Charles Guria Is on the Vecchione-Schmetterer Smear List

ADA Charles Guria

ADA Charles Guria

Earlier today I posted A Not-So Classy Exit Replete with Dirty Smear Tactics. I described a dirty tricks operation in the Office of the Kings County District Attorney (KCDA) being run by Rackets chief Michael Vecchione and Director of Public Information Jerry Schmetterer. The two are exploiting department resources to selectively investigate and smear present and former employees perceived as potential appointees when Kenneth Thompson enters office in January 2014.

Charles Guria, is an ADA in the Rackets Division of the KCDA who had the brass to defy Michael Vecchione and report his protege Lauren Hersh (see here) on ethics charges because she kept Darrell Dula jailed pending trial for ten months even though the initial and only complainant recanted her charges within 24 hours.  He went outside the KCDA to the Departmental Disciplinary Committee for the 2nd Judicial Department  (which covers Brooklyn).  Because Hynes’ extensive connections to that department, her case was transferred to the 1st Department (which covers Manhattan). At this point I do not know the outcome of charges which can take years to resolve and are not usually publicly reported.

I have no idea if Guria is being considered for significant promotion by the Thompson camp, though I can see why he might be considered. In any event, smearing him is a quadruple whammy for Vecchione. It helps him discredit a potential critic , it extracts revenge for hurting his protege, Lauren Hersh, it discredits a potential Thompson appointee,  and it feeds the meme of corrupt Thompson associates who are, conveniently, all Black.

I also anticipate a similar hit job on Rackets ADA Joe Alexis because there are rumors all over KCDA that Alexis supports Thompson, has leaked information to outside sources to hurt Hynes, and will get a higher level job with Thompson. In addition, he has clashed with Vecchione about the handling of the Samuel Kellner case (a point I expect to develop in a future post).

I also expect to address the nature of reporting about expected Thompson appointee, Ama Dwimoh, and Thompson supporter, Clarence Norman.


9 thoughts on “Charles Guria Is on the Vecchione-Schmetterer Smear List

  1. Thanks for giving us the truth on Guria. By Thursday word was circulating around 350 that he was a traitor and should be burned in effigy. Guria was the mole everyone said and caused the loss of the election. Then there was the rumor perpetuated by security that Guria was escorted out in handcuffs. From your investigation it is clear he is an ethical upright ADA. The worse thing you can be at that office is ethical or intelligent. They want mediocrity all around. Keep debunking the lies they are shoveling out, the whole office is reading you. Just to stay informed.

  2. Life imitates fiction.

    Remember the 80s flick “The Running Man”? The soldier character played by Schwartzeneggar was framed by the corrupt US govt of 2019 and depicted with camera tricks on prime time news as having massacred civilians when he actually disobeyed orders to fire on women & children protesting a food shortage in Los Angeles.

  3. What does this even say? Did you really just post an article about smearing Charles Guria without saying anything about smearing Charles Guria? And did this mental midget named JoJo actually thank you for the “truth on Guria,” without you printing anything about what’s being said about Guria?! This really is Twilight Zone night at the Follies. You could have just as easily written, “zoo goo ma looboo” and made the same amount of sense.

  4. Guria is the rat….there is nothing ethical about that guy….he is a piece of dog crap just like Mike Vecchione….These two idiots have been at war with each other for a long time… Guria obvioulsy upset because Vecchione got the nod to the position of chief and not him….and also belive it or not, some of guria’s protegee’s were transffered out of rackets into other divisions, because these two idiots were having power trips…And then Guria becomes “ethical” and wants to smear Vecchione regarding Lauren Hersh??? Yeah i think not, that was done in retaliation for vecchione authorizing those transfers…So i hope both these idiots are gone come the new year!

  5. The best thing to happen is for Thompson to come in and clean out the entire 17th floor.the stench from rackets to money laundering can only be cleaned by eliminating all those complicit in the corruption. From Steve Kramer (?) shaking defendants down to the outright extortion of other defendants buying their way out of prison sentences are the real crimes. BTW, who is ADA Raskins “Rabbi”? Guria? or Vecchione? didn’t he take bribes in rackets (a crime right?) yet is still an ADA in good standing coming to work each day . . . the rumor is he remains only because he’s got a good powerful office Rabbi.

  6. What a mess!! I’m officially disgusted. Lord knows Vecchione is no angel but please don’t try to make Charles into some ethical hero. He is not. This is simply a pissing match between Charles and Mike. Charles is well known for two things…spending his days going from office to office spreading gossip and making all the pretty girls in the office uncomfortable as he hits on them. Bottom line is that Lauren was assigned to work for Charles and snatched from him. That is why he is so pissy. To suggest that Joe Alexis is the snitch is absurd. Everyone knows Charles is the snitch. The man took a victory lap through the office for days after the election.

  7. The fact of the matter is, both these clowns need to be thrown to the curb… Vecchione is just a big bully, he thinks he can get by life by bullying everyone around him.. I got news for you Mike, one day your luck is going to run out, and that one person is going to snap and beat the living daylight out of you and your little boy frame…As for Guria, that guy has to be one of the dumbest people on the planet, boy did he get a pass through law school….He is just an awful prosecutor, he made a cowardly career out of going after cops for bullshit, and fabricated cases, and you know what, lost 95 percent of them…Both of these napoleons are going to get whats coming to them, karma is a bitch, and believe me it hits hard when it comes back around to you!

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