Schlesinger Twins: TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE

This has been re-posted from the Daas Torah blog of Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn. For background on this case see Professor Ari L Goldman’s article in the Jewish Week.

Help Beth:    The judge has made a final custody order.
Samuel and Benjamin’s father has been awarded FULL & IMMEDIATE CUSTODY. My visiting rights remain the same- every Tuesday 11- 5pm and every second Sunday 9-5pm. Visits are to continue at the centre and I will still have to pay 44 Euros each visit to see my children. My applications for weekend access and overnight visits have all been denied by Judge Susanne Göttlicher.
Once again, her decision came as a total shock. She has held NO CUSTODY HEARINGS, has heard all my witnesses IN SECRET COURT, behind closed doors so I did not have the opportunity to cross-examine them or present any of my evidence.
She has not commissioned a psychological assessment on the father or the children, despite my repeated applications and despite her instructions to do so by both the Appeal Court and Supreme Court.
I have a 14 day window to appeal. It is holiday time in Vienna and the city has practically shut down. My lawyer and virtually every good lawyer in town is away on holiday. She timed her last custody decision at exactly the same time. 2 years ago exactly knowing the holiday situation.

2 thoughts on “Schlesinger Twins: TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE

  1. What kind of “good lawyer” would leave a client at the exact time of their need? The Brooklyn DA dumped material on the desk of Sam Kellner’s attorneys Friday afternoon before a Monday morning hearing — and they worked through the weekend.

  2. Andrew, I see you are not acquainted with Austrian culture. The general population (Jewish people included) seem to be largely lacking in humanity, compassion, ethics and morals. Maybe this is how they managed to wipe out millions of people without anyone objecting.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking the Austrian government is respectable just because they are part of the EU. Their government is no better than any despotic middle-eastern country except they have better PR.

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