. Another article to assist, again, I need more information to confirm it is the correct Andron:

    Sabbath Observance Brings Family Together .
    August 11, 1986
    Palm Beach Post

    Rick Andron, 43, an insurance agent who lives in Boca Raton …

    Andron, an Orthodox Jew…

    His grandfather established the first yeshiva … in the United States.

    And in 1946 his father founded the first Orthodox day school in Florida.

    • RJJ Yeshiva on Lower East Side had a building named after an Andron according to an acquaintance who went there about 50 years ago. I am told Rick/Richard Andron’s family is weathy.

  5. Here are a few articles to assist, again, I need more information to confirm it is the correct Andron:

    (SUN-SENTINEL Edition)
    Sun Sentinel – Fort Lauderdale
    by KEN SWART, Religion Writer
    March 30, 1992
    Page: 4B

    The couple “have dedicated Jewish Horizons to outreach and Jewish education,” committee spokesman Rick Andron said. “Through the (program), the valuable work of worthy Jewish organizations has become known to the Jewish community and beyond.”

    (PALM BEACH Edition)
    Sun Sentinel – Fort Lauderdale
    by SARAH RAGLAND Staff Writer
    March 5, 1996
    Page: 1B

    Rick Andron, who is active in synagogue affairs, said there is a correlation between the story of Purim and the stories now on the nightly news

    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
    December 17, 1996
    The Palm Beach Post
    Page 9B

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Monday accused a Boca Raton company, its officers and brokers in Florida, Colorado and California of fraud, saying they lied about the company to investors.

    Regulators say Sky Scientific Inc., along with its president, Arthur Dorow Jr., and chief financial officer, Jerry Foster, filed false information on the company with the SEC and created phony accounting records to cover its finances.


    All Respondents allegedly violated Section 17(a) of the Securities Act, Section 10(b) of the Exchange Act and Rule 10b-5 thereunder (antifraud provisions). (OIP ¶¶ IV-VI.) All Respondents except Jerry L. Foster (Foster), Strategic Resource Management, Inc. (Strategic), and William A. Moler (Moler) are charged with distributing unregistered common stock of Sky Scientific, Inc. (Sky) to the public in violation of Sections 5(a) and 5(c) of the Securities Act (registration provisions).

    … a Boca Raton-based mining company called Sky Scientific Inc. “Sky Scientific was the poster child for micro-cap fraud,” said Daniel Shea, regional director for

  8. I’m sure from personal memory that “Ricky Andron” attended at least a few Shabbatonim in the NCSY region headed by, yes, Baruch Lanner. Back in the early 80s Ricky Andron was single much, much older than the other youth “advisors”, who were generally aged 19-23.

  9. This is ringing a bell. Wasn’t Ricky the younger brother of Mike Andron, Harvey Sober’s first Black Belt at Toro Dojo?

    • Ricky Andron did participate in NCSY events, and befriended many young boys there as well, some of whom he undoubtedly abused. He was a black belt, I think having studied Sober’s Tora Dojo. He lived on the Upper West Side. I was aware of his connections to NCSY, but not to YU (or Finkelstein) until this court filing.

      • I only remember seeing him a couple of times, but what was unusual was that he was in his late 30s, single, and still participating in NCSY “events”. So I’d say the guy who was 43 in 1986 corresponds to a guy who was about 38 in 1981. And the picture looks like the guy I remember, but I don’t think I ever knew him enough to speak to him.

          • Etz Chaim NCSY had two kinds of youth “advisors” : Those who ran local chapters, who got paid and performed a lot of administrative and outreach functions, and those who were just post-high-schoolers who liked to “hang out” at NCSY events (unpaid “regional advisors”). The regional advisers were mostly young former NCSYers who weren’t ready to entirely give up their high school social life. That’s not particularly terrible, and most moved on to career, marriage, etc. Ricky Andron was the latter kind of advisor. Occasionally the chapter advisers were older, married people (or even couples), BUT it was highly unusual for a single person in their late 30s to be a “regional advisor”. While the regional advisers were mostly familiar faces, sometimes there were newcomers Baruch or Matt became friendly with and they brought along.

            I’m very fortunate that neither my husband nor I (we met in NCSY) had any untoward dealings with the people who have been revealed to be so unsavory. The very first time I attended an NCSY event, Baruch wasn’t in attendance because he had taken the regional president (a female) to Florida so she could recuperate from mono. To a naive 14 year old, this didn’t set off any alarm bells (but it sure ought to have).

  10. This is heartbreaking, but another Sober blackbelt, Dr Joel Comet, was head of student counseling at MTA overlapping with George’s tenure, and probably Andron’s involvement. He came up in Toro Dojo a the same time as Ricky, despite being much younger (got his Black Belt at 18).

  11. I have been waiting about 30 years for the Ricky Andron shoe to finally drop. I was one of his (what I suspect to be) many, many victims. I met Andron at a NJ Jr. NCSY shabbaton in the early 80’s when I was about 12 years old. I believe he often had the title “head advisor”. He was a black belt in Tora Dojo and his brother is Michael Andron, one of Chaim Sober’s top students. He lived in the Upper West Side and I believe he had some affiliation with either the Jewish Center and/or Ramaz where he was some combination of youth director, Karate instructor and basketball coach. He was an employee of Mobil. He was also on the board of directors of the yeshiva RJJ. He regularly lured young teenage boys into his apartment and molested them. And he often roamed the hallways of the MTA dorm. Looking back it is pretty incredible that no adult at the time realized that there was something very suspicious about a single man in his late 30’s/early 40’s who socialized primarily with young teenage boys. I believe that in the mid-80’s some brave young man — braver than me — finally informed an adult of Andron’s horrific deeds and he was quietly urged to leave town. I urge other victims — who I am sure have been Googling his name for years — to share their stories on this or other appropriate forums.

    • It is possible I am that “brave young man” you describe, but I really was not braver than you, or any of the other victims. I was dorming for high school, coming home on Shabbos, and Ricky was coming to my house for Shabbos. I was in panic mode and told my roommates on Thursday night, begging them not to tell anyone. Thank G-d they did not listen to me, told the Rosh Yeshiva, who told my parents and gave me support. While my parents did not prosecute, they told anyone they knew who had a relationship with Ricky what happened. After that he was no longer in NCSY, and based on what I am seeing on this site about a year or two later he moved to Florida.

    • How ironic it is…yes, finally the news about Ricky Andron gets out-I too had been searching the web for years to see if his name ever surfaced-until today….which is so crazy b/c of all the Dora Golding news…and I was in CDG in 1981-83 and he was there then in some ad hoc role-and I always thought something was off…nothing happened to me BH but he was clearly a predator…

    • Please continue to urge others on any forum you can find, to report what this molester has been doing for years. These horrible, abominable acts must be avenged.

  12. This would have been 73-74. He was much older than me – mid 20’s to my 13. It was unusual for someone that young to be taking classes there – nearly everyone else was in college.

    Tora Dojo was the karate school started by Harvey Chaim sober, a Hebrew Lit professor at YU and an 8th degree Black Belt in karate. His students eventually spread all over the US and Israel, but at that time it was mostly taught in the basement of the RIETS building (MTA’s building), and at Ramaz, by the Andron brothers.

    In that era of “Never Again”, Sober and his students were well respected within YU circles for their combination of self-defense and relative emotional balance, compared to the JDL Karate circles around Alex Sternberg, who as a group tended to seek out confrontations on the streets in the worst neighborhoods.

    The gym in which they held classes was the same gym where the high school would have had phys ed and basketball practice. And a Sober Black Belt would have been a Pied Piper-like figure to the naive kids in the halls of the MTA dorm.

  13. Question: What is the connection to Florida? Lanner is on the registry in Florida and there’s been discussion on these blogs of a number of people working and residing in Florida. For example, I think I read that Finkelstein later worked in Florida and that one of Lanner’s followers works there. Now, this other abuser is also said to be from Florida. Can someone clarify. It’s a getting a bit confusing. I thought these were all people from the New Jersey/New York area.

    • A lot of other NCSY figures who haven’t been accused of wrongdoing are in Florida. Perry Tirschwell is head of the school there, and Kenny Brander (who was involved in NCSY to a much smaller degree) was rabbi in Boca Raton until recently. I think Baruch may have gone to Florida specifically to be near Perry.

      These guys (Tirschwell, Tropp and apparently Taubes) view Baruch as their rebbe still, and give him kavod as such.

      • I can’t wrap my head around that attitude. Perhaps one could say that back in the 80’s they didn’t know or understand what was going on, or perhaps they were blinded by his charisma, as they were themselves quite young. But how could they go on worshiping him now, knowing what we all know???

        • I don’t understand it myself, but two things: one, Baruch knew a lot of Torah, and maybe that’s why they still revere him. Two, being close to Baruch gave these guys lot of social standing they would not have had otherwise. He made them (as he did many of his known victims).

          I can’t believe any of them still give him the time of day, but the human psyche is apparently complex.

          • Indeed. Thanks for the explanation. I had thought that he would be persona non grata amongst his old acquaintances by now, but I suppose I was being naive.

        • Why do you ask such a rhetorical question?? The answer is in front of your face: They worship him because they empathize with him, deep down inside, they condone his acts and may have an affinity to this type of behavior. Judaism is a logical religion. Think about this–why would a man worship another man that is a known molester? There can really only be one reason.

  14. Richard (Rick) Andron lives in the Captiva development in Boca Raton, FL.
    Oddly enough this development is also home to the son of notorious, modern Orthodox, child molester, Baruch Lanner, who turns up in the local sex offender database

    The Boca Raton Synagogue (BRS), which is a modern Orthodox ,“YU” synagogue, has allowed both of these men to pray there for years; Andron as a highly valued, respected member and Lanner on occasion, as a guest of his son. To the best of my knowledge there have been no restrictions placed on either of these men.

    Yesterday, BRS released the following statement to its members:
    “In reference to a media report recently published in The Jewish Daily Forward with regard to allegations of abuse at Yeshiva University High Schools during the 1970’s and 1980’s, as set forth in a recently filed lawsuit that included an allegation involving a former congregant of our Shul, the Executive Board would like to notify its congregants that the accused person had withdrawn his membership at BRS and agreed not to come to the BRS campus, or attend any BRS event in the future, whether on or off campus. Be advised that there have been no allegations we are aware of that any improper conduct occurred within the past thirty years, or in our community.

    It is BRS’s policy and practice to always take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of all its congregants.

    The Executive Board”

    As a long time Boca Raton resident and BRS member, I find the above statement vague, dismissive and offensive. BRS, as a “YU” synagogue, under the auspices of “Rabbi Emeritus” Kenneth Brander, now a high ranking YU administrator, and Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, a YU graduate, both YU “lifers”, have likely known about Andron’s reputation for years. Yet the synagogue refused to address this issue until they absolutely had no choice and then did so in a despicably, inefficient manner.

    As of now we don’t know if Andron molested anyone locally, yet. However, there remains the possibility that there are children in the community living with the fear, shame, and self loathing that come with being sexually abused. I find it incomprehensible that in the face of such risk, BRS chose to accept Andron as a member well respected enough to recite the Havdalah for the entire synagogue for many years. A service he performed weekly and involved his interaction with young boys.

    BRS is known as a wealthy, materially driven, synagogue that over the years has made certain accommodations to suit the needs of their most important donors. They have even accepted a member who underwent a sex change operation to become a woman as permissible and have allowed her to pray in the woman’s section. Surely such an intelligent, progressive, open minded, secularly informed, congregation would be aware of the danger of having an alleged child molester as a congregant. Did BRS allow Andron to roam their synagogue freely because of a few “shekels”? Or did they, like YU, arrogantly dismiss the rumors and allegations because it was much easier to sweep it under the rug and blame the victim’s than it was to deal with the bad PR?

    I would suggest that the BRS board take the following steps to change the culture of the arrogant , money driven, unaccountability that exists within the synagogue:
     Seek the resignation of the Rabbi, or at the very least have him explain to the community publicly why he chose to ignore rather than investigate the allegations against Andron.
     Cut ties to Kenneth Brander because as a YU administrator, he undoubtedly knew and chose to ignore the allegations, placing the congregants at great risk and the synagogue to a potential liability.
     Sever all synagogue ties to YU, not only because of what is alleged in the lawsuit, but because of the reprehensible and vulgar dialogue of their Head Rabbi Herschel Schachter as described here Shachter is revered in the community as one of the great Torah scholars of our time but in reality he is a backwoods, racist, redneck, with a beard and kippah. He is a bad role model for our children to follow and he should not be glorified.
     Lastly, every single penny contributed by Andron and his family to the synagogue, would be withdrawn and used to set up a fund for the victims. Having the synagogue show compassion for the victim’s by making changes to their internal policies is a good start but the real way to protest what has taken place would be to support the victims through a charitable contribution taken from monies donated by one of their alleged attackers.

    Sadly, none of the above will ever happen because those in charge do not have the fortitude to “rock the boat”. A status quo and pacifistic attitude have long been a part of modern Orthodox culture; to think that anything or anyone could affect any real change would be wishful thinking. The YU alumni I know pride themselves on being more in touch with the “real world” than “black hatters” or Hasidim. They revel in their knowledge and connection to the secular world, which in my opinion, makes them worse than the all of the others and on par with the Catholic Church. The lack of accountability that YU and BRS have shown smacks of an air of “untouchability” that has no place in the world, let alone in a house of worship.

    • Very well written and well said. Your sir, apparently get it. And while I don’t agree with all of your ideas on how to make this right, I do appreciate your well thought out approach. I am also a BRS member and I agree that shul’s statement on the matter was self serving, at best. It appears that they only addressed this because the sh*t hit the fan. Molesters do not change, so it makes no sense that the shul would’ve ignored rumors about Andron and allowed him contact with young boys. The Rabbi needs to explain to all of us, how and why this situation occurred and what will be done in the future to insure that this kind of neglect does not happen again. The silly letter from the “Executive Board” was poorly written and as you said “vague”. I think my 6 year old could have written a more strongly worded letter. When addressing a situation with such serious ramifications, for the money we spend on membership, I think an explanation and an apology is in order.

    • Jeff, do not believe for a moment that the ‘above will never happen’. Goldberg needs to step down immediately. There is now a woman that is a member of BRS accusing a Dr on the circle of molesting her children. She wrote that Goldberg was contacted by her and did NOTHING.

      If you need to bring in Florida State Police and/or the FBI for all of the crimes being per committed in BRS, then by all means, bring them in. Nothing will change until this rotted apple is tossed and BRS faces up to what they’ve done by not protecting children.

  15. As a member of the BRS, let me step in to the arena here. There is only one Rick Andron in Boca. He and his wife Sue have separated recently. Both have been pillars of the synagogue from the start.

    Now insiders have always known there were “rumors” about Rick. The biggest rumor was that he was youth director of the Jewish Center in NY. As Youth Director, he allegedly molested children. He was fired from his position at the Jewish Center. Again – this is rumor.

    The Rabbi of the Jewish Center was… Rabbi Norman Lamm.

    In all the years Rick has been a member of the Boca Raton community, there is no evidence at all he ever did anything wrong.

    There is also no evidence he ever apologized for his behavior and to the people who hurt and abused.

    Let’s face it. The guys life is over. Who’s going to hire him? Just Google his name and the story will come out. He has the mark of Cain on his forehead and it’s over his own making. But the rest of the hysteria – let’s cut the bullshit out.

    Rabbi Goldberg has always shown ZERO tolerance for abuse. As soon as it is brought to his attention, snap – it’s over. Lanner came in and got an aliyah. Some people made a fuss and Rabbi Goldberg put a stop to it. No more aliyahs or honors for Lanner.

    The BRS leadership discovered the story about Andron a few weeks ago and arranged for his departure from the shul. He conducted the Havdalla service every Saturday night for years. No more. He helped the children with Anim Zemirot. No more.

    He was basically told get out and stay out. What else would you expect the Rabbi to do? Lynch the man? He is no longer living in the community although he is in the area. Now that it’s public – he has the opportunity to step forward and publicly apologize for his behavior. Unlike Gordon and Finkelstein, he is still in the United States. I doubt charges could be brought against him. He’s not a Rabbi nor was he a YU employee.

    There’s no place for hysteria. The story came out. The Rabbi led the shul in kicking his ass out of shul. He’s never been convicted of abuse and that’s too bad because he’s have to register. Instead, we have a wandering pervert whose past came back to haunt him.

    • BRS found out about this a few weeks ago? Lol. That’s a joke, right? And Goldberg stands up to molesters? Yeah OK…when was the last time that happened? Lol. Youre obviously one of the kool aide drinkers who allow this man to operate with no accountability. You said yourself that you knew about Androns past, so how did Goldberg .find out 2 weeks ago? As far as making a point to note that Androns life is over are we supposed to feel bad for this sick.S.O.B? There is some kid out there from BRS who hasn’t come forward yet and even you must be able to take your rose colored glasses off long enough too see that. When he does I hope you offer him the same kind of compassion that you’re showing Andron. If ignorance is bliss you must truly be ecstatic.

    • Just trying to understand why/how you think he magically stopped molesting kids once he moved to FL? Is there magic dust in the air that makes a pedophile stop molesting kids? The reason for the hysteria is b/c it is pretty well known that pedophiles do not stop molesting even with jail time + counseling the rate of repeat of offenders is extraordinarily high.

      Its great that today, in 2013, BRS has kicked him out, unfortunately this is what progress now looks like. I cant help but worry and wonder how many more kids he hurt in FL after the allegations/rumors surfaced in NY.

    • @BRS Member. Who are you kidding? The Androns have not separated and Rick Andron lives in Captiva. In fact, when the television crew came for a visit to his home, he opened the door. Do you think that by lying about this cover up of pedophilia and child molestation, the story will go away? It will not. In fact, it will continue to grow the more you try to muzzle it.

  16. The Rabbi led the shul in kicking him out? He didn’t even sign the letter! It came from the executive board. The bottom line is a man with a reputation as a child molester was allowed to access to our kids. How is that ok or acceptable? What if your kid comes home one day and tells you Andron molested him? Lets see how fast you’ll run to a lawyer to sue the shul and rail against the Rabbi. Personally, I like Rabbi Goldberg and I don’t hold him as responsible as I do Brander. Goldberg was a kid when he got this job and he had Andron passed on to him by Brander. For anyone to think Brander didn’t know about any of this is laughable but everyone is so terrified of King Kenny that no one will have the guts to call him out on this.

  17. Kenny Brander is the Rabbi Emeritus of BRS. He is also the one who essentially built up the Orthodox community in Boca Raton. He left BRS to take a position within the YU hierarchy and has been there since. His former assistant, Rabbi Efrem Goldberg assumed the role of Rabbi at BRS and has held the job since. Goldberg was approximately 30 years old when he became the Rabbi at BRS and Brander remains a heavy influence on both the Rabbi and the community. While in charge, Brander was known for his “my way or the highway attitude”. In his time in Boca, while productive in growing the community ,his megalomaniacal behavior rubbed many the wrong way. An ardent believer of modern Orthodox philosophy, his dislike of Charedim and Chasidim was well known. Brander is a product of and a part of the YU system. It is virtually impossible for him not to have been aware of the rumors and allegations surrounding Richard Andron. While Goldberg inherited the “Andron problem” as a young Rabbi; Brander chose to ignore the allegations and allowed Andron to have open access to the children of Boca Raton. While both Rabbi’s are culpable, as long as Brander holds the title of “Rabbi Emeritus” he should bear the brunt of the fall out from this poorly handled situation. Just as aside, to “BRS Member” who ignorantly used the term “hysteria” to describe the community reaction to this story, shame on you! There is nothing hysterical about parents being up and arms over an alleged child molesters access to children. To use that term to describe valid feelings just serves to strengthen and valid the points brought up by Jeff in his comments about BRS. Your blind loyalty while admirable is also completely laughable. The next time your in Wal-Mart you might want to shop for a mind of your own. I hear that they’re pretty useful things to have.

    • JewishWhistleBlower- I suspect you are right. But one qualifier. Gafni often made fraudulent claims of support by people who never supported him or no longer supported him. He was (actually still is but outside organized Jewish community) an extremely talented manipulator and deceiver.

  18. Jeff – WOAH! That’s a lot of speculation. And whatever you think about BL, leave his kid out of it. לא יומתו בנים על אבותם. “Seek the resignation of the rabbi”? Are you kidding? And RHS is a redneck? Are you out of your mind?
    Irv is right. This FL haven is a RKB issue – he built BRS to put it on the map. REG inherited.
    As for all the rest of this – I won’t defend an abuser. But this blog post and the comments is another example of trial and execution by media.
    Presumption of innocence until *PROVEN* guilty? hahahahahahahahaha.
    Never on frumfollies 🙂 Congratulations everybody.

    • Avi, that is a lot of speculation about Frum Follies. Tell me what about my post unfairly indicts anyone. You are funny. You complain about unfair accusations and you cannot even pinpoint what they are in my case. Poinit to sentence or para, or summarize an assertion and show what or why it is unfair.

      I would rejoinder you if you could say what they are. As for comments by others. This is an open forum where reasonable people can disagree. I trust that while specific comments may be off, or ever very-off, the smart reader can leave with more fodder for thought and a better ability to figure out the truth. What has emerged is a profile of connections and some reasoned debate about who knew what, when and could have or should have done something.

      Avi, face it, there is a problem of cover-ups. The question is just who-all is implicated.

    • Avi, you are another one of the many ‘enablers’ that allow these ‘rabbis’ to shirk their responsibility to their community. Have you forgotten that this is what a rabbi becomes a rabbi for, his community?? Goldberg has failed the community and should step down immediately. He is only a puppet of Brander’s anyhow.

      In your post above you wrote that Brander built BRS and put it on the map???? How dare you? The members built this community, one by one!! I’ve seen Brander in action and the way he speaks to people. In Yiddish we have a word for a person that speaks like this to others: VILDA CHAYA.

  19. From 2004 (the sale of the tapes was stopped and the listing in the catalogue was removed):

    Although, I’m assured by many that Rabbi Kenneth Brander is neither a friend
    or supporter of Rabbi Ephraim Boruch Bryks. I am deeply disturbed at the
    judgement he demonstrated in his participation with Rabbi Bryks in a public
    forum at an AJOP coinference a few years ago.

    Rabbi Brander was brought in to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada over a decade ago
    to run a YU Jewish awareness retreat through the Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate.
    Due to Rabbi Bryks’ position against the local Eruv set up by Rav Gavriel
    Zinner (among other things), Brander was certainly made aware of Rabbi
    Bryks’ history and cannot claim ignorance.

    I am also disturbed that AJOP continues to sell this tape despite assurances
    personally made to me a few years back that it would be removed:

    Bander and Bryks tape:
    Rabbi Kenneth Brander & Rabbi Ephraim Bryks
    WHERE ARE THEY COMING FROM? Outreach to Specific Groups

    Rabbi Kenneth Brander, Dean of the Center for the Jewish Future at YU.

  20. Clearly, Rabbi Norman Lamm knew that Rick Andron had re-established himself at the Boca Raton synagogue run at an early stage by Lamm’s son-in-law, Rabbi Dratch. The synagogue was mainly young families with young children at the time.

    Rabbi Gafni credits Rabbi Kenneth Hain with helping him get the Roca Raton pulpit. See below.

    1) Boca Raton’s Orthodox Revolution
    As Palm Beach County’s Jewish population grows, a new core of Orthodox Judaism forms at its center
    Sunday, July 1, 2001

    The group, which has 30 families, meets at the Community Day School in Boca Raton on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. They have bought land in Boca del Mar and have hired 26-year-old Rabbi Mark Dratch, from Stanford, Conn. He will begin conducting services July 28.

    But, those who live on the circle say people who pay inflated prices for houses near the synagogue are buying much more than a home. “They’re buying a lifestyle,” says Sue Andron, who followed Dratch to Boca and stayed after he headed back north.

    2) From Luke Ford profile of Rabbi Marc (Mordecai) Gafni (Winiarz):

    “It’s a natural transition. I went to Rabbi Kenny Hain, who was head of communal services at YU. I was ready to take a pulpit. He suggested Boca Raton.”

    The rabbi in Boca Raton before Winiarz was Mark Dratch, Rabbi Norman Lamm’s son-in-law.

    The congregation (Boca Raton Community Synagogue) had about 20 families. They’d been brutal to R. Dratch. One guy was particularly vicious — attorney Steve Marcus who was murdered in a gay bar ten years later.

    Rabbi Lamm came down to help his son-in-law. When he got up to speak, four people turned their chairs to face the wall.

    Nobody wanted to take the pulpit that R. Lamm had ostracized.

    Tuesday, May 23, 2006
    Rabbi Kenneth Hain’s Part in Protecting Rabbi Mordechai Gafni

    Rabbi Hain “Sometimes the bigger person is the one who can just let things go.” Rabbi Kenneth Hain – Past President of the Rabbinical Council of America

    In 1986 soon after I was a victim of Mordechai Gafni’s attempted forced sexual advances, a sixteen-year J.P.S.Y. (Jewish Public School Youth) girl, Judy, confided in me that Mordechai Winiarz (his name prior to his name-change to Gafni) had been sexually abusing and threatening her on several occasions. I realized immediately that I needed to bring these serious concerns to people who would stand up for what was right and put an end to his abuse of power and people. I had seen myself what he was capable of, and I was not going to stand idly by and let him abuse others.

    Among people from whom I sought help and guidance, I turned to Rabbi Kenneth Hain, the current Rabbi of Beth Sholom in Lawrence, NY, who had connections with Yeshiva University (which funded JPSY) and who knew Mordechai personally. I called him to tell him my fears and concerns regarding the details of the sexual abuse of and threats made by Mordechai to Judy as well as the experience I had had with Mordechai when he attempted to seduce me. Rabbi Hain listened to everything and said to me, “You weren’t there, so you don’t know if this is true.” When I told him the details of Mordechai’s sexual advances towards me as well as his subsequent threats to me and to Judy once he knew that she and I had spoken, Rabbi Hain responded, “Sometimes the bigger person is the one who can just let things go.”

    Although twenty years have passed, I will never forget his exact words and how they shocked me. Here was yet another enabler of Mordechai–someone who had the responsibility to be as courageous as Rabbi Yosef Blau and at least investigate these allegations and follow-through with a proper course of action; yet, all Rabbi Hain did was quash me and insist that I “let things go.” Rabbi Blau listened to victims and acted responsibly to ensure that the many accusations agains Mordechai be taken seriously and that Mordechai not be allowed to continue in his position as leader of JPSY.

    Mordechai was eventually ousted from J.P.S.Y. I later heard from reliable sources that it was Rabbi Kenneth Hain who had furnished Mordechai with a letter of recommendation that he travelled with. With this reference, Mordechai fled to Boca Raton, Florida where he managed to dupe the Boca Raton community into accepting him to serve as rabbi of Boca Raton Synagogue in Montoya Circle. Well, it wasn’t long before scandal befell the community and allegations of serious sexual improprieties as well as misappropriation of funds shook the community. Changing his name to Gafni, Mordechai fled to Israel, and his string of sexual abuse and lies continued–with support from his enablers–until now, twenty years later—when we finally heard his “confession.”

    • Boca Raton, Florida, has an unfortunate tradition of high-risk sex lives among the community leadership and financial malfeasance. I did a post on this several years ago as part of my research on Rabbi Gafni/Winiarz.

      This was my research on the late Steven Marcus, former president and founder of the Boca Raton Synagogue, who was stabbed to death and dumped in a warehouse district in Oakland Park. Marcus had been leading a dual life for years, making regular trips to gay bars in Broward County, according to court documents. Marcus closed his law practice after the state Supreme Court found he had mishandled more than $40,000 of clients’ money. In October 1991, he resigned from the bar for a minimum of seven years after being accused of legal neglect of his clients and theft of clients’ money

      • Wow aren’t you the brave one

        What was the point of bringing this up?

