Who Are You Going to Believe, Ken Thompson, David Greenfield, or Dov Gordon?

Charles Hynes (PhotoChopped)- Text reads, It is time to ritually slaughter for atonement... Sponsored by the group concerned about needless animal suffering

Charles Hynes (PhotoChopped)-
Text reads, It is time to ritually slaughter for atonement…
Sponsored by the group concerned about needless animal suffering

The Brooklyn DA race has taken another step down from reasoned debate into carnival antics. The Daily News ran the amusing headline: “Brooklyn, NY, district attorney’s backers cry ‘fowl’ over campaign ad.”

The story continues,

New York City Councilman David Greenfield said an online ad depicting longtime DA Charles Hynes as a chicken to be slaughtered before Yom Kippur implies Hynes’ challenger, Ken Thompson, wants to see Hynes killed in a ritual tradition, but a Thompson spokesman said the ad wasn’t ‘sanctioned.’

The problem is that the source of the ritual slaughter allegation is no more credible than the Protocols. He is a serial liar. For the longest time, Yeshiva World News was running articles by a Dov Gordon extolling Greenfield’s stunning accomplishments on every front. At one point Dov Gordon complained that Greenfield was too busy to give Dov an interview. It turns out that Dov Gordon didn’t exist. He was a phantom created by Greenfield. It is funny to think of the very narcissistic Greenfield not having time to talk to himself.

I grant you, Greenfield knows a few things about dirty tricks, shilling and duplicity. But he is not to be trusted about what he heard or where something originated. In Greenfield’s hands, a picture is not worth a thousand words; it is a thousand PhotoShopped pixels mis-annotated with scurrilous accusations. The gag in question, had neither the professional production values, nor the language you would expect, if it was produced by the Thompson campaign. In fact, the caption reveals that this is obviously a gag. It riffs off the annual debate about whether the pre-Yom Kippur practice of ritually slaughtering chickens for atonement violates the Jewish law prohibition of tzaar baal hachayim (needlessly causing animals to suffer).  The obvious tip-off is the sponsorship by the league for tzaar baal hachayim. My best guess, is that the jokester who produced this was saying, “Pity poor Joe Hynes who is on his way to being slaughtered in the election.” Of course, this may have been PhotoChopped in Dov Gordon’s black ops abattoir.

Munkatcher Rebbe and Charles Joe Hynes Text: When a Jew is arrested, to whom do you go? On left: With Jewish leaders who act on behalf of the Jewish community. On Right: He helped us, he helps us, and he will help us some more Vote for Charles Hynes for District Attorney, strong-fair, 6 Tishrei, Tuesday Sept. 10

Munkatcher Rebbe and Charles Joe Hynes
Text: When a Jew is arrested, to whom do you go?
On left: With Jewish leaders who act on behalf of the Jewish community.
On Right: He helped us, he helps us, and he will help us some more
Vote for Charles Hynes for District Attorney, strong-fair, 6 Tishrei, Tuesday Sept. 10

Meanwhile, a really ugly campaign poster was generated by the Hynes campaign. It implies that Hynes will fix cases on behalf of arrested orthodox Jews. The rabbi in the picture is the Munkatcher Rebbe. Even by the standards of Hasidic rabbis he is exceptional in his single-minded devotion to the cause of no Jew left behind in jail, however vile his conduct. He knew that Baruch (Mordechai) Lebovits sodomized hundreds of boys in Boro Park. He would not let this very talented cantor read the torah in his synagogue because as he explained to a congregant, a Torah reader needs to be a pious (erlich) Jew. But when Lebovits was arrested he back-benched his defense and collaborated in the plot to defend Lebovits by getting Samuel Kellner arrested on the fabricated charge of extortion. The Munkatcher Rebbe even offended the usual anti-snitching brigade in going after a Jew, with false charges, just to defend a molester.

In Hasidic circles, the Munkatcher Rebbe is the go-to guy for fashioning a defense against criminal charges including the choice of attorneys. He knew the ropes well enough to refer Lebovits to Arthur Aidala, a very close friend of Joe Hynes. While the poster proferred by Greenfield was chicken feed, this poster with Hynes clearly insinuates some real unkosher  horse trading of votes for the acquittal of dangerous criminals.

