Andrew Goodman Is More Than a Wacky Pervert

Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman

The New York Daily News reports:

Pedophile claims marriage as an excuse for statutory rape
Andrew Goodman, 28, is facing a federal case of sex with a minor, but he argued that he was married under Jewish law to the kid.

Andrew Goodman is one wacky  child molester. He was also an employee of Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services who worked with children. You have to wonder why he was considered suitable for such work. They dismissed Goodman the day he was first arrested even though there were allegations about him for a while. Others associated with Ohel who went on to be indicted or convicted of molesting include: Simcha Adler and Avrohom Mondrowitz.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles (Joe) Hynes is proud of his association with Ohel and lists them as partners to his Kol Tzedek initiative on his website. The Brooklyn DA managed to engineer a two-year sentence for Goodman. With time off for being jailed while awaiting trial he would have been out on the streets shortly after sentencing. Fortunately, the feds swooped in and indicted him for taking a child over state lines to Atlantic City. This is the trip that Goodman now imagines consecrated a marriage to his boy victim.

Thank you feds, and no thank you, Joe Hynes, Ohel, and Kol Tzedek!

7 thoughts on “Andrew Goodman Is More Than a Wacky Pervert

  1. I’m conflicted (so what else is new….). On the one hand, Ohel has established a huge network that provides many services to many, many people who presumably need them. They have also tapped into a ton of outside funding and have a lot of powerful people on their side. On the other hand, their record of having some of the worst scumbags and molesters on their payroll is like a horror story- especially when one considers what has happened with these low lifes operating under their auspices. What can, or should be done to reform and clean up this mess?

  2. is this connected to the fake conversion school in jerusalem, ohel sarah eminu??? it was right next to mondrowitz apartment and he knew all those involved who started the school…

  3. I think a very big question to ask is how does one do effective background checks in communities that do not report those who should be reported, and ostracize those who do report them. i do not know the details of how these people were hired, and i am not giving ohel a free pass, but i also understand how easy it would be for such monsters to find such work when their crimes are so effectively hidden

    • I am alleging that they knew some things about him at some point before the day he was arrested. Even if they were faultless in hiring him, at some point they were culpable for negligent oversight or worse.

  4. Another Ohel product is “Colmo the Homo” aka Stefan Colmer, last known location before parole was Rikers Island, in solitary for his own protection.

    Hynes / Henna / Kol Tzedek showed how worthless they are when Colmer dropped out of Ohel “therapy” with zero consequence as he forged ahead with molesting scores of kids around Kings Highway

    • One Colmer alias while a fugitive was “Dovid Cohen”, same name as Ohel’s posek with the inconsistent history of which molesters he protects and which he has thrown in jail.

      Is Colmer back in Brooklyn? Before he ran he had been banned from entering Mirrer yeshiva but was being harbored in Agudah of South Flatbush

  5. Ohel is a stupid incompetent and ineffective organization. I know people who have used their services as well as former employees who have severed their ties with this organization in disgust. From people being reassigned to families getting shoddy service it’s a shame that Ohel is still so honored

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