How Hasidim Are Dealing with the Hynes Revival Campaign

Charles J Hynes after he lost reelection photo by Arthur DeGaeta in The Brooklyn Paper

Charles J Hynes after he lost reelection

“I can’t remember where I left my votes”
photo by Arthur DeGaeta in The Brooklyn Paper

As a Jew I am not into Christian versions of resurrection. But Brooklyn is witnessing just such an attempt on behalf of Charles (Joe) Hynes. He just lost the race for the Democratic nomination for Brooklyn District Attorney by eleven points to Kenneth Thompson. Since Brooklyn voter registrations are seventy percent Democratic, you would think that would be the end of it. Even Hynes thought so on election night when he said he would not campaign to get votes even though his name is also on the Republican and Conservative party lines. Joe Hynes also offered Thompson office space for a transition operation. The Daily News credited Hynes with a “Classy Exit.”

Well, the signs are now pointing to another broken promise by Hynes and a shabby return to the political arena. Officially, Hynes hasn’t yet broken his promise but it is clear he is itching to get back out of the cave. There is a draft-Hynes campaign underway–led by longtime Hynes cronies, Dennis Quirk and Marty Golden –and Hynes says he is “flattered.” If he was really out, he would have said, “flattered, but…” This easily flattered man wants the hosannas to include a very full campaign chest and his backers have gone to work.

Henna White

Henna White

Hasidim, approached by his Jewish Liaison, Henna White*, have pledged about a half a million dollars through their bundlers, Moshe (Gabbai) Friedman of Williamsburg and Ben Barber of Borough Park. This reminds me of the tragedy of the fire is a small synagogue where they lost a hundred dollars in cash and fifty million in pledge cards. Still, these bundlers might actually deliver.

They know that politician Hynes is a walking dead man. But they see an opportunity to recover from their primary-day fiasco when they endorsed the loser. They have come up with a cockamamie plan to recover. While some of them will give money to Hynes, other will contribute to Thompson. In one case the father will bundle for Hynes and the son will bundle for Thompson. If Thompson takes the money, the sins of the father will be visited on him. In fact, Thompson’s best strategy would be to decline the money. If he does, the father and others like him will not waste their money on Hynes.

This would all be amusing if it did not carry the risk of exacerbating race relations in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, the strategy of Hynes’ backers includes tarnishing the reputations of people of color associated with Thompson. Curiously, they can not find any Caucasians to criticize because of their association with Thompson. Instead they have embraced a media version of “Stop and Fisk.”


*Henna White’s is supposedly paid her salary (~$138,000 in 2010) to facilitate the prosecution of ultra orthodox Jewish child abusers. The people she solicited are in the vanguard of the protection of molesters including Moshe Friedman’s cousin, Baruch (Mordechai) Lebovits.

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6 thoughts on “How Hasidim Are Dealing with the Hynes Revival Campaign

  1. Am I missing something here? Henna White the KCDA’s Jewish Liaison a paid ($138,000 per annum, $80k more than the average ADA) employee of the State of New York is soliciting funds for Boss Hynes? Does Boss Hynes really believe the public is buying his “vacation” excuse. Does Boss Hynes think we believe he doesn’t have full and complete knowledge of Henna White’s activities?

    Has Boss Hynes completely lost his marbles? Whatever shred of legacy he has left is being shredded by his self serving Goon Squad and he’s sitting by watching thinking he has plausible vacation deniability. Will he regain some sanity and put a stop to this?

    Is this remotely legal? Oops, not relevant. This is Boss Hynes and his Goon Squad we’re discussing so everything goes so long as they’re doing the doing.

    But wait: don’t we live in the US of A? Isn’t the office of the KCDA located in Brooklyn, New York, