Will Zaali Satmar Go All Perv, All the Way?

UPDATE (9-10-13)- Yes, Zaali Satmar went all perv all the way, endorsing Charles Hynes at the last moment. Their City Council candidate, Vito Lopez, conformed perfectly to Satmar views with a flyer claiming 95% of all sex harassment claims are false. This is a bashert shidduch.


The Satmar faction of Rabbi Zalman Leib (Zaali) Teitelbaum has just issued its endorsements for tomorrow’s Democratic Primary elections. They have endorsed Vito Lopez also known as Vito Gropez after he was censured by the ethics committee of the New York State Assembly for vile groping and sex harassment of his female staffers. Gropez is out of the Assembly and is running for a seat in the New York City Council. Zaali Satmar cares about their various corrupt arrangements with this Brooklyn powerhouse. So they have endorsed him.

The surprise in their endorsement sheet is that they still have not come out for either candidate in the Brooklyn DA race. I can appreciate their quandary. On the one hand Charles (Joe) Hynes has faithfully protected their molesters for over two decades and he is still their best bet at keeping their molesters out of jail in the future. On the other hand there is the problem that he vigorously prosecuted Nechemya Weberman.

Smart politicians understand that Hynes had no choice with the New York Times, Mayor Bloomberg, and ex-Mayor Koch breathing down his neck about his abysmal record at protecting Jewish children from the molesters in their community. But Zaali Satmar does not see it that way. Weberman was one of their own. As they see it, an honest politician stays bought (with votes) and Joe Hynes let them down. Besides, it is not even clear if he will win. If he was a sure winner I am willing to bet he would have their endorsement by now. As it is there are rumors that he will still get a last-minute endorsement but a lukewarm one.

So thanks to the Weberman prosecution, there is still uncertainty about whether Zaali Satmar will go all perv, all the way.


3 thoughts on “Will Zaali Satmar Go All Perv, All the Way?

  1. what is a hysterically funny and truly tragic phrasing — “all perv, all the way”. you are beyond brilliant. thank you for exposing the sickness of th nauseatingly wicked Erev Rav that presumes to be the leaders of our people. How far we have fallen. Thank G-d people like you can use the internet to expose evil and give voice to justice.

  2. The way the Haredim – it’s not clear whether the one(s) responsible were Satmar – treated Weberman’s victim in shul on Rosh Hashanah is worth mentioning too – screaming “Moser, out” until she left. Shmarya Rosenberg has a piece on this on Failed Messiah. Fine respect shown for the sanctity of the holiday – not.

  3. What a sad state of affairs that our ultra chareidim (and btw, it should IMHO always be Chareidim and not Haredim because it means awe and shaking and fear (of the almighty), and they are M’challei everything that is holy. (perhaps there is some grammatical punctuation that makes that statement incorrect?). , The scum of the earth.
    They should thank their lucky stars that Nehemiah Weberman never got around to their daughters. I guess he had his hands (erh, uh, not hands….) full with victims that the Yeshiva gave him, not gratis, but with their kickback. The Satmars are vile filth. Seth, was this in fact, a Satmar shul? Haven’t yet read the FM article……Is this any different from our “chevrah” ( NOT) in Mea Shearim and elsewhere stoning fellow Jews on Shabbos, m’challei shabbot. for years. and those who would spit on an 8 year old charedi female for wearing an elbow length blouse. no wonder there are so many OTD, borchim from the filth that infects the Jewish people (akin to the Talibanim).

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