Roundup- August 15. 2013

I have been too busy with other things to post for a few days. Briefly, these are the most important stories I want to bring to the attention of readers.

  • Childhood abuse victims name alleged abuser [Mendy Tevel in LA].  Activists convinced he was a serial abuser could not get complainants to go to authorities. But several alleged victims were willing to talk to others in their community. So a home meeting was held to share the information with about 50 others. Seems to have worked as a safety warning and may succeed in preventing institutions from employing him. This is a tactic with great potential in the orthodox Jewish community where it is often hard to get victims to report their abuse to the police. I think this tactic may spread and will increase child safety and raise consciousness. Of course, in the wrong hands this has great potential to cause harm to individuals and the fight against abuse if applied incorrectly. The worst case scenario, is replacing legal action with shunning. The best case scenario is that this action will make it likelier that victims will get the support they need to follow through with the legal system.
  • YU student lawsuits joining together to include prestigious and effective attorney Jeff Anderson  representing 36 alleged victims.
  • Michael Powell of the New York Times Lambasts District Attorney Charles J. Hynes for standing by and allowing his surrogate, David Greenfield make inflammatory and untrue statements about his opponent Kenneth Thompson
  • Hynes and Thompson had two debates over last two nights. Thompson got the better of Hynes on both of them. Thompson also scored favorable Jewish print publication interviews with Yitzchak Frankfurter in  AMI and Albert Friedman in the Zeitung (Yiddish). I am aware of interviews with other important publications coming up. Thompson campaign is also taking additional steps to extend its communication within the Jewish community. When I have time I will try to provide links and commentary. With luck I may come up with a translation of the Yiddish report on the interview with the Zeitung.

24 thoughts on “Roundup- August 15. 2013

  1. I just wanted to call your attention to the fact that the lebovits camp forged a letter from Rabbi Flohr stating that he doesn’t support kellner,and that the letter of support for kellner was forged. In 2011, it was unclear which letter was the forgery. After Michael Powell’s interview, it is now clear that the lebovits camp will stop at nothing to destroy kellner. You don’t need to post this, I just wanted to bring it to your attention, since I haven’t seen anyone make this connection. Thank you for your sweeping efforts to clean up our act.

    • paltibenlayish you discovered america DefendKellner blog has recently posted this connection. there is a little discussion there about it in the comments.

        • It is a funny blog. It is clearly advocating for Kellner with some important accurate information. But the comments are uniformly anti-Kellner and full of falsehoods. It is hard to understand. Almost as if no one there cares to even refute them.

        • johnjohn here is a link DefendKellner Blog
          Yerachmiel, actually I don’t see any real refuting anti-kellner comments on this blog either, or on any blog for that matter, I am beginning to think Kellner is not so innocent as it seems.

          • If you don’t see any arguments for Kellner on this blog, you are out to lunch. They are spread all over this blog. Just go to search box and enter Kellner. I don’t have the time to compile a full list for someone who manages to make believe something does not exist.

        • sorry the link in first comment doesnt work please put this one instead
          johnjohn here is a link DefendKellner Blog
          Yerachmiel, actually I don’t see any real refuting anti-kellner comments on this blog either, or on any blog for that matter, I am beginning to think Kellner is not so innocent as it seems.

          • Shulem,

            I have argued this issue at length. The most compelling arguments come from news reports by Hella Winston, Michael Powell, the good reputation of Rabbis Flohr and Gold, and they are summarized quite nicely in the most recent motion by his attorney. Those that argue against him are breathing the last gasp before the District Attorney dismisses the charges after the election or the moment he is faced with an actual trial data. If the DA were on the up and up, he would have rushed to trial.

        • yes I saw your arguments, but shlomo markowitz has refuted most of your arguments, and the mafia blog about kellner sounds serious too. I have also heard myself from a few people, that kellner is not such a big tzadik (to put it nicely).

        • I realize that when someone says something about Kellner you right away switch to lebovits. Leave lebovits out of it, Kellner for himself without lebovits has done bad things. so why deny it?

          • Nate, Alan and Arthur insist there is a connection. You seem to be their staunchest defenders. You cannot have it both ways. The case against Kellner is premised on theory that his case is linked to Lebovits. If Lebovits is the serial rapist known to hasidic Brooklyn, the case against Kellner becomes less plausible. They are connected. Ditto, that is why the DA announced an investigation of Zalman Ashkenazi (Lebovits’ fixer).

