It is Time for Joseph Hynes to Have a Mystical Experience

White House photo by David Bohrer via Wikimedia Commons

White House photo by David Bohrer via Wikimedia Commons

Joseph Ratzinger, better known as ex-Pope Benedict, says “God told me” to resign during a “mystical experience.”

According to this report in The Guardian:

Now, after witnessing the “charisma” of his successor, Pope Francis, Benedict said he understood to a greater extent how his stepping aside was the “will of God.”

However, the article also points out some less mystical factors driving his decision:

At the time, a German journalist who had recently met Benedict reported he was going deaf, appeared to be blind in one eye, and was emaciated and “exhausted-looking”.

Speculation also grew that he was depressed after his trusted butler, Paolo Gabriele, was caught leaking his personal correspondence.

Charles Hynes photo by Patrick Cashin / Metropolitan Transportation Authority, 2012

Charles Hynes photo by Patrick Cashin / Metropolitan Transportation Authority, 2012

Charles Joseph Hynes would do well to consider resigning (or conducting an honest campaign which will have the same effect).

I don’t care if he does it because he has a mystical experience, realizes he is plagued by scandals and leaks, or admits to himself that he is morally blind and deaf because he has willed himself to cut outrageous deals and ignore blatant racketeering inside his office.

Joseph Hynes, it is too late to establish a legacy by getting one or more additional terms in office. Just cut your losses and resign. At this point, nothing will become you, like your departure.


8 thoughts on “It is Time for Joseph Hynes to Have a Mystical Experience

  1. His name is not Joseph. “Joe” is a nickname.

    If things get bad enough for Hynes, there is always the advice that UOJ has for Kolko’s boss Margulies. He suggested that Margulies find the highest spot on top of 555 Ocean Parkway & find the quickest route to the pavement below.

    PLEASE STOP USING MORE THAN ONE PSEUDONYM- You are violating commenting policy and will be suspended if you persist.

    • I’m sure I am not the first to comment that Hynes always brings up his background as a poor (possibly motherless?) boy who felt a great affinity for the Jews for whom he was a literal Shabbos goy. Some variation on Stockholm syndrome?

      • Yes. Though it would be a special version for Brooklyn known as BP Askan Syndrome. Prominent symptoms include scalp wrinkles from wearing cheap satin yarmulkes and an intuitive anxious habit of checking for fires that need to be lit or put out.

        • A mystical experience is one great solution. I tend to favor incarceration in a joint cell, bunkbed style with Nehemiah Weberman so that he might have more than just a mere mystical experience. Double that spiritual experience with retoration, atonement, “reparation”., expiation.

          In the US south there is a common albeit negative expression, used not literally,l, but here i will misuse it by implying literal intention. “Christ on a Crutch”.. (really only a “Southernism”.) Mystical, eh?

  2. Ratz tuchess Benedict is another Catholic enabler of pedophiles, just like Hynes.

    Have they lost count of how many priests he covered up for?

  3. Hynes and his Goon Squad’s recent activities make it clear that these retrobates are beyond redemption. May he rot in hell for all the pain and suffering caused by his malicious prosecutions, malfeasance, political horse trading of “justice” and incompetence. Come January he’ll have a lot of time to dwell of the cause of his humiliating downfall.

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