Next Installment of Mike’s Incredible Vanishing Memory

Mike "amnesia" Vecchione

Mike “amnesia” Vecchione

I will be posting more about Michael Vecchione’s incredible vanishing memory this coming Sunday, August 25th at 10 a.m. early evening.

As reported earlier, Mike’s memory, like his affection, waxes and wanes. He suffers from periodic outbreaks of PTSD, Post Tryst Subpoena Dementia. At the time he gets involved, his attentions are obvious enough to engender attention and resentment, but afterwards he conveniently gets hit with a bout of amnesia. Unfortunately for Mike and his confederates, others do remember. Details to follow.


2 thoughts on “Next Installment of Mike’s Incredible Vanishing Memory

  1. can’t wait to read it. I have a feeling ADA Burke won’t have the same memory problem although ther’yre doing a good job of wearing her down. A source tells me Mafioso wannabe and dep. D.A. Dino Amoroso called her disposable garbage. You can read about his own ethical problems and disgraceful resignation at the link below. Burke’s deposition according to a source is September 3. By all accounts she is a woman of strength and unimaginable integrity who if I read correctly walked away at the top of her game in the Catholic church penniless but with her honor in tact. I hope Rudin casts a wide net at her deposition. There’s lots to learn here


  2. disposable garbage. the guy is dispicable. yet, as despicable as amoroso’s comments are he is Hynes’s mouthpiece and mimicking what he’s told from the top. amoroso is a soldier who is indebted to Hynes for bringing him and his entourage back after his disgraceful departure. this attitude toward Burke came straight from Joe Hynes. I hope this woman has the good sense to get a lawyer to protect herself.

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