What Hynes Does for His Jewish Liaisons

Before Henna White was the Jewish liaison for the Brooklyn DA, there was Charles Posner. Hynes rewards loyalty by giving jobs to the children of employees. So he hired Posner’s son, Mark Posner, as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA). Based on today’s New York Post story (7/29/13) I would say Mark is sleazy and dumber than a doorknob. I say sleazy, because this married guy routinely procured prostitutes. I say dumb because he used his office phone. When the DA’s rackets burea was conducting an investigation into an unrelated matter they stumbled on these phone records. Posner could have avoided this by using his personal cell phone.

According to Josh Saul, “After Posner got caught, he was transferred from the hard-charging rackets bureau to the much less prestigious early case-assessment bureau [ECAB], which screens all Brooklyn arrests and directs the cases to the correct bureau.”

The early case-assessment bureau’s work is the first stage for moving an arrest by police into a criminal case. They do routine grunge work. Paralegals handle most of ECAB’s work. New ADAs start there and move up early in their first year, never to return, except to supervise or fill-in during rush periods. Mark Posner was demoted to the bottom of the career ladder.

Henna White

Henna White

Menachem M. (Mendy) White, son of the current liaison to the Jewish community, Henna White was also bumped down to ECAB. Mendy, who started at the Brooklyn DA in January 2011, was promoted to trial ADA but didn’t last very long. According to DA sources, his colleagues thought he was incompetent and a mama’s boy. The DA moved him back down to ECAB. He took the hint and started his own private law practice. He announced the move on FaceBook on May 13, 2013. His LinkedIn page says he worked for the KCDA from January of 2011 until June of 2013.

I have often said it is hard to get justice from the Brooklyn DA, Charles Hynes. But for the politically connected, it is pretty easy to get a job.


6 thoughts on “What Hynes Does for His Jewish Liaisons

  1. Great stuff! At least we don’t this type of nonsense in Australia, the DA equivalent here is an UNELECTED Public servant, much healthier. I am surprised that Belsky and Co. don’t use these stories as a good reason to go to the rabbis, rather than to the police, or would it be too dangerous to open that can of worms…

  2. No where in the Post article does it say he ‘procured’ prostitutes. It does say he called them. Re the DA sources who gave info about Mr. Mendy White, yerachmiel lopin does not give identification.
    Well, Mr. Lopin’s loose interpretation of the Post article makes me doubt his DA office sources re Mr. White. Sounds like lopin has an axe to grind.

    • Katherine, do you really think he was demoted for using his office phone for calling prostitutes as part of an investigation.

      I do have an axe to grind about corruption and nepotism.

      The office of the DA does not necessarily reward diligence and competence. But it places a premium on loyalty to the boss and his political interest. Many in who work there are terrified of how things keep getting worse, especially among those working for Vecchione in rackets. They only talk off the record. I have carefully vetted my source for this and my various sources for other stories. Believe me, the folks inside that office read me, some cheering my on and others getting enraged because I am telling the truth.

      you join a growing list of commenters claiming that the authors of Frum
      Follies posts (Yerachmiel Lopin,
      and guest posters such as David Cheifetz) all have an axe to grind. B’vadai! They are fighting for truth and justice and an end to the rampant pedophilia in the orthodox Jewish community.. Call that an axe to grind. Wouldst that that axe would be put to more utilitarian function.
      And touche my dear Ms. KAJA, you are correct, MarK Posner had a habit of calling prostitutes. to discuss KAFKA, FREUD, NIETZSCHE, AND SCHOPENHAUER.—-, because he was desperately trying to rid himself of that “dumber than a door knob” appellation. .

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