Did Hynes Perpetrate a Fraud on the Court?

Rally to Free Sam Kellner (7/11/13) in front of Office of Brooklyn DA

Rally to Free Sam Kellner (7/11/13) in front of Office of Brooklyn DA

Samuel Kellner was in court today hoping to finally get his trial. The office of the DA continued its blather about needing to delay the trial to investigate the connection between Zalman Ashkenazi and the Lebovits family — an investigation that began in September, 2012. The investigation is of course irrelevant to Kellner’s case as it deals with a witness who already imploded and will not take the stand (even according to the DA).  ADA Joe Alexis was sweating so badly his suit was soaked through. Nicholas (Nick) Batsidis also looked pretty nervous but he didn’t talk. I don’t blame Joe. He knows the DA can’t, and won’t ever, bring this case to trial despite his mendacious statements on the Zev Brenner show. They know that any attempt to conduct a trial would be gross prosecutorial misconduct and it would be exposed.

Steve Litwin

Steve Litwin

Most of all Joe Alexis knows the sickening truth that Hynes and Vecchione  contrived to instigate a spurious Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) investigation of NYPD Detective Steve Litwin. All this was done just to help buy time and to justify their mishandling of this case. Detective Litwin did a lot to bring sex abuse charges against Baruch Lebovits, Nechemya Weberman, Meir Dascalowitz, and many others. In 2012 his was recognized publicly by the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault. Now Litwin is being screwed by a sham investigation which will ultimately clear him. But it is a nasty business and without justification. (For a full understanding of the venality of this case read this motion to dismiss by Kellner’s Attorneys).

Given all this, Joe Alexis, who ordinarily is believed to be clean, knows in his heart that he perpetrated a fraud on the court to further Hynes’ election prospects and this will come out in a matter of months if not sooner. Kellner’s next court date is September 30.

I hear another rumor about Hynes’ wheeling and dealing to get reelected. As I reported, DA Hynes has never gotten an ultra orthodox Jew sentenced to even one day in jail for obstructing the prosecution of a sex abuse case. The last case on the docket is Abraham Rubin’s. He was indicted in the lead-up to the trial of Nechemya Weberman, (according to the DA press release of 6/21/12) for:

Charges including four counts of Bribing a Witness, two counts of Tampering with a Witness in the Fourth Degree and one count of Coercion in the Second Degree.  If convicted, Rubin faces up to seven years in prison.  The indictment charges Rubin with trying to silence the victim and her boyfriend, who was the outcry witness, and to get them to drop the case by bribing them with $500,000, telling them that they should drop the case because justice would be better served.  Rubin even offered to provide an attorney to the witnesses to counsel them on how to be uncooperative and make themselves unavailable for the upcoming trial.  Rubin suggested that they flee the country to avoid testifying.

The rumor swirling around Williamsburg is that Hynes has agreed to a plea bargain with no jail time for Rubin in return for the election support of the Aaron Teitelbaum faction of Satmar in Williamsburg. Rubin is a major supporter of the Aaron camp. Supposedly, there were already two private fundraisers organized by that faction on behalf of Hynes. It wouldn’t surprise me and it would be a coup for Hynes. Normally, if the Zaali faction supports a candidate, the Aaron faction goes the other way or sits it out. If both factions overtly or tacitly support Hynes it would demonstrate that the desire to intimidate witnesses against abuse even outweighs the normally fratricidal relations between those two factions.

Hynes always complains that ultra orthodox Jews are worse than the mafia at intimidating abuse witnesses. If this rumor is true, Hynes has just brokered a truce in the intra-mafia wars of Satmar uniting them in the enforcement of omerta. Way to go, Joe!

10 thoughts on “Did Hynes Perpetrate a Fraud on the Court?

  1. In other words, the true Godfather of Brooklyn is Charles Joe Hynes. How pathetic. Brooklyn has a broken down semi-senile blathering drunk as its Godfather. Sad.

    • The Jews, such an ethical people, do not use tactics of the less godly, such as the construction shoe business, if you get my drift. maybe that technique is out of style even amongst those who favored it, who immortalized the name. There are, even those who get upset (the spineless jellyfish LD’S) at the methods used by the most successful individual at catching molesters. jews are LD’s except for the pedophiles, who manage to upgrade the L. to an E for a prepubescent bochur. . a nation of LD’s,. and i aint talking about the church of the LDS.

  2. A bunch of shomer shabbes Jews are prosecutors.
    I realize the enormity of leaking information when one is involved in law enforcement and a officer of the court. But I wish someone would leak information regarding about Hynes and all of the se issues.

  3. Um, Yanky. Have you considered that you’ve been reading leaked material? And one does not have to be “shomer shabbes” to care about justice and children. Many prosecutors in DA Hynes’ office are sick of the corruption at the head of the “office” and are doing what they can to help end it.