        Bringing up scandals not remotely related to show us how smart you are. Steve Marcus was a founding member of BRS and had many friends in the community. There is no reason to flog the memory of a dead man to enhance your reputation as an investigator.

        Why don’t you sign your name on to the crap you publish so people can see what a low life you are.

        Shame on you and shame on this whole blog. The material on this blog is worse than pornography.

        • @proud member. Actually, it is you that should bury your head in shame because you are one of the enablers of this atrocious, sexual behavior. Please remind yourself when you look in the mirror exactly what this discussion is about: It’s about a child being raped. It’s about a child, maybe YOUR child, having his pants pulled down and RAPED. Another BRS enabler.

          Enable the rabbis and molesters for your children, not mine.

  21. Steven Marcus’ killer escaped from prison, and Rabbi Brander the great architect of the future of klal yisrael, used the occasion to remind the newspapers that the president of the shul was a family minded person whose death is a great loss. The illustrious rabbi did not seem to know anything about a double-life of the Nasi of his congregation

  22. I’ve known Rick Andron for 20 years. I cannot comment on anything other than my personal experience with him (a practice I wish that other posters would adhere to). I cannot comment or speculate on what may have happened ten years before I met him. I can tell you that I have been a guest in Rick’s home countless times, even living at his home for some weeks. I have been there with my children (boys and girls). I have seen him interact with many many children and adults. I have never seen or heard in all of these years any hint of impropriety. I have only seen him express generosity and kindness to people. I have observed Rick and his wife Sue extending themselves to the Boca Raton community with grace and goodness over two decades. With Tisha B’av approaching, perhaps it is a good time to review the laws of loshen hora.

    • The laws of lashon horah include two important clauses to be included in a review.

      1. When there is a toeles, a purpose (e.g., protecting others) it is permitted to say known negative facts about others.

      2. A negative fact already publicly known by a number of others isn’t necessarily loshan horah.

      I will take you on your word that that your experiences with Mr. Andron were good. No one is asserting that he misbehaved with every single child. However, you experiences, however favorable, do not in any way negate the possibility he seriously misbehaved with others.

      • I agree with your points on LH. However, much of what is being posted here is complete speculation and some things I absolutely know not to be true. These are not “known negative facts about others.” Quite the contrary. What we do know, as even stated in BRS’s email, is that there are no known incidents while Rick has been in Boca Raton. That is 30 years. If this is born out, this may be a case where 1) there were allegations 30 years ago that were not true or 2) this is the rare case of someone with this type of problem who truly has done teshuvah. Either way, idle speculation, damaging a person’s reputation, and causing humiliation to a person and his family are very serious issues. (And I am not at all minimizing or denying the pain and anguish of those who suffered abuse. I am just concerned that we as Jews err on the side of being very very careful in these issues.)

        • The evidence of misconduct in the past seems extremely credible or I doubt his shul would have forced him to resign and never attend another event. In fact, implicit in their decision to get him to agree to never attend their activities is a concern that he constitutes a hazard to children. That being the case, others should be warned, and in that sense the posts here function as a sex offender registry for someone who escaped prosecution because of cover-ups. If he is guilty of crimes which are within the statute of limitations (e.g., in states with a different statute, or federal crimes or abuse in Canada) it is important to have those crimes reported so he can be put under control of the criminal justice system to protect others.

          I feel badly for his family members who are innocent. But their interests can not be put ahead of child safety. These revelations are doubtlessly excruciating for them, but he is to blame for his actions, not those who exposed them.

          It is not the job of victims/survivors to protect the interests of perpetrators and those close to them. To ask them to be aquiesce again, is to ask them to be victimized again. No dice!

    • I love how you pull the loshon horah card here like the typical phony who has no other way to defend himself or his friend. Not only are you an Am Ha’aretz but you’re just the type of enabler this world doesn’t need. So Andron never molested your kid. Hurray! Consider yourself lucky, sit down and shut up. Your comments were useless and offensive to anyone who had to deal with his perversion. Now explain to everyone why BRS waited until they were forced to, to deal with this when it is a FACT that people on the circle had heard the rumors about Andron for years? Explain why it is OK that he was allowed access to our kids through not only his phony Havdala act and his Anim Zemiros shtick? I guess there’s no loshon horah issue when it comes to people grumbling about DK and his shady business dealings with REG but only when it comes to molesters. Before you go giving halachic lectures I’d suggest you read Shmiras Haloshon… yes they have it the Senders Library and yes it’s in English, so even a layman like you can read it.

  23. 6 more former students come forward with allegations against Yeshiva University. Modern Orthodox leadership continues to excel only in failing to lead:

    Yeshiva Rocked as 6 More Ex-Students Accuse School of Sex Abuse Cover-Up
    Scandal Widens as Woman Claims Abuse at Florida School–more-ex-students-accuse-school/
    By Paul Berger
    Published July 11, 2013, issue of July 19, 2013.
    (Excerpts only)

    Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, principal of the Ramaz School, a respected Orthodox day school in Manhattan, said the abuse allegations had not had “any effect on parents’ decision to send, nor do I think it should have any effect on parents’ decision to send, their children to [Y.U.’s] high school or the college.”

    Shmuel Goldin, a leading Modern Orthodox rabbi, said Y.U.’s response to the allegations has been “prompt and thorough.”

    Goldin added, “There is a sadness that everyone feels when people have been hurt, and a sense of solidarity with the victims and a hope this will reach a resolution that will bring peace and healing to all involved.”

    But one of the survivors, who is a plaintiff in the lawsuit, does not see it that way. “What’s really crazy about the Jewish community is that nobody cares,” said the survivor, who asked to remain anonymous. “There is a complete lack of interest in this whole thing.”

  24. It is typical for Rabbi Lookstein and his Ramaz school:


    Last week, The Jewish Week published an exposé on Rabbi Bina documenting abusive behavior which includes humiliating individual students in front of their peers, being emotionally and sometimes physically abusive, and expelling students without notice. Expelled students were thrown out of Netiv Aryeh without their parents being notified. They had nowhere to sleep. Some had no one to turn to for help. These students were used as public examples to scare the majority of students to keep them in line. Bina sacrificed a few students to ‘save’ the majority.

    Lookstein opposes The Jewish Week’s reporting on Bina for the same exact reason rabbis covered up for Rabbi Baruch Lanner – the good Bina does for the majority of his students trumps the bad his does to a few:

    In the article on Rav Bina, Gorsetman and Rosenblatt ask a rhetorical question: “But some are wondering why, indeed, Netiv Aryeh is so popular, with an estimated 110 first-year and 60 second-year American students … Why do families, deeply concerned about the emotional, educational and spiritual well-being of their children, continue to send their sons to study with Rav Bina when his controversial reputation is so well known?”

    Perhaps the answer to that rhetorical question is not what the authors would have expected. Maybe the 170 who are voting with their feet are studying at that yeshiva because they and their parents regard Rav Bina as a wonderful educator who is not perfect. After all, who is?

    Why does The Jewish Week highlight the testimony of a few aggrieved students over the unstated but nevertheless very real testimony of the thousands of students who have studied with Rav Bina over the past 30 years or more? Is their testimony to be considered invalid, inaccurate or misguided? I hope the unspoken voice of these thousands will save the reputation of a man who has devoted his entire life to the education of American Jewish boys.


    A nurse working at the RAMAZ Modern Orthodox day school in Manhattan treated a boy with a “prominent injury” on his cheek he said was inflicted by his father. Joyce Villarin communicated with the father who admitted causing the injury and who showed no remorse. She wanted to report the physical abuse to secular authorities in compliance with the law, but the RAMAZ told her not to. She did it anyway and was fired for not being a “team player.”

  25. I was a victim of Andron in 1983. After the incidents happened we informed Baruch Lanner, who was the director of Etz Chaim NCSY, and Andron was banned from NCSY. I do not believe they ever let him back once they were aware of what occurred and I feel NCSY dealt with it appropriately.

    • It’s pretty ironic that the person who dealt with the issue was Baruch Lanner. I suppose one shouldn’t be surprised that he, of all people, would have found the allegations credible. I guess he wanted to eliminate any competition.

      • Baruch was physically and verbally abusive to boys. I’m not sure if he ever sexually molested boys. My understanding is that he sexually molested girls. So it’s within the realm of possibility that he was disgusted by man-on-boy molestation and may have viewed Andron as a “pervert” – ironically. He may even have used such molestation as validation that his own actions weren’t so bad.

        • I doubt he was disgusted. He stayed buddies with him. But he may have feared that if Andron’s misconduct became known it could open a can of worms that could lead to him, especially since he was already being accused of things at the highest level. iirc, the OU commission speaks of a possible temporary suspension because of abuse as early as 1982.

    • I believe I went to HS with Andron Victim, and remember the incident well. I am proud of him for reporting it at the time, and for speaking to the right person — the Rosh Yeshiva of our HS, who helped to make sure it was dealt with swiftly, and that we never saw Andron in NJ again.

      After seeing our Rosh Yeshiva’s example, though, I have probably been naive is thinking that no one (seemingly) in their right mind could act any differently.

      • It’s a shame that your Rosh Yeshiva didn’t report Andron to the authorities. If he had, then perhaps you wouldn’t have been the only people fortunate enough to never see Andron again.

      • DB – assuming you are who I think you are (we carpooled together weekly to Yeshiva), yes we went to school together.

    • One other point in response to the comment of “Andron Victim”: I’m glad that you personally didn’t suffer any further abuse by Andron. However (based on what you said here) NCSY did not report Andron’s behavior to the authorities. It’s therefore not at all true that “NCSY dealt with it appropriately” — far from it.

      • I do not mean to make an excuse for the Rosh Yeshiva or Lanner, but I think in looking back at this 30 years later, we do need to recognize that times were different then and therefore I do not believe it is fair to expect them to have acted then the way we would expect them to act now, especially considering the crime did not actually occur within their organization. They both took some action to remove the threat from their organizations. It would be true that if they knew of Andron’s affiliation with YUHS or UWS, which Lanner probably did, Lanner should have taken action by at least informing the leaders of those organizations so they could take appropriate action. We do not know if this occurred and I do not know if any of the incidents regarding Andron in UWS or YUHS took place after 1983.

        • Very common is the pattern of saying “we will take care of it” or we will keep an eye out on him.” Sometimes they even do it for a while. Sometimes they move them, Catholic-Church-Style to another locale. Back then that passed for due diligence. So your Rosh Yeshiva may have been impressed but fooled. I agree, we have done wonders in educating folks, so now there is even less excuse for cover-ups.

          Clearly, until a few weeks ago, Andron was allowed to work with youth in his community though leadership was well aware of his history.

  26. Yerachmiel, your last statement summarizes exactly why people in the BRS community are up in arms over this and why the “Executive Board” statement rings so hollow. The FACT that the Rabbi didn’t even feel it necessary to write his own letter explaining how this happened just goes to my earlier point that the synagogue is rife with an arrogant “we can do no wrong” attitude. While others have made a point of pinning this squarely on Brander, I disagree. I find both Brander and Goldberg culpable here. For those who claim Goldberg “inherited” the Andron problem; let me point out that Goldberg has been the HRIC for almost a decade! And….I clearly recall this past Simchat Torah, while sitting in the Rand Sanctuary, Goldberg giving one of the first Atah Horaitas to Andron, and prefacing it with a short tribute to him. Knowing what we all know now, that Goldberg had to be aware of Andron’s murky reputation, I am sick to my stomach. I defy ANYONE who truly goes to BRS to deny any of this. Every point I have made is factually based and comes from being a member of the synagogue and community. Some of the above comments on my earlier post come from people who are part of Goldberg’s inner circle, which contain his arrogant, YU cronies and money men. Yes, you know who you are! You and your “Chaburas” are a big joke. Why bother learning the Talmud when you have such a twisted value system?. All of you are parents of children and it befuddles me that you are not outraged that your kids were exposed to a dangerous predator all these years. But of course in the tradition of “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em” Modern Orthodoxy, you won’t dare speak up. You’ll come home from your MD practices, go to BRS on Shabbat, act all holier than thou, and then go back home to your wives with your tails between your legs. I may not be on your level when it comes to Orthodoxy and heaven knows I don’t even think I want to be but, I have not been brainwashed like you, and I still know right from wrong. I am going to continue to attend BRS and I am going to continue to expose this fraud.

    • Jeff, when you lift up the corner of the rug, these holier-than-thou cockroaches scatter and run. Why don’t they want this news to be publicized so others won’t fall prey? Please, please keep exposing them, so you can show the good members of BRS why it’s so important Goldberg step down and apologize for his crime of negligence.

      A top investigative reporter from The Forward will be looking into some new information in the next couple of weeks. Nothing to do with Andron, but it will have to do with some of the alleged fraud going on among Goldberg’s ‘inner circle’. We have the documents, we have the proof. The good members of BRS will be very upset.

  27. All of this information is based on an alleged claim, there was never any conviction and all of the talk is based on speculation. As Jews we are not supposed to go out of our way to try and ruin someone’s reputation, and I have never seen so much loshon harah on one page and it is sickening. This is no way to bring the redemption so everyone should stop being a yente and worry about themeselves. NO ONE IS PERFECT and bashing someone else or a certain community does not make you a better person

    • David, your comment near your closing in ALL CAPS screaming at us is a non-sequiter. Of course no one is perfect. We are not discussing someone who gets long winded or is forgetful or brusque. We are talking about allegations of molesting many children. In my book it is OK to bash someone for that.

      You start out saying this is all an alleged claim without conviction, and thus speculation. I agree, he does not get sentenced without indictment, trial or guilty plea, etc.

      But these are consequential allegations. So consequential that his shul got him to agree to resign his membership and never set foot again in their facilities and activities.

      I have to say that defenders of molesters are in love with the loshon horah mantra. But you forget there is no prohibition against reporting true negative facts when it is essential that others know these facts to protect themselves from harm.

    • It is not an alleged claim. It is a factual claim. He molested me on two occasions when he was spending Shabbos at my house in 1983. The reason he was not prosecuted was because as a traumatized 14 year old, I was not prepared to with stand a trial and therefore begged my parents not to prosecute. My parents put the psychological well-being of their son first and therefore did not prosecute.

      • I am the mother of this victim. I was told of this abuse by a call at work from the Rosh Yeshiva saying Andron could not be allowed to come for Shabbat.
        I was not aware of any issues prior to this call.

        What did I do ?
        1. Called every parent who had a son that I was aware Andron had contact with and hold them of his molesting
        2. Spoke to my Rabbi and also the heads of NJ NCSY. and RJJ

        They all took actions and Andron
        He was never allowed to return to NJ
        Later the NCSY heads apologized was that he abused young teens in NY. And they could not tell us in NJ – since he was getting counseling from a prominent Rabbi – and it was confidential client – patient privilege information.

        What a joke !. I asked who was protecting the NJ victims.

    • David, you are a moron. If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, say nothing at all. Once again another idiot screaming about Loshon Horah and this one has the nerve to talk about the redemption, lol. There will be no redemption until each and every one of these predators and their enablers are exposed and dealt with. Andron ruined his own reputation the second he decided that he wouldn’t control his evil inclinations and molested young boys. As far as Lamm, Schechter, Brander and Goldberg…they ruined their reputations when they chose to sweep this under the rug rather than protect the children of their schools, synagogues, and communities. It’s people like Avi and David, who shuffle around with their half baked ideas about religion, that present the biggest obstacle to those who seek to protect our children. How sad that these people use religion as an excuse to protect criminals but, then again, that seems to be the general theme throughout all of this.

  28. Jeff, When is your going up for sale? Seems like you need to get out of that community and go where the grass is greener.

  29. The head of NCSY until the mid 1980s, and therefore the boss of Lanner & Andron, was Rabbi Baruch Taub, a Ner Yisroel-Chaim Berlin boy who is mechutan of the “energizer-ganiv” Leib Pinter. Taub is accused of covering up for Amram Bendahan who the FBI was looking for until they heard he was the youth director in Taub’s new shul in Canada. Taub reportedly told the FBI that Bendahan “died”. Bendahan then moved to Florida with Taub’s help and was among Taub’s Florida network of NCSY cronies. When the FBI started closing in again after reports of molesting in Florida, Bendahan fled to England where he now works at his brother’s kosher butcher store. Leib Pinter although in jail again is under investigation for a massive money laundering scheme run through the Pinter-controlled Bikovsker kollel. There are Taubs that are also targets of this investigation.

    • Over 30 years ago at the YU-affiliated Shaarey Shamayim shul in Toronto, Amram Bendahan ran the choir together with convicted pedophile Dr. Harvey Ehrlich

          • Reena,

            Is Rabbi Weiss still around? Which Shul does he belong to? Most victims that came forward with regards to Erlich and NussBUM are no longer religious and are immune to the alleged prevention’s you are talking about. If this is true and you are comfortable, please have the moderator put us in touch with each other.

          • Reena, Why would he do that? I researched his bio, he is the head Rabbi at the JFCS and a Chaplain with the Toronto Police.

            • I was put in touch with Ron Weiss by an old friend who lived in Toronto at the time. Weiss promised to speak with the local rabbis.

              Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg also came down to speak to the rabbis here in Hollywood,

              Five months after a copy of the open arrest warrant from GA was given to the rabbis and board of directors, they still had not fired Bendahan and were allowing him access to the children.

              I found Ron Weiss’s contact information on the internet and I also called Weiss and left messages for him with the rabbis cellphone numbers.

              Weiss would not speak to my husband who is a rabbi.

              When my husband called him (and so did other area rabbis who got involved) he told my husband then that he would only speak to the rabbi who is the rabbi of a shul where Bendahan was working.

        • Harvey Erlich was arrested last fall a few months after Heshi Nussbaum who was in charge of the Toronto Pirchei Choir where Erlich was the conductor back in the 70’s. Both are facing multiple charges. Nussbaum’s history goes back to the late 50’s in NYC, there are probably hundreds of victims and numerous cover ups both in the US and Canada..

      • Shaarei Shomayim had a microphone on Shabbos for most of their existence and a mechitzah slightly higher than your ankles. The old German rosh yeshiva in town Rabbi Friedler said they are not orthodox. One of their early rabbis David Monson a YU musmach from before WWII eventually left to start the Conservative egalitarian temple Beth Shalom. He would go for lunch at Lawrence Plaza where all the frummies shop and sat at the front seat by the window so everyone could see him stuffing his plump face with non-kosher food.

        Their illustrious member Tommy Kirschner defrauded many of his fellow congregants and people throughout the frum community then went into hiding. His brother also suckered many people in the shul to invest in bogus cattle futures.

        Tommy got off easy with only 2 years in jail.

        He may be living in California now but is likely still telling everyone his convincing lies that he is pulling off mega deals with Reichmann & Trump.

        As far as Bendahan hanging out there, he also sometimes davened in other shuls in the Bathurst-Glencairn area.

    • I was told that the UK revoked Bendahan’s visa and he went to Israel.
      Israeli authorities were advised of the open arrest warrant for Bendahan but decided that since he was not convicted, it did not matter.

      David Morris of Magen has the entire court file including the expert witness testimony from Atlanta stating that Bendahan had sexually abused a six year old child. One of those who testified against Bendahan was Rabbi Feldman himself.

      We saw Bendahan in Hollywood FL last fall.

      Bendahan sued Bnai Sephardim (the synagogue that employed him) for wrongful discharge, first in Beis Din where he lost and then in Broward County court where the case was dismissed.

      Ben Dahan’s letter of termination of employment from Bnai Sephardim is in the public record. The letter says that Bendahan was terminated “because of the incident of child sexual abuse which you failed to disclose to the Synagogue prior to your employment”.

      I am emailing a scan of the letter to the blog owner.

      • I have received the scans. They are consistent with Reena’s assertion that Amram Bendahan was fired for an incident of child sexual abuse. Somewhere in the next week I hope to post the scans.

        You can see the Broward County listing of the case here.

        • Rabbi Ronald Weiss has semicha from YU. I never understood before why Toronto JFCS covered up for a mildly retarded molester at Magen David Sephardic Cong. on McAllister. Rabbi Benayon was at the synagogue at that time. The incidents were hushed up but at least the molester was barred from the building. Rabbi Benayon was later forced to resign from the beit din over a silly scandal that has nothing to do with abuse and he was let go by the synagogue board also for unrelated reasons.

          Benayon has since gotten divorced from the sister of Rabbi Assayag who was at Petach Tikva-Anshei Castilla when Chazan Alain Oziel was molesting kids there. If Rabbi Assayag knew about the abuse before Oziel’s arrest he may not have taken action because the Oziels are such a powerful family who underwrite everything. Rabbi Assayag has since moved on to Kehillah Centre where he calls himself Chief Chacham of Ontario and where he is in bed with convicted fraudster Jacques Benquesus.

      • Yerachmiel asked me to comment on Reena’s posting.

        I did receive a decades old expired document which was NOT an open arrest warrant.
        I have not seen any court file, or expert testimony, nor am I aware of such a court case.
        I can therefore confirm none of Reena’s claims.

        David Morris
        CEO, Magen

        • Yerachmiel has the court papers now, including Rabbi Feldman’s testimony.

          The bench warrant was not yet expired at the time when Bendahan was seen molesting an 8 year old at Bnai Sephardim.

            • I heard rumors that Bendahan was constantly in the company of little kids and had unsatisfactory excuses when confronted

            • The warrant was dated 1988 as you can see from the scan.

              We were told by the State Attorney’s office in GA that the warrant never expired and that they would arrest Bendahan if he stepped foot in GA and they knew where he was.

              In 2009 when the Hollywood police were made aware of the allegations against Bendahan as well as the warrant from Georgia, Det. Brian Roussell contacted the State Attorney in GA.

              HPD was ready to pick Bendahan up and transport him to the Georgia border but GA would have to pay for the transport (we offered to but they are not allowed to accept that).

              Georgia does not pay to extradite. I was told this by not only Det. Roussell but also Broward Sheriff’s office Task force on child sex crimes.

              At the urging of members of our community, the State Attorney’s office in Dekalb county searched further on Bendahan and discovered that he had several social security numbers and reported this to the FBI who visited several members of our community as part of their investigation.

            • Have you noticed that none of her proof exists? She has all these excuses. Never the less, she gets to keep posting and destroy someone’s reputation. Where is your sense of responsibility?

            • Haven’t you figured it out yet? The people who comment here are a bunch of gutless wonders. Anyone can say anything anonymously but unless they put their REAL names to it, it means absolutely nothing. I don’t quite understand why speaking the truth requires anonymity. It’s not as if the people were talking about are thugs from the ‘Hood. People who molest children, and those who protect them are by and large soft like a hot knife through butter, so fear of retribution is ridiculous.

  30. Mark, I wouldn’t move if hell froze over and people like you dropped dead. I’m going to stay right where I am, where you can look right at me at have no idea who I am and continue to expose hypocrites like you. Tread lightly, my pedophile loving adversary, you never know when I might be listening to you or your cronies. Oh and as an FYI, I am far from the only BRS member who feels this way. Not everyone is walking around with blinders on.

    • Jeff, many of us feel the same. I too had the plesure of being in hell (YU) in the 70’s. Lovely place. I too live in the “circle” and I too an taking notes w/o anyone knowing who I am. Perhaps Goldbrg should stay in Israel shielded from the US court system.

  31. “I’m going to stay right where I am, where you can look right at me at have no idea who I am and continue to expose hypocrites like you.”
    “Jeff”. You posted this on Failed Messiah too. There you used your real name. Like no one was going to figure it out.

  32. I absolutely did not post anything on Failed Messiah. Anyone can copy and paste. And even if I did I would not use my real name. We all know that if you get on the Rabbi’s bad side, he will make life hell for you and your family. Unfortunately my livelihood is tied to my living in the community or I would have no issue using my real name. So keep fishing BRS Member, you’re never going to figure out who I am….but I will give you a hint….you see me every Shabbat and I am well known. That should narrow it down for you, lol.

    • Yes “Jeff” we see you every Shabbat. We watch your stalk the shul looking for your next victim.

      • Axxhole brs member, shame on you, disgusting outrageous outrighteous pig, You, for sure, based on your insane evil response, you have a truckload to hide. I do not know Jeff, i know that there is a Jeff posting o FM. one and the same, i don’t give a f’b care, both of them, have more integrity in one finger than you do in your, evil suggestions, for sure, you are a pedophile, or your so, or your brother . go on protecting them by attacking others, hope to heck they nail you too. with your alter ego the pedophile best guess you are an enabler. worst guess is you fxx”’ boys on shabbos, and, pedophile style , you accuse, project your evil onto others.
        taking bets Jeff vs, you, are you a gambling pedophile? Jeff wins, hands down, you should crawl back into your

  33. Ricky used to attend shabbatonim in my time in NCSY (late 70s). He was always inviting my friends and me over to his place but we always passed. Even then we had a sense that was creepy

    • In which locales was he doing them.I am trying to determine if it went beyond the Etz Chayim region of NCSY in New Jersey. If he ever transported anyone over the George Washington Bridge in either direction and abused them it was a Federal crime for which there is no statute of limitations.

      Where was his apartment at the time?

      • Etz Chaim NCSY itself comprised more than just New Jersey. It included Washington Heights, Monsey and vicinity, New City and even Newburgh, NY and Wilkes-Barre, PA.

  34. There would have almost certainly been NCSY shabbatonim where children were transported past state lines.

    I have been advised that Rabbi Ephraim Bryks was running NCSY in Winnipeg, Canada in the 1970s and 1980s and attended shabbatonim across the border in the US with older students.

    Rabbi Heshi Nussbaum was brought into Winnipeg from Toronto by Rabbi Bryks to help run an NCSY shabbaton after Rabbi Nussbaum was removed from the school/camps/children’s choir in Toronto and his wife left him after further child molestation allegations emerged. Women from Rabbi Bryks’ congregation found out that Rabbi Nussbaum was newly single and approached Rabbi Bryks’ wife, Yochevad, and offered to set Rabbi Nussbaum up on dates with women in the community during Rabbi Nussbaum’s stay in the Winnipeg community. Yochevad told the women that “she was aware of the reasons for Heshy’s divorce and it would not be appropriate to set him up on dates with women.”

    I have been advised that Rabbi Nussbaum also crossed borders at times with children in the Toronto Jewish youth choir.

    It seems to me that many of these pedophiles in NCSY and youth choirs would have crossed paths and perhaps travelled between Jewish communities in NY/NJ/Toronto and other jewish communities with children.

    Anyone with information on allegations of abuse that took place in Canada is asked to contact police at 416-808-3205, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at, text TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637), or Leave A Tip on Facebook. Download the free Crime Stoppers Mobile App on iTunes, Google Play or Blackberry App World.

    Constable Wendy Drummond, Corporate Communications, for Detective Constable Lynn Beveridge, 32 Division is a contact for the Rabbi Nussbaum case.

    There are no statute of limitations in Canada on criminal charges or civil lawsuits in respect to the abuse of children.

  35. Also you can contact the following journalist in Canada according to UOJ:

    The Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC) is asking that any victim of Heshy Nussbaum to PLEASE contact the journalist handling this story. I am in contact with Kimberly Gayle, she is highly professional and will guarantee your anonymity if requested.
    CBC News Toronto — Desk: 416-205-6213 — Mobile: 416-453-5218 – email:

  36. >Etz Chaim NCSY itself comprised more than just New Jersey.
    >It included Washington Heights, Monsey and vicinity, New City
    >and even Newburgh, NY and Wilkes-Barre, PA.

    Has anyone looked at the possibility of federal charges involving Rabbi Lanner?

