Joe Hynes, Why Are You Honoring Me?

Henna White, unidentified, & Joe Hynes

Henna White, unidentified, & Joe Hynes

Joe, you are an important busy man and yet you have taken time out to honor me. Charles Joseph Hynes, you are District Attorney of Brooklyn and I am just a blogger. You have over a thousand employees and I am a one-man operation. You get covered by the New York Times;  so far, I have only had a few mentions in the mainstream media. Yet you have honored me.

Arthur Aidala

Arthur Aidala

I am surprised because I’ve been criticizing your office for four years. I have accused your Jewish liaison, Henna White, of covering up sex abuse. I accused you of colluding with your buddy, Arthur Aidala, to give Menachem Deutsch a sweetheart deal on serious molesting charges. I accused your Rackets Bureau chief, Michael Vecchione, of perjury, when he denied remembering the content of Lauren Hersh’s training session about Brady disclosure obligations.

Vecchione Stock 2aI confess; I am obnoxious to you. I call your Jewish liaison, Henna Whitewash, and I refer to Michael Vecchione as your “racketeer.” Just in the last year, I raked you over the coals with pejorative article titles such as:

Yet you honor me by taking me seriously, reading all my posts about your office, and even worrying about my deleterious influence on your impressionable staff. You have honored me, ABOVE ALL, by instructing your IT department to block my blog.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone cares about the things I write. You have convinced me that my sources in your office are correct. I am scaring you, Joe. Now everyone knows that you are panicking and resorting to desperate measures to control your restless natives. I expect the leaking to accelerate. Thank you, Joe.

Joe, you will not succeed in blocking my messages. You are not in North Korea or Iran. Your employees have home computers and smart phones. However, to spare your staff from squinting at tiny screens, I will try to schedule stories about the Kings County  District Attorney Office (KCDA) during evenings and weekends. Some breaking stories will go up during business hours. But all my posts about your office will be Tweeted with the hashtag #KCDA to facilitate following.

Joe, do you realize that by blocking sites, you are helping your opponents diagnose your vulnerabilities? Speaking of which, one source tells me that you have honored Scott H. Greenfield and blocked Simple Justice. I am guessing you are sensitive to most of the following posts (here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). Once again, Joe, thanks for revealing that you feel vulnerable to charges of prosecutorial misconduct including improper convictions and going easy on cops. Perhaps you are especially sensitive to reminders of your disastrous attempt to prosecut ex-FBI agent, Lindley DeVecchio.

frumfolliesiconHat Tip: to my sources at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office (KCDA). Guys, keep on leaking. Drip by drip we are going to expose misconduct  and counteract  the hype.


13 thoughts on “Joe Hynes, Why Are You Honoring Me?

  1. Thanks on behalf of newcomers to the weird world of “Brooklyn DA” for the informative links.

    • Eugene Gold, former Brooklyn DA, molested my mother multiple times, when she was just 13 years old..( he was 20- so this man of justice has been doing this shit for years) This year is 2017, and this horrendous pervert did this 74 years ago, just after her father was killed in a plane crash in Nashville Tennessee. My mother and sister moved to brooklyn to be closer to family. My Aunt later married the younger brother of Eugene Gold. My mother just shared this with me after my fathers death last year.. How Ironic he did the same thing to a child from Nashville in the 80’s.. sick bastard.. SICK

      • So sad, K. Richard, I am so sorry for and grieve for your mother, years she carried this. I wonder if she ever told your father, we
        can only wonder if she ever revealed to anyone else or received emotional psychological support?
        The fact that she did reveal to you, at such an age, my heart bleeds. clearly omg, so painful to still carry the pain, and to wait and tell a son…..the pain survived. Many decades.
        May I ask, may I dare to ask? are you sorry she told you???
        Her story is not singular. As it were, various things cause people to reveal to family members or,,,,, such as, after the infamous FM affair (aka MANIS), if you know, many survivors were incentivized to tell family or even to put front page articles in the Jewish Week, one was “sharing the secret that has haunted my soul?”
        if i remember the title, That was modern orthodox male writing about a summer camp experience. yes, Article Jewish Week late march 2013 .
        Others, at that time , I think, spurred on by the hideous MF affair, revealed to family members, eg on FB, such as the young lady at Skokie seminary who revealed on FB having been raped, and…..
        whose dean of women wrote her back “you have besmirched your name, and, by association, that of your classmates”. Horrific, ok not naming MF nor ES here, 3-4 years ago. not a crusade, although, if i could, aw, fuggedaboutit

