Joe Hynes is the Real Shabbos Goy

Charles Hynes photo by Patrick Cashin / Metropolitan Transportation Authority, 2012

Charles Hynes photo by Patrick Cashin / Metropolitan Transportation Authority, 2012

When Brooklyn DA Charles (Joe) Hynes met with orthodox Jewish supporters he proudly declared,

I grew up in a 84-family apartment house where the only goyishe (gentile) families, were the super’s and mine. I was the shabbos goy (sabbath gentile).  I was the real shabbos goy. Mario Cuomo, our governor  said he was a shabbos goy. He lived in South Jamaica, Queens. There wasn’t a Jew within 10 miles of South Jamaica, Queens. I was the real shabbos goy.

Here is the deal on the shabbos goy for those not in the know. Orthodox Jewish observance of the Sabbath includes abstaining from certain tasks such as lighting fires or turning on light switches. There is of course no expectation under Jewish law that gentiles will observe the Sabbath. However, Jews can’t directly instruct and pay a gentile to do prohibited Sabbath work for the benefit of Jews. However, if a gentile should just happen to relight the stove; well that is different!

Here is how it goes down with a well-trained shabbos goy, Burich Goldberg knocks on Joe Hynes’ door and says “Hi, we are so bummed that our chulent pot is cooling because the stove’s pilot light went out.” Joe doesn’t reply, “Are you telling me to go upstairs and light the pilot for you?” Oh no. Instead, Joe just ambles upstairs, makes himself at home and goes to work and lights the pilot. Maybe they thank him with a shot of Slivovitz. Maybe they tip him handsomely at Christmas. But absolutely no one dares to say, “This is a quid pro quo.”

Joe Hynes is the “real shabbos goy.”

P.S. At the same event, Hynes did not directly ask for money, but mentioned how it was necessary for a campaign.

5 thoughts on “Joe Hynes is the Real Shabbos Goy

  1. Hynes is wrong on the geography. South Jamaica includes neighborhoods like Laurelton where Bernie Madoff grew up and which were very Jewish at that time.

    Joe Paterno of Penn State molestation infamy was a Shabbos goy in Flatbush and Colin Powell was a Shabbos goy in da Bronx.

    • How ironic!!

      Four good-for-nothings with the same upbringing and training!

      R’ YL I think you are really on to something. Who would of thought that the traditional Shabbos goy was a breeding ground for “hondlers” and benders-of-the-laws.

  2. Award winner!!

    Your writing is generally with scientific accuracy and diligence, this one is a work if art!!

    Thanks for a wholesome oneg Shabbos treat.

  3. You might have added that Jews aren’t permitted to hire “weekday goyim” to help out with things they are forbidden to do seven days a week, such as pervert justice.

    • In addition, the shulchan aruch of Joseph Karo (the accepted code of Jewish law for all orthodox Jews, except Yememnites) explicitly prohibits bribing judges and other officials of either Jewish or Gentile justice systems. Jewish law is quite clear that quid pro quos are also considered bribes. In fact the Jewish law definition of bribes is quite broad. For example, if you have known a judge for a long time, and have routinely failed to return his greetings and are otherwise rude, when you become a litigant in front of that judge you may not start being especially pleasant.

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