  37. Since none of you has the balls to actually put your name behind your smart comments, I will and I could care less if you hate me or not. I moved to the Circle more than 5 years ago, so I have had no dealings with Brander and I won’t comment on him. As far as Rabbi Goldberg goes, he has been nothing short of amazing to me and my family. He has always stood by my side whenever I had an issue, so I am going to stand by his. So far, no one knows who knew what and what was or wasn’t done, all I can tell you is, from personal experience, and I live around the block from Andron, is that I was warned by several people to steer my boys clear of him. He has never approached them nor have I seen him act inappropriately towards any children. Now, I am definitely not saying it couldn’t have happened, I am just saying that I did not hear or see anything in the time I’ve lived here. I am not, chas v’sholom, defending Andron or his alleged actions, I feel for the victims and support their quest for justice 110%. I’ve learned in life that eventually everyone get’s what’s coming to them, so I am sure that between this lawsuit and having to give his din v’cheshbon to Hakodesh Baruch Hu, he will pay dearly for whatever he has done. However, lets please stop lumping the Rabbi in with him, as long as I’ve known him, he has always taken these types of issues seriously and has dealt with him. YES! I once had an issue and YES! he dealt with it, so I am not speculating here. I will come right out and say this…when I first moved to Boca people talked a lot of crap behind my back and made up A LOT of b.s. (funny how those websites suddenly disappeared when I hired an attorney, lol) my family suffered greatly, my kids were made fun of, you name it, so if anyone has an ax to grind with the BRS community, it would be me. But, I went to the Rabbi and not only did he do his best to stop the rechilas and loshon h’orah, he went out of his way to make me and my family feel welcome in the community. He could have taken the easy way out, like so many of you want to accuse him off, and just let me twist in the wind because he did not want to ruffle any feathers. No, the Rabbi Goldberg I know, came to my defense head on because it was the right thing to do. I moved here from Monsey, I’r Hakodesh, with all of their shuls, Mosdos and Batei Midroshos, in 10 years my level of participation and limud was at rock bottom. B’h since I’ve found my niche in Boca, under the guidance of the Rabbi and others, I have been able to keep an almost nightly seder going for over 3 years. My children are learning and davening well and the community has been nothing but good to us since our rocky start. Now, I am not saying this to give myself a pat on the back, Yasher Koiach, I learn and daven, big deal…..I’m no masmid, trust me and I am far from a tzaddik….but if this community was so, so, horrible and the Rabbi just another one of those “sweep it under the rug, better than deal with it” types, I can guarantee you I would’ve been out of here in under a year. Many of you have heard me say that I want to move to Miami Beach someday but I’ve changed my mind because I finally realize that bigger isn’t always better. A true leader leads by example and I know I speak for not only myself but others when I say, that I have grown and matured because of the example set forth by Rabbi Goldberg. While I may not always agree with everything BRS does or stands for, I never question that what is done, is done l’shaim shomayim. Andron’s situation and problem is his own, but please stop vilifying my Rabbi and my community. Like I said, I am using my real name because unlike all of you other cyber tough guys, I stand behind everything I write. If you have a problem with that, come see me face to face like a real person. Oh and I’m already prepared for the personal comebacks so bring all you’ve got, you won’t be getting any response from me. S’iyug L’chochmah Shtikah.

    Nochum Kaplan
    Proud BRS Member since 2008

    • Perhaps you can explain the sudden decision to ban Richard Andron right after the lawsuit named him and was made public. Clearly you were warned about him years earlier so clearly his history was known beforehand. If so, and if the community had proper safeguards in place, why ban him now? OTOH if they suddenly concluded he was too dangerous to be allowed in activities and premises why was he allowed, not just in, but in roles involving youth such as leading havdalah and the anim zmiros singers? Something does not add up.

      I grant you, you may have had truly excellent experiences with Rabbi Efrem Goldberg. Perhaps the flaw lies in other decision makers in the community. However you cut it, and whoever is to blame, it seems that appropriate cautions were not in place from the first time they were aware of credible allegations.

      I also wonder why your synagogue is hosting Rabbi Peysach Krohn, a man implicated in whitewashing one his relatives who was on the sex offender registry Rabbi (Lipa Lewis Brenner) and his brother-in-law, Rabbi Ephraim Bryks. Bryks resigned from the RCA rather than face their Vaad Hakavod and then was also forced to resign by the Vaad Harabonim of Queens for allegations involving sexual abuse. He is also the subject of a Canadian TV documentary with those allegations. Yet Krohn refers rabbinical clients to him.

      • Correction:

        The Queens Vaad did not force Bryks to resign. The Queens Vaad covers up for Bryks. The Queens Vaad couldn’t handle the negative publicity of JBAC exposing them over Bryks so they allowed Bryks’s membership to expire.

        After Bryks was eased out the Vaad website was still promoting his hachnosas kallah gemach. Bryks is also still in charge of mikvaos although the Vaad stopped promoting that.

        Bocharian rabbis are also covering for Bryks

        • Thank you my aptly named commenter. I stand corrected on the subtle but telling distinction you make. Yes. I remember the long campaign and the resistance by the Queens Vaad and the fact that technically he let his membership lapse. I wish the RCA had publicized the fact that he resigned rather than face allegations in their vaad hakavod of conduct unbecoming a rabbi [or a decent human being whether Jewish or gentile, theist or atheist]. They have that perogative written into their by-laws. Exercising it would help to protect others.

          Bryks still advertises himself as helpful on Shalom Bayis issues and securing gittin. In his case the two are probably integrally related.


          • I think Debbie at AdKan may have erred in describing the Bryks lawsuit against the major news networks being dismissed on a “technicality”. I remember reading that the Federal judge at the time was orthodox Jew Michael Mukasey who was later appointed Attorney General under President Bush. He threw the case out while admonishing Bryks for bringing it, telling Bryks that there is certainly plenty of reason to believe he is a molester and that the networks did not “slander” anyone.

            Not only has Bryks reinvented himself as a “marriage counselor” but he has started a new beis din and he along with Rabbi Belsky & others are a team of hired guns in dirty divorces and other disputes who sell themselves to the highest bidder. They inserted themselves into a case in Las Vegas against the Young Israel rabbi which prompted the National Council YI to come after them with lawyers to force them to back off. On the lighter side, Bryks is also giving kashrus oversight to a line of women’s cosmetics and made up a hashgacha symbol for this purpose.

        • Ephraim Goldberg from the Young Israel of Boca Raton is not the same person as Efrem Goldberg the Rabbi of Boca Raton Synagogue. Be careful how you post information about people if you are not do not know who is who.

          BTW, is there anyone who knows if any action is being taken against Matis Weinberg who lives in Jerusalem?

          • Matis Weinberg is wanted for questioning if he ever returns to the US but that’s it. He is hanging around his brother’s yeshiva in Israel, scott free.

        • Wow Peewee!! You can type Goldberg into a google search. To bad you don’t have the brains to know which Rabbi Goldberg you are reading about. Then to top off your major stupidity you publish your findings on a blog for everyone to read.

          It is quite clear you owe a personal written apology to Rabbi Efram Goldberg of the BRS who was not involved in that incident and you should think about shooting your mouth off without thinking.

          You have a lot of thinking to do before Yom Kippur.

          BTW Ephraim Goldberg is a past president of YI of Boca but was never the ruv there.

          Great work sullying the reputation of two shules and bringing up an episode which is totally unrelated to the topic at hand.

          After today I will never read this blog again. The content here is worse than porn.

    • I admire your courage, Nachum. You deserve a lot of credit for signing your name. I’ve been in this community for 12 years and agree wholeheartedly with your observations about Rabbi Goldberg. He has been a tremendous source of support for our family and I believe the majority of the congregation respects and admires him. I find it remarkable that so many people are so quick to condemn rabbis and community leaders. I defy anyone to find a prominent community leader who has not offended someone in some way. If EVERYONE likes you, then you are not a strong leader. Rabbi Brander built this community virtually from scratch. Think he butted heads with people who didn’t like his style or his decisions? Of course! It’s so very easy to criticize those with huge targets on their backs. I’d suggest we all work on our own shortcomings and chill the loshan hora. Baseless hatred, my Jewish brothers and sisters, is still tearing us apart.

      • Rabbi Brander did not build this community from scratch. The people in this community built the shul from scratch. Brander is a marketer, nothing more. He is not a holy man. He markets his twisted version of Judaism, and sells out to the highest bidder. He is active in the cover up of child molestation and will pay the price. Coach Jerry Sandusky had supporters try to cover up and protect him, too. Thankfully, they are all gone, either arrested for obstruction of justice or excommunicated from Penn.

        I find it remarkable that so many people are are so quick to cover up a rabbi’s full knowledge of a molester active in the community. This is not about a community leader ‘offending someone in some way’. It’s about a rabbi that knew he was harboring an admitted molester, and giving him the honor of weekly Havdalah. Until BRS cleans house, we are all tainted with this filth.

    • לִי נָקָם וְשִׁלֵּם לְעֵת תָּמוּט רַגְלָם כִּי קָרוֹב יוֹם אֵידָם וְחָשׁ עֲתִדֹת לָמוֹ:

  38. In case you’re looking to establish a timeline, I can confirm that Ricky was still doing his thing as of March 1984. I stayed overnight in his UWS apartment with a fellow MTA student and events transpired almost exactly as described in earlier comments on this blog. When he tried to get physical during the night, I did resist his advances, so I never reported anything to my parents or to the school.