        • Shalom, for ignoramus people like you I have copied the information from Urban Dictionary.
          bloviate- To discourse at length in a pompous or boastful manner.
          bsing – Just wing it. Bluff your way through. Do the best you can in the circumstances and hope nobody notices.

        • If Kellner is such a bad person. Where are all his victims? Why doesn’t anyone come forward to testify against him?

        • Teacher, I was being very sensitive about my comment regarding Kellner, it doesnt warrant you insulting me like that. I have inquired about the other victims of Kellner why they dont come forward. Most of them are afraid of victim intimidation in the community. They dont want their names to be public gossip. But Kellner is definitely a bad-guy, and it is not a secret in the community.


    If Abner Louima is endorsing Thompson, does that mean the plunger crew from the 67th precinct is endorsing Hynes?

    Peppering his language with words like “hell” and “damn,” Mr. Hynes resembled a cantankerous father scolding an impudent son, dismissing Mr. Thompson as a liar with a flimsy résumé. Mr. Thompson, meanwhile, painted Mr. Hynes as a corrupt product of a political machine completely out of touch with the needs of minority Brooklynites.

    “Why do you lie repeatedly? You know damn well that the cultural center, I was there with Ray Kelly, you were there with Ray Kelly, and Kelly and I were paying for the guns–why would you lie like that?” Mr. Hynes asked Mr. Thompson as they clashed over the details of a gun buyback program Mr. Thompson had spearheaded.

    “You, know let’s–” Mr. Thompson began.

    “Don’t interrupt me, I didn’t interrupt you,” Mr. Hynes shot back.

    “Be civil, be civil,” Mr. Thompson urged.

    “Be civil?” Mr. Hynes exploded. “I don’t think you know what the word means!”

    As the auditorium–packed with Hynes and Thompson supporters of near equal number–began to boo, Mr. Hynes grew more enraged.

    “Are these folks you’ve trained to act like that?” he asked. “Trained?” Mr. Thompson incredulously asked back, perhaps suggesting Mr. Hynes had used racial overtones to the predominately black crowd. Mr. Thompson, several decades younger than the 78 year-old Hynes, is also black.

  3. An interview with Ami Magazine- and Frankfurter, to boot? I guess they have no choice- its a vehicle for gaining publicity and votes. I just hope the issue of Nechemya Weberman is avoided; after all, Ami magazine – and their “hot dog” editor, clearly took a side when they profiled Weberman’s moronic attorney, but remained silent when the schmuck lost the case and Weberman got sent to the slammer. In the eyes of Ami, Weberman was innocent; I assume their interviewee would clearly support the conviction. Would that violate Ami Mag’s implied editorial policy of avoiding impartiality at all costs? Will this constitute “frum” journalism? I really don’t know, but I think I might decide to puke.

    Its a good thing there are no female candidates for DA. If there were, would AMI maintain their own policy of not publishing pictures of women- or would they punt on interviewing a female candidate to avoid this seemingly minor stumbling block, even if she were, hypothetically, the better person for the job? Or maybe they would just blur out her face, and blame it on defective printing equipment? After all, they looked like idiots after Hillary Clinton was cropped out of the group picture in the White House conflict room, whilst watching the attack on Osama Bin Laden’s compound. But I digress…

    Anyway…I’m sure subscibers to Ami Magazine will enjoy the issue.

    • Ami is controlled by Agudah’s Avi Shafran who is more radically pro-molester than the Agudah itself. This may have something to do with the fact that the Avi Avos of molesters Ephraim Shapiro was mesader kiddushin for Shafran’s parents and because Shafran attended Ner Yisroel with at least a dozen infamously known molesters

    • I have read the Ami article. It is in three parts (though not formally delineated, as such). Part I is a preface in Frankfurter’s own voice denouncing Hynes’ conviction of Weberman as unfair (It includes no statements about where Thompson stands on Weberman). Part II is an interview with Thompson which NEVER touches Weberman. It is the same sort of stuff he says everywhere else. Part three is an endorsement of Thompson by Frankfurther full of fulsome praise of Thompson.

      So Thompson is not tainted by any defense of Weberman. Yes, Ami’s defense of Weberman is vile. But a candidate should be willing to be interviewed by most any publication with significant influence as long as he clearly sticks to his position and does not pander. Thompson never panders.

      • Is there a rabbinic saying somewhere that evil men are punished even for their good deeds (in this case, successfully prosecuting Weberman)? Hynes must be furious.

      • I have some confidence in Thompson. I’m more curious as to how they would conduct the interview. Let’s face it; questions that are asked, as well as those NOT asked, are indicative of editorial policy, assuming of course that they even have such a thing.

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