She Comes to Me in Times of Trouble, Mother Mary Hughes…

Let It Be” Lennon-McCartney

Mary Hughes and Barbara A Burke

Mary Hughes and Barbara A Burke

Mary D. Hughes, a very close friend of Pat Hynes, the wife of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles (Joe) Hynes, has some sway in the Office of the Kings County District Attorney (KCDA). She holds the title Confidential Assistant District Attorney. As of 2010 Mary was the 5th best paid employee in KCDA at $180,605, within ten thousand dollars of the DA himself. The source of the salary information writes:

Mary D Hughes is “Chief of the Crime Prevention Division”. “Crime Prevention Division”? If a crime doesn’t happen, how do you know if it was prevented from happening or if it wasn’t going to happen anyway?

This is a good question right up there with that old chestnut: “If a tree lands on a philosopher in the forest and no one hears it…?” The snarky answer is: “Who cares?”

ADA Stacey Frascogna

ADA Stacey Frascogna

Crime Prevention is the perfect dumping ground for cosseted mediocrities that cannot be sent to the Siberia of KCDA, the Early Case Assessment Bureau (ECAB). After Stacey Frascogna (Jamieson) couldn’t make it as a trial ADA, even with the sponsorship of Michael Vecchione, she was shuffled off to Crime Prevention for the remaining 10 years of her career at KCDA. Mary had a soft spot for her. I hear that people who crossed Stacey quickly encountered the fury of Mary. People are scared of Mary. I don’t know if it is because she is a formidable person in her own right or because she had the ear of the DA through his wife. Either way, anyone crossing Stacey quickly stepped back into line.

PS. I wonder if Mary’s job as Confidential Assistant District Attorney includes keeping the secrets of all of Mike’s lovelorn cast-offs. Maintaining those sorts of secrets for that long list might even justify the hefty salary. However, this is an unseemly job for a woman who once was a nun (Sister Martha Mary) with the Dominican Congregation of Our Lady of the Rosary (Sparkhill, NY) who switched from being a teacher to a lawyer and went to work for KCDA in 1990.

UPDATE 9/1/13: Strangely, Stacey remains on the official roster of employees of the KCDA though no one has seen her on premises in eons. It is not clear if she is a no-show employee, or if she on some very, very extended leave.


11 thoughts on “She Comes to Me in Times of Trouble, Mother Mary Hughes…

  1. “If a crime doesn’t happen, how do you know if it was prevented from happening or if it wasn’t going to happen anyway?” Logical question, but try asking a variation of the tree-falling-in-the-forest question: “If crime isn’t reported, how do you know crime was committed?” If “crime prevention” = preventing reporting of crime, it would put a new angle on the job description.

    • Yes, the NYPD does wonders for the campaign claims of NYC DAs. However, as empiricists point out, if the mugger falls on you, even if it doesn’t make into official stats, you know it happened. Ditto for unlawful stops, even though Joe insists Ray Kelly’s cops usually follow the law when they stop and frisk. What do judges know?

    • Oh, the scandal of Mary Hughes, the crime prevention bureau and the No-Show jobs. YL, what took you so long on this one? The tips should come flying in today on this one. This bureau is the longest running joke here. Fellow tipsters, go through the directory one by one and expose the amount of city funds spent on non-workers.

  2. I am told that Mary Hughes is an ex-nun. I have also been told that Barbara Burke was a nun in the Sisters of Charity. I have not been able to confirm either fact. Working yeshiva networks has not equipped me well for doing my own research. But if any of you in the large KCDA Irish-Catholic network could enlighten me, I would be most appreciative.

    • BB is indeed an ex nun. And what’s your point here? Leave the woman alone. She’s a decent good person caught up in someone else’s corruption. Wait until her deposition. Hynes may have the Jewish vote but there’s not a Catholic in Brooklyn who will vote for him after this comes out.

      • If she is indeed an ex-nun that is a fact, not a form of harassment.

        BTW, I do not believe Hynes has any significant advantage with the Jewish vote any more than he has a significant advantage with the African-American or Hispanic vote. If anything he now is behind or just even.

      • I hope you are right. If you are, I suspect he is doing the same favor for perv priests he does for perv ultra orthodox Jews. If so, I hope he gets exposed for yet again leaving children unprotected.

  3. Speaking of maternal types like Mary Hughes, I am told that Anne M. Guttman is where Mike Vecchione goes for comfort, succor and pit stops between his flings with the younger ones.

    Is Mike Vecchione going to be the first ADA in history to have slept his way to immunity.

    BTW, guys. has there ever been a sex discrimination lawsuit claiming a hostile environment because of all the quid pro quo sex between Supervisor Mike and subordinates. I understand an over-active zipper and an under-active conscience. But real professionals stick to discrete relationships with peers. His stuff is so out there it makes you wonder if he ever out-grew teen PDAs. Not kosher in a work setting.

  4. Mary D. Hughes is married to Harvey Greenberg who used to be in the office of the DA and was one of the trustees alleged to have despoiled the funds in trust of the “kung fu judge” Phillips.

    These relationships are rich.

  5. Why are you picking on her? There is not one allegation of wrongdoing or unethical behavior anywhere in this essay you have constructed. And when you say that people are afraid of her who do you mean?

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