The Negative Reviews of YU’s Abuse Report Are Coming In

Yesterday I posted my reaction, YU Waits Eight Months to Issue a Report that Says Nothing

Others feel the same way.  Rather than summarize the reactions of others, I will pin this post for a while, and try to list articles I found significant. Here are some of my candidates (in the order I encountered them):

  • Report Faults Yeshiva U. on Sex Abuse ChargesInside Higher Ed (8/27/13). “Originally, the university said that the entire report would be released, but it provided only a summary, citing issues raised by suits filed against Yeshiva.”
  • Y.U. Report’s Three Paragraphs Fails To Do Justice to Abuse — or Jewish Ethics. Hiding Behind ‘Pending Litigation’ Is Tired Excuse” Rabbi Irwin Kula (Director of CLAL: The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership) The Forward (9/29/13) [Kula identifies himself as another YU HS victim who first disclosed to his brother after the story came out in December 2012 and discovered his brother was another YU HS victim. He writes eloquently about the moral failings of YU’ approach to the unfolding revelations.]
  • Serious Allegations Against Yeshiva University High School” CBS 2’s Tony Aiello [Video footage of plaintiff’s lawyer] Attorney Kevin Mulhearn slammed the report released by Yeshiva University. “I think this is a whitewash. They’re trying to establish with the community the fact they’re being open and candid and this report indicates the opposite,” Mulhearn said. “We’re looking for the information that they promised to provide, but didn’t. We’re looking to get that through litigation,” Mulhearn said.
  • Yeshiva U., release the full report now!” Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld (of Ohev Sholom–The National Synagogue in Washington DC). Times of Israel (9/1/13) [He compares YU very unfavorably to Penn State, makes it clear they broke their promise to openly report about the abuse at YU, and did this at the behest of a Special Committee of the Board, in defiance of the full board of Trustees].
  • My Empathy Questions for Richard Joel” Yerachmiel Lopin, Frum Follies (9/3/13).

11 thoughts on “The Negative Reviews of YU’s Abuse Report Are Coming In

  1. The Zygmunt Wilf link is dead though there’s plenty to be found on that topic by Googling.

    The initial coverup and then this recent ‘partial hang-out’ (to borrow a term from the Watergate era) by YU is especially disappointing for the reason that I in my limited understanding of the frum world have always thought of YU as a Jewish but not a particularly Haredi institution with all the attendant nastiness that goes with being, say, part of the (Weberman-defending) Satmar world. It’ll be a sorry thing for the institution if YU loses its insurance coverage over their failure to report any of this over the years and then has to liquidate property or use up its endowment or both.

  2. Strulowitz removed his critique from the WSIS shul website. Did anyone save a copy before he caved to pressure?

    • Rabbi Strulowitz emailed me and says it is a problem with his site that he expects to repair soon. Based on his response I have no reason to believe he caved under pressure. Be patient and I expect it will be back up soon. If the link address changes I will correct the link on this posting.

    • There was no pressure and i did no caving 🙂 No one at any point has tried to dissuade me from posting my feelings on the subject or expressed frustration that I did so.

  3. Where is Rabbi Joseph Blau of Yeshivah University hiding? I would expect him to be the first to condemn these acts.

    • I cannot speak for Rabbi Blau whose long record I admire. However, it has come to my attention that YU is behaving like absolute thugs in muzzling many staff members with draconian memos ordering them not to speak publicly in any way, shape or form about any of the issues surrounding the abuse allegations or the appropriate university response.

      Again, I cannot speak for Rabbi Blau, but I would guess that his sentiments in this case are similar to those he has expressed in many other cases.

      • This explanation is very weak. If Rabbi Blau was sincere he should have voiced his opinion, regardless of any gag order from YU administration.

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