If I were Charles Hynes, and I cared about my reputation for integrity, I would disavow the poster and reject the support of the Munkatcher Rebbe. But then of course, if pigs had wings, they could fly.


10 thoughts on “Who Are You Going to Believe, Ken Thompson, David Greenfield, or Dov Gordon?

  1. What’s to say that Dov Gordon is not the real Dov Gordon son of “Larry” Gordon, publisher of the 5 Towns Jewish Times? Larry is often on the wrong side of issues based on who is shmearing him with ad money and his sons are also pseudo-journalists.

    Most recently, Larry was promoting both the Munkatcher Rebbe and a corrupt beis din that Belsky uses to shake people down for money in cases where the outcome is pre-arranged by his fixer Mendel Epstein.

    For the gullible among us, Larry lays it all out like these are holy people and institutions.

    Larry has often endorsed politicians based on the will of various tycoons who $$$ influence him $$$.

    Next time you are around Boro Park on Shabbos btw, check out what the Chaptzem blog has reported in the past that rival chassidim taunt the Munkatcher in the street for going against all the heavy hitter poskim in allowing an eruv. The Munkatcher’s reaction is reportedly to scream “dee Tzdoikee” (“you Sadducee”) and then his entourage physically attacks the heckler.

  2. Wow … nothing like a campaign poster promoting the candidate’s unethical conduct. “When a Jew is arrested (may God save us), to whom will he turn?” — implicitly to the Munkatcher Rebbe, as he is tight with DA Hynes, who is “with the Jewish leaders for the Jewish community.” The poster obviously suggests Hynes will “help,” and that the Munkatcher (not incidentally depicted as larger than Hynes) is his “fixer.” In what looking-glass world do arrestees turn to the prosecutor for help?

    Can you imagine a poster showing Hynes’ opponent with a prominent African-American clergyman and a similar suggestion of help for unfortunate “Brothers” who might be arrested? But if it’s in Yiddish the goyim aren’t supposed to notice? I trust Jewish Democrats will slap this down ASAP, and hope that some Chassidic rabbis (besides R. Nuchem) will join in.

    Has this (with translation) been passed to the NY newspapers? Has anyone been able to link it to the Hynes campaign? You may yet see pigs flying backwards to get away from it.

    • Well, if they can’t use the chickens as SA’IR L’AZAZEL, how the heck will they get rid of their sins? We might ask some of the CSA perps and enablers what their plans are, if a heter is placed on their chicks. oh, but that is a miniscule chet comparatively speaking. Who will be the SA’IR L’AZAZEL? Can it be a human Rodef?

  3. While I appreciate your going after molesters, and campaigning for DA candidate Ken Thompson.
    Your dubious denial of Shlome Aron Kellners crimes is very agitating.
    It was previously well established that the stories about Shlome Aron Kellner is not fabricated at all. There substantial evidence pointing to his guilt. If anything it is underestimated. Besides it is well known in the community he is a gangster and a crook. And has robbed and swindled, and beaten, hundreds. He was barred long ago to attend any community let alone read from the Torah.
    So please can you explain the basis of your claim that the stories are fabricated? How do you know that?

    • Hamotzi Michaveiro, olov haraayah; the burden of proof lies on the accuser, or in this case, the liar. What’s if I submit a comment claiming you fornicate with donkeys, steal from funds for orphans, beat your sick uncle, dirty up bathrooms when you use them, and spit in cholent pots. How’s about if I then say, why are you attacking me when you cannot refute my accusations. The simple explanation for not replying to you is that you are spouting nonsense WITHOUT ANY DOCUMENTATION.

      Please don’t waste my time and the time of my readers, unless you have some proof.

      While you are at it, please disprove the fact that Lebovits eats ham sandwiches with cheese and spicy deli mustard. See, I gave you a specific detail. Now disprove it. Why don’t I make my claim more convincing by saying he bidavka does it in Atlantic City at a specific restaurant and has it with a black cherry soda and extra pickles.

      Shlome Markowitz, you are wasting everyone’s time when you are not being silly and claiming that I am Kellner. Modeh ani, I am also Albert Einstein, and Golda Meir.

      So, instead of spouting ten lies, come back with one lie with some proof. Then we will talk.