  39. In the late 70s, everyone called him Ricky. He taught Karate at Ramaz as one of the after school activities. Initially, he was a brown belt and later was promoted to “Instructor’s Black” (his belt was black on one side and brown on the other). Essentially, it meant he was a Black Belt on a knowledge level but could not physically do everything due to a knee injury. He hosted teenage boys at his apartment on the UWS. I went there a number of times with other HS boys on Shabbat afternoons and/or Saturday nights. We hung out, rapped, played Othello, poker (yes, for money) and other games, watched movies, etc. I also slept over a few times. Even back then there were rumors of him inappropriately touching boys, but that did not deter me. He never made a move on me, and I never observed him do so to anyone else. I remember him as very giving and caring; as someone who provided advice and guidance to kids when asked. Of course, my experience does not dispositively prove anything either way, but I thought I would share it for what it is worth.

  40. I could write a book, joined BRS in mid 1980’s….know Brander, Andron, and Goldberg extremely well. My son, then 13..slept over Androns many times…Rick never made a move. Rick sold my husband some shaky stock..and we knew he was a huckster in biz. We later heard he was a known molester from New York…and Brander had him go through therapy. Goldberg does many good deeds…but he is an elite kinda guy…coming from big money and hanging with those with big money or the prototypical YU types….I will tell you one thing…as a Balei Teshuvah….it is so sickening to read about the corruption in YU and organized religion. I do believe the victims who came forward on Rick Andron…and am sick to my stomach.

  41. Part of Abecassis’ defense in the above mentioned case was that he was molested. He has since dedicated his life to bringing molesters to justice as part of his community service and rehabilitation.

    I suggest that anyone interested in goings on in Toronto speak with Jacob. And FYI Bendahan is his first cousin.

    • I heard my Rav tell a story about sexual abuser that match word by word with Bendahan tale but he did not mention name. He did say the pervert still attends YI Hollywood and the child parents can not talk or warn anyone due to gagorder

  42. “I heard rumors that Bendahan was constantly in the company of little kids and had unsatisfactory excuses when confronted”

    On several occasions, where I was present, children as young as 3 years old would go missing in both Bnai Sephardim and Young Israel of Hollywood for a very long time (ie. an hour and a half) while the frantic parents and members of the kehillah searched, fearing the worst.

    Then Bendahan would appear as if by magic, having “found” the lost child.

    One of these “missing” children later told his mother about the “tickle” game that he played with Bendahan. They went up to the restroom in the Ezrat Nashim (Friday night, there were no women there and it was dark), Bendahan told the child to take off his clothes and he “tickled” him. The child then played this “game” with another child whose parents were extremely alarmed. The first family has since moved from the area.

  43. “Have you noticed that none of her proof exists?”

    The blog owner has a copy of the arrest warrant and psychologist’s report upon which the warrant was issued.

    The blog owner also has a copy of Bnai Sephardim’s letter stating that Bendahan was fired with cause due to his association with the crime of child sexual abuse.This letter is part of the public record associated with the civil case.

    Hopefully the blog owner will be able to post it soon.

  44. Willig talk draws protests because of Lanner link


    The Jewish Standard (Teaneck, NJ) – January 30, 2003

    Rabbi Michael Taubes of Kehillas Tzemach Dovid, who is also menahel of the Mesivta of North Jersey, was forceful in his disapproval of the situation, and of this newspaper for writing about it.

    He dismissed the controversy as having no merit. “I don’t know if there is a real issue,” he said. “It seems to me that people are looking for a platform to make a big issue. The letter indicated that the people who were involved spoke with Rabbi Willig in person. Okay, they weren’t satisfied with the response. How does that make it a public issue? What does that have to do with the rest of the community?”

    “Whoever sent in the letter sent it in because he or she or they knew that this is a way for it to become a public issue. I believe they’re looking for a soapbox, and I find this is wrong.”


  45. This is one of the most frightening blogs I’ve read. Is there really a spider’s web of molesters scattered throughout the world, all somehow connected to others?

    • Here and there the molesters are connected. But those who cover up tend to be more connected. In general, leadership is well networked (apart from issues of abuse). This is true in most social systems. Orthodox life is more deeply networked because orthodox Jews dont just share synagogues. They also live close to each other to be in walking distance of their synagogues on Sabbath. There is a fairly small set of schools that serve their students, they frequent kosher restaurants and vacation spots.

      Again, the scarier part is not the existence of molesters. As far as we know, not community is immune from having a small percentage of people who are like that. The scary parts are the cover-ups.

      Because this is not dealt with well enough or openly enough, a blog like this with a story like Andron brings many such stories to the surface. I cannot vouch for each specific allegation posted here but some I know to be true, and other allegations seem credible. It is of course the case, that some charges are utterly untrue. But I do not have any strong reason to say that about the allegations posted here. My strong preference is to have all allegations quickly passed to police and protective services so they can do the investigation the way it needs to be done.

  46. I have read the comment on this site. I find some of them sickening and imprudent.

    At this time there charges with no evidence backing them up of behavior by RIck Andron in NY some 35 years ago. If there is any truth to them then there should be a price to pay. Abusing children in venal whenever and who ever does it. Frum jews should not ber hiding child molesters as is happening in Lakewood NJ.

    Some of the people this site have very written without evidence or even rumor that Rick must have spent the last 30 years in Florida abusing children. THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN THE LOWEST FORM OF LUSHUN HORA AND YOU NEED TO WATCH WHAT YOU SAY AND WRITE WITHOUT THINKING.

    I have personally known Richard Andron for close to thirty years in Boca Raton. My three sons grew up around him and were alone with him in his home on many occasions. All three tell me that at no time was his behavior inappropriate with them.

    Whatever may or may not have happened in NY many years ago there is no evidence of these actions occurring in Boca Raton FL and those of you who insinuate it without knowing are speaking lushon hora.

    Stop posting rumors and speculation and let the legal system take its course. If people have evidence then bring it forward in court. Yom Kippur will be here soon.

    • Gary Lieber,

      I cannot speak for others. I have not said I know he abused children in Boca Raton. I have said, that given his NYC history, which was known and accepted as true by BRS leadership, he should not have been put into a position that gave him access to children to potentially groom and abuse. In fact, I suspect your board felt the same way. Once his NYC history was in the newspapers (with no allegations regarding conduct in Boca Raton) the board turned on a shekel and forced him out of any contact with BRS facilities or events.

      I would say, that just because you are not aware of any misconduct by Andron in Boca Raton, does not prove there was none. However, I agree with you it is wrong to say he must have molested without knowing that in fact he had. It is equally wrong to say he did not because you don’t know of any episodes. Do you feel the BRS board acted inappropriately in announcing his resignation if they had any hand in inducing it?

    • You are now marked as an enabler. You are reading first hand accounts from people molested and still deny their claims. You are the worst kind of hypocrite.

  47. As an ex-resident of the Circle whose life has intersected (at different times) many of the players listed in the lawsuit, I am shocked and disgusted at these latest accusations, but unfortunately I am not surprised. The community needs to adopt a standard of “zero tolerance” for all immoral/illegal acts, not just sexual abuse. Otherwise, we have a “slippery slope” that can be used to rationalize non-ethical behavior, if the end result is deemed to be positive for the community.

    For example, BRS accepted large amounts of moey to fund the Helen & Juius Reiter Institute of Judaic Studies/Boca Raton Synagogue Adult Education Program from a donor whose company ruined peoples lives by selling them tens (hundreds?) of millions of dollars of worthless securities.

    While I am confident that the donation was “above board” in a legal sense, it still did/does not pass the “smell test”. People’s lives can be ruined by many means, including sexual abuse and financial abuse. While I am in no way equating the two, in the end, lives are still ruined.

  48. State law might be past the statute of limitations, but not federal law. It is alleged that Richard Andron transported young boys across state lines (NJ & NY) to molest them sexually. If this is the case, and we can only hope and pray that it is, he will be brought to justice.

    It is beyond the scope of imagination that a smirking, smiling Mr. Eyal Cohen, seen in this interview, is defending someone that has been accused of criminal, sexual abuse of young boys and teens. This should be a red flag to all good people of Boca Raton, Jews and non-Jews, the depth of mental illness of these people in the community that want to reach out and help the accused first, but not the victims. They will do anything to protect their livliehoods, and now tainted rabbi.

    There are reports on related blogs that are connected with this scandal, that there may be a lawsuit filed locally that involves BRS directly, with the same allegations about another member living in the community, and child molestation. Sadly enough, you’ll probably be hearing about it very soon.

    • As a BRS member, I find it remarkable that Rabbi Goldberg refuses to address this whole situation in front of the congregation. He’s acting as if the whole thing is just going to go away if he ignores it. Meanwhile, rumors continue to circulate, people in the community aren’t sure what to think, and BRS’s reputation is quickly going down the toilet. SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!

      • Pretty soon, BRS won’t be getting calls from out of town families that want to move down to Montoya Circle. No more calls to the office for new jobs, homes, schools. It’s just a matter of time. They must come forward and give din v’cheshbon. Brander is probably telling them to shut up, not say a word, and it will blow over. It’s not going to blow over.

        • The silence is deafening. I am convinced that Brander and Goldberg believe this thing is just going to go away. Hmmm, that didn’t work too well with the Catholic Church or Penn State. Denial ain’t a river in Egypt, you know?

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