The Forward Censors a Comment About Norman Lamm’s Dementia

The Forward published an article today about the arguments about Norman Lamm’s mental competence between YU and the plaintiffs in the sex abuse lawsuit.

I submitted a comment which was deleted instantly by their administrator. Here, for the benefit of my readers is the comment:

The question was raised how could he [Lamm] have dementia and wax so eloquently in his resignation text. I offered an explanation in my post [The Forward and YU are Colluding in Claiming Rabbi Norman Lamm is Mentally Competent] on Frum Follies where I explained that it was a text that was circulated by PR, written by others or parts written by him years earlier. I also contend that the Forward has fallen short in addressing this aspect though I think other parts of their coverage of abuse at YU are excellent.

The deletion was so quick (seconds) that I am guessing it was accomplished by a computerized blacklist. Has the Forward gotten so thin skinned and defensive that it cannot cope with disagreement. It is not like I was even put in a moderation queue. If this offends you considering writing the overall editor to question the rationale. I have written a reasoned piece that was critical of their handling of the dementia issue. Yes it puts them in a bad light. But it was not vulgar, it used facts, and it credited them with excellent reporting on many other aspects of the YU sex abuse scandal. Yet they are either getting too thin skinned or they have something to hide. Either way, they have crossed a line. Their comments section can no longer be trusted to be an accurate reflection of reader responses to their articles. Welcome to the brave new world of Pravda Forward.

I am sorry to have to say this about a publication that does a lot of good work and has many good reporters. But facts are facts.


Update- 11:20 pm– my comment was finally not deleted around two hours and ten attempts later, sans link. Let’s see if it stays up?


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