        People got incentivized by MF to come out of the closet, whether to family members, or publicly as on FB.
        I was greatly affected, although I do not refer herein to myself specifically.

        We Jews need non traditional methods of dealing with these scum. (sometimes referred to as vigilante).
        Some may fear retribution from Hashem were they to take matters into own hands, , I would not be one of them.

        • Oh no, I’m not sorry she shared this with me at all. I want to shout it to the rooftops and let Everyone know what he did. I sent a message to his grandson on Facebook under the premise I was trying to get in touch with his wife about her paintings. I wanted to know if they still lived on Boggs hill rd in Woodstock. I wanted to write a letter. But I only shared that he did something to my mother 74 years ago and explained I didn’t want to write a letter and someone else get it if they no longer lived there. It’s been weeks and no reply.

          Can I get in trouble for posting all this publicly?

          • I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice. But my understanding is truth is a defense in defamation situations. So, you are OK as long as that is what your mother told you and you had no reason to not believe her. Anyone can sue, but it is rare for suits from those who know in advance they will lose unless they are loaded to the gills and willing to throw away good money just to harass someone.

            • Thanks for your reply. I can’t imagine carrying this for so long. And I know my father didn’t know about this. He would have flipped out at him

          • K Richard, well i of course googled this POS Eugene Gold he was evidently DA for 13 years , from 1968 to 1981. Seems as if he was indicted in 1983. for fondling daughter of an Alabama prosecutor. These sick pathological pedophiles, never consider consequences, never, it is an illness, ocd, illness, they have no control, which is why, therapy never is successful, nor even a transgender type operation. oy,
            They still have mouths and hands.
            This piece of shxt, died in 1983, his wife stood by him?
            rings bell re Huma Abedin, who today announced that she is divorcing Andrew Wiener, (as an aside, with her family and political background, one wonder, why she was allowed to marry and propagate with a Jew),
            Likely we shall never know,

            Back to Eugene Gold, he moved to Israel with wife, one of news articles sounded as if that was his final aspiration, and , in any case, Israel is not cooperative in extradiction,
            Several infamous pedophiles, infamous, even before my interest developed, remain safe in israel. The worst of the worst, nah, there is always Elior Chen and David Twerski for examples of evil, sexual abuse, physical abuse, or neither,,,,,,

            So this POS died in 1983 in Great Neck, service there Rriverside chapel?

            Not at all clear how long he spent in IsrDESael, etc,
            I am not familiar with this POS, am sure that YL is, and the former blogger, ADKAN is.

            So far, google , but I am obsessed,
            will read more, eugene gold prosecuted son of sam, evidently,
            Simply a neutral statement,
            Damn the wife stood by him
            as did Meisels wife, of course (israel seminaries, recent for you or others not involved).

            In no way comforting to you or your mother,
            i had better stop here, as an extreme hawk on certain topics.
            Best to you,,,

  2. This is just wonderful. I love it. Pyongyang in Brooklyn. I’d recompose this a bit as a letter to the Editor of the Times and also to the Daily News and Post and see which one picks it up.

  3. This post is magnificent. And I cannot imagine Hynes’ face when he sees it. His people may be too intimidated to show it to him, but see it, he will.

  4. Hynes has protected the pedophiles for too long. Hynes even brought his mentor/former boss/current advisor/convicted/confessed child rapist Eugene Gold to Hynes’ inauguration and publicly honored Gold. Hynes needs to go. Someone should put plaster photos of Hynes and child molester Gold throughout Brooklyn.

