Daily News’ Yaniv Calls Kellner’s supporters, Nebechs (Pathetic Losers)!

Vecchione Stock 2aOn Saturday Night (7/15/13) I posted, “Is Oren Yaniv a Courthouse Reporter or a DA Megaphone?” I reported that Yaniv, The Daily News’ courthouse reporter, acting in the interests of Aidala, Dershowitz, and Vecchione, said “[Samuel] Kellner was involved in extortion,” without reaching out to Kellner’s lawyer for the opposing explanation. He did this by individually speaking to people attending the demonstration for “Sam Kellner’s Immediate Exoneration.”

Rally to Free Sam Kellner (7/11/13) in front of Office of Brooklyn DA

Rally to Free Sam Kellner (7/11/13) in front of Office of Brooklyn DA

I wrote, “Yaniv’s conduct was unethical. He should be doing the hard work of sorting out this complicated case, digging into its intrigues, and honestly representing competing claims. Instead, he became an extension of the DA’s propaganda machine and tried to manipulate the story by sowing disinformation……Why should the Daily News pay a courthouse reporter to be a stenographer and megaphone for Hynes, Vecchione, and Dershowitz?”

Yesterday evening, Yaniv and I got into a Twitter exchange.

  • Yaniv (@OrenNYDN)- Wherein some schmendrik [hapless guy] writes a series of untruths without attribution then goes on to lecture about media ethics: http://wp.me/pFbfD-1hz
  • Yaniv – Not one factual allegation in that dreck [crap] was accurate. Even that aside, the premise is nonsensical.
  • Michael Powell (@Powellnyt)-> @OrenNYDN Schmendrik is a wonderful word.
  • Yerachmiel Lopin (@frumfollies) -> @powellnyt @OrenNYDN Wonderful but misused. Even Colombo (Peter Falk) is only a faux schmendrik. I am a literate tumbler [tummler– noisy activist]. Name 1 wrong fact!
  • Yaniv -> @frumfollies I didn’t hold any papers, didn’t say that quote, did speak to Kellner’s atty (and quoted him), did not talk to Jerry et al.
  • Lopin -> @OrenNYDN U quoted SK’s attny before demo. How could u quote Attny about paper u never showed & things u never said?
  • Yaniv -> @frumfollies I did ask him about note before writing that story (just like I asked the nebechs [pathetic losers] who spoke to you). It’s not new.

I am astounded at his dismissive contempt in calling Kellner’s supporters, pathetic losers (nebechs). Is this what he really thinks?

Raised as a secular Israeli, Yaniv is entitled to his personal antipathy to ultra-orthodox Jews. As a reporter he should be open-minded about claims by any group. He should have noticed that those supporting Kellner’s claims include Haredim, modern-orthodox Jews, secular Jews, Irishmen, Indian-Americans, African Americans, gays, and journalists of all stripes.

Hell, Oren, if you are going to be insulting, go all the way! Why don’t you also accuse Michael Dowd of brandishing blarney and Kenneth Thompson of jiving. Oren, you have successfully insulted “everyman” or as we say in Hebrew, ploni (the anagram of Lopin)

If any of you take offense at his contempt and bias, please let him and his editors know. So we have a record, please share your messages and interactions in the comments below.

One thought on “Daily News’ Yaniv Calls Kellner’s supporters, Nebechs (Pathetic Losers)!

  1. Oren Yaniv was in fact turned onto the info by the man himself–Michael Vecchione–and seems to be doing Vecchione’s bidding.

    Very odd considering that if Yaniv was a real journalist he would use his almost unfettered access to the “office” to gain access to some of the anti-Vecchiones there. It’s a pity he lacks the curiosity or perhaps the integrity to investigate and report on the rot at the head of the “office.”

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