Mark Posner Rumored to Have Resigned at Brooklyn DA

Mark Posner, was caught using his work phone to procure prostitutes. As reported by Josh Saul in the New York Post, he was demoted but kept his job. It seems he was finally forced to resign according to sources in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office (KCDAO). I requested confirmation from the KCDA’s press spokesman, Jerry Schmetterer. He has not replied. (UPDATE- 8/7/13, 4 pm: for the first time, switchboard got nervous when I asked for him and would not put me through to his voice mail. They instead told me to “call tommorrow”).

I don’t know anyone in the office of the DA who will miss him. Still, the DA has a reputation of being loyal to his employees, however mediocre or compromised. So you have to wonder if Hynes is finally realizing this election will be close and he is trying to jettison some of his outstanding liabilities. Of course, the big question is whether Michael Vecchione will finally get the heave-ho.

There is another rumor out there which I do not buy. According to Failed Messiah‘s Shmarya Rosenberg, The DA’s campaign offered a position to Yossi Gestetner, a Hasidic PR man.

I hope the rumor is true because Ken Thompson will be able to exploit the appointment to portray Hynes as both unprincipled and incompetent. Gestetner conducted a propaganda campaign on behalf of Nechemya Weberman before and during his sex abuse trial and sentencing. He was also briefly hired and fired from a postion with the NYS Republican party. His views about Israel were way too anti-Zionist for most Jewish Republicans. He is also illiterate in English and not very articulate.

In the past he has done a lot of brokering and hosting meetings between local politicians in Monsey and orthodox community leaders but Hynes has Ben Barber to do that work.

If there is any truth to the rumor I expect it will be an 0ff-the-record relationship with his pay arranged by some outside party. This may very well entail violations of campaign finance regulations, but proof will be hard to come by. We will see what he Tweets in the coming weeks. If he is overwhelmingly pro-Hynes that will be the proof.

Of course, I will be happy as clam if I am wrong and the Hynes campaign formally hires him. Loads of us will have a field day reporting on Gestetner’s record.

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