    You can get a picture of them from this article:

    Hynes is the New York District Attorney that brought his mentor/former boss/current advisor/ convicted/confessed child rapist Eugene Gold to Hynes’ inauguration and publicly honored him years after Gold’s confession and conviction in regard to multiple sex assaults on a 10 year old girl. Gold remained Hynes advisor for decades and as far as I know he still is.

    In 1983 former NY District Attorney Eugene Gold was charged with the rape of the 10 year old daughter of an Alabama district attorney while, according to the girl’s father, two other children, children of another district attorney, were present. Gold faced a minimum sentence of 20 years on the aggravated rape charge. Instead Gold plead guilty to lesser sexual molestation charges and acknowledged that he sexually assaulted the 10 year old girl on an additional occasion. The plea agreement was touted as saving the 10 year old girl the trauma of testifying at trial. Gold only received probation and moved to Israel where he was to get counseling. Sound familiar?

    This is the monster that Hynes has associated himself and the current office of the New York District Attorney with. Gold used to hold Hynes job.

    Understand who Hynes is? A protector of pedophiles. The pedophiles and their protectors have Hynes ear. Hynes is in their pocket.

    Here’s Hynes inauguration speech where District Attorney Charles J. Hynes publicly honored confessed/convicted pedophile Eugene Gold (square brackets have been added by me):

    In the same year a prominent New York City trial lawyer [pedophile Eugene Gold] was chosen to run for the office of Kings County District Attorney. During his [Gold] campaign, he [Gold] added one word to that slogan, which came to embody the goals of his [Gold] administration and mine [Hynes]. The word was Justice, and so his [Gold] campaign promise, which he [Gold] later fulfilled became; Law and Order with Justice. He [Gold] was my [Hynes] mentor for the six years I was fortunate to serve in his [Gold] Office, and he [Gold] has been one of my [Hynes]most important advisers ever since. Please welcome the three term former District Attorney of Kings County, Eugene Gold.

    Hynes has been protecting Orthodox pedophiles for decades. Rabbi Yehuda Kolko got the same deal Rabbi Lewis/Lipa Brenner got a decade earlier, no jail time and their names were not put on the public sex offender registry. This is the same sort of deal Hynes’ advisor Gold negotiated for himself.

    Send a message to Charles Hynes and the rest of the “fixers” in Brooklyn who have protected Brooklyn’s pedophiles for decades. Child rapists belong in jail not as honored guests at the DA’s inauguration ceremony. Vote Hynes out of office in 2013. End his pedophile protecting legacy once and for all. Hynes must go.

    Let him know.

    More on pedophile protecting Hynes:

    • Eugene Gold, former Brooklyn DA, molested my mother multiple times, when she was just 13 years old..( he was 20- so this man of justice has been doing this shit for years) This year is 2017, and this horrendous pervert did this 74 years ago, just after her father was killed in a plane crash in Nashville Tennessee. My mother and sister moved to brooklyn to be closer to family. My Aunt later married the younger brother of Eugene Gold. My mother just shared this with me after my fathers death last year.. How Ironic he did the same thing to a child from Nashville in the 80’s.. sick bastard.. SICK… wonder how many people he put away for this..Pot putting away kettles.

  5. first let me say that after having spent almost twenty years under the “hynes reign of terror” it is so good to see the truth about him and his lackeys come to light. its like my beloved granny always said: “god’s eyes don’t close”. I hope that anne, amy, vashti, henna, myrna, carol, lance, mike, dino (all of which i am ashamed to say i know) and all the others who resided on “deathstar” a.k.a. the 19th floor enjoyed the ride. too bad for them that among them was a human with a heart named barbara burke as well as joe alexis. there are many many more like them but they are afraid to speak for obvious reasons. i truly hope that mr thompson not only cleans out and fumigates the 19th and 17th floor, i also hope that he will take the time to talk to the clerks, paralegals and staff a.d.a’s because they are the ones who truly make the office run and they should have a voice!

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