  4. Hamotzi Michaveiro, olov haraayah; Exactly! So where is your proof regarding Berel Ashkenazy? Or any of the other people you claim to be molesters? Or do you have a special pass to say whatever you want WITHOUT ANY DOCUMENTATION?!?

    When did I claim that you were Kellner? I know Kellner he is much smarter than you.

    Unfortunately for you, the proof against Kellner is all around, anyone who looks finds. Why doesn’t Shlome Aron daven in Kruleh shul at the corner of his house anymore?

  5. Starting now, I am answering just one question per rant. I have better things to do with my time.

    The proof against Berel Ashkenazi consisted of signed affidavits by alleged victims presented in court. Anyone in court that day can tell you that Ashkenazi lost it, changed colors, and began screaming defensively “I am a holy man…..” A skeptical reporter attending told me that he was not sure about Lebovits’ guilt, but watching Ashkenazi he knew for sure that Berrel was gulty. Berrel also has the unusual distinction of being one of the few pervert melamdim to have been promptly fired (by Spinka) and no one has hired him since then. This sounds like kolo deloi passuk (a murmer that will not die down). If you don’t believe me, go ahead, be a fool, and hire him to tutor your kids.

    If am wrong, tell me where Berrel is now a melamed, let alone an assistant principal.

    Shloime, why have you not addressed my allegations in a previous comment of things well known in the heimish world, to wit, that: you fornicate with donkeys, steal from funds for orphans, beat your sick uncle, dirty up bathrooms when you use them, and spit in cholent pots.

    It seems you are silent because you have no defense. So why should I believe you about Kellner.

    Seriously, how much is Baruch Mordechai paying you for the disgusting job of kashering a rapist so he can go out and do it some more? Have you no shame?

  6. I already told you this is a lie? Where are the affidavits? Didn’t you say Hamotzi Michaveiro, olov haraayah; WHERE IS THE DOCUMENTATION?

    The fact is that the basis of the claims about the two individuals was notes your Detective Litwin obtained together with Shlomo Aron Kellner 2am by trying to bribe the complainants to help them. There actually ARE three signed affidavits confirming this fact.

    There is an affidavit of one of Kellners falsified complainants where he denies to ever having been molested by Berrel, and states that he denied these allegations to the Detective. There are also two affidavits of the parents of the accuser confirming this, which are also available in public records.

    I am not obligated to provide documentation as long as you do not provide any. But to show everyone the truth I will provide you with the affidavit refuting your current fabrication! click here

    Now where lets see your affidavits from Ashkenazi’s victims that were so-called presented to the court? You know you can not provide them because it is false!

    • You are clearly a shill for the defense because Kellner was never charged with any of this. End of story. Reread the indictment, that is all he was charged with, even with all the chazerai spread by menuval meyer Lebovits and his henchmen Sholom Weisner and Joe Levin and Aidala and the Dershowitz achim. Believe me if they had more they would have given more and Mike Vecchione would have sucked up anything they gave him and turned it into an indictment. Meanwhile I hear none of the ADAs wants to prosecute the case. Of course it will be dropped after the election. Still everyone is afraid of being brought up on ethics charges if they attempt to prosecute it. I hope Vecchione takes it on so he gets hit with the charge.

      BTW, is Meyer the Menuval still taking his daily walks with Rabinovich? What age boys do they discuss. Is the Munkatcher so obsessed with mesirah because of Lebovits or because his own son is vulnerable. Sad how far down that family has fallen from the glory days of the minchas elazar.

      Forget about Berrel Ashkenazi. What do you think the DA will find on Zalman A apart from fact he was agent of Lebovits in getting witness number two to run to israel and then totally controlled him. What do you think of The brief to dismiss indictments 7-10. If the case is so strong, why did the DA schnor a further two week extension to put off replying to the motion?

      What color Avalon is Baruch Mordechai driving these days. Does it have washable seats.

      Did Baruch Mordechai study at the Yeshiva of Shem and Ever, or just the yeshiva of Ayver.

      He seems to lean towards fellatio. do you think he is gay but just can’t admit or is too cheap a bum to pay for adult prostitutes.

      Why wont his brother, the Nikolsburg Rebbe give him kibudim anymore?

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