    Some stories have happy endings. Let’s hope this is one of them.

  4. http://www.cityandstateny.com/preliminary-motions-begin-for-2013-brooklyn-d-a-raceif-hynes-goes/

    Hynes is the New York District Attorney that brought his mentor/former boss/current advisor convicted/confessed child rapist Eugene Gold to Hynes’ inaguration and publicly honored him years after Gold’s confession and conviction in regard to multiple sex assaults on a 10 year old girl. Gold remained Hynes advisor for decades and as far as I know he still is.

    In 1983 former NY District Attorney Eugene Gold was charged with the rape of the 10 year old daughter of an Alabama district attorney while, according to the girl’s father, two other children, children of another district attorney, were present. Gold faced a minimum sentence of 20 years on the aggravated rape charge. Instead Gold plead guilty to lesser sexual molestation charges and acknowledged that he sexually assaulted the 10 year old girl on an additional occasion. The plea agreement was touted as saving the 10 year old girl the trauma of testifying at trial. Gold only received probation and moved to Israel where he was to get counseling. Sound familiar?

    This is the monster that Hynes has associated himself and the current office of the New York District Attorney with. Gold used to hold Hynes job.

    Understand who Hynes is? A protector of pedophiles. The pedophiles and their protectors have Hynes ear. Hynes is in their pocket.

    Here’s Hynes inauguration speech where District Attorney Charles J. Hynes publicly honored confessed/convicted pedophile Eugene Gold (square brackets have been added by me):

    In the same year a prominent New York City trial lawyer [pedophile Eugene Gold] was chosen to run for the office of Kings County District Attorney. During his [Gold] campaign, he [Gold] added one word to that slogan, which came to embody the goals of his [Gold] administration and mine [Hynes]. The word was Justice, and so his [Gold] campaign promise, which he [Gold] later fulfilled became; Law and Order with Justice. He [Gold] was my [Hynes] mentor for the six years I was fortunate to serve in his [Gold] Office, and he [Gold] has been one of my [Hynes]most important advisers ever since. Please welcome the three term former District Attorney of Kings County, Eugene Gold.

    Hynes has been protecting Orthodox pedophiles for decades. Rabbi Yehuda Kolko got the same deal Rabbi Lewis/Lipa Brenner got a decade earlier, no jail time and their names were not put on the public sex offender registry. This is the same sort of deal Hynes’ advisor Gold negotiated for himself.

    Send a message to Charles Hynes and the rest of the “fixers” in Brooklyn who have protected Brooklyn’s pedophiles for decades. It isn’t 1983 anymore and child rapists belong in jail not as honored guests at the DA’s innauguration ceremony. Vote Hynes out of office in 2013. End his pedophile protecting legacy once and for all. Hynes must go.

    Let him know.

    More on pedophile protecting Hynes:


    • JWB — perhaps you are too young to remember, but in 1983 (when I was 32) molesting and raping children were crimes and regarded with revulsion, just as they are now. This generation did not discover this (or any other) evil, nor will this generation cure it. The garden has to be weeded every season. By all means get rid of this old, tall, proud and noxious weed, but you can be sure there will be more.

  5. In 1983 prior to his arrest, NY District Attorney Eugene Gold was not a known child molester. After that time he was a confessed/.convicted child molester.

    That was my point as to “it isn’t 1983 anymore”. There was no reason after that time frame to give Gold any honor. Yet Hynes publicly honored confessed/.convicted child molester Eugene Gold in public at his inauguration ceremony in Brooklyn Borough Hall.

  6. >The garden has to be weeded every season. By all means get rid of this old, tall, proud and
    >noxious weed, but you can be sure there will be more.

    He’s one of the top enablers of child sex abuse in Brooklyn. He must go.

    • JWB, I’m not arguing with you. My comment was unnecessary. I was only reacting to what I perceived to be the implication that thirty years ago was a different era in which abuse was tolerated.

  7. Iggud Haganovim’s Ben Barber holds an annual fundraiser for Hynes in Boro Park. Anyone in the heimishe velt wanting to play for pay shows up with cash in brown baggies to keep molesters out of jail. Former Iggud Exec VP Lipa Brenner, a good friend of Belsky, is a convicted child rapist & embezzler who never sat a day in jail. Gershon Tannenbaum currently holds Brenner’s position. He is a white collar career criminal who has never seen the inside of a jail cell either. Extortionist Mendel Epstein controls the Iggud’s phony fixed “beis din” from the shadows while hiding behind a senile figurehead. Belsky is also a prominent member of the Iggud but when he wanted to shut up Torah Temimah parents who were asking hard hitting questions about Kolko, even the Iggud did not allow him to use their name so he made up his own Johnny-on-the-spot “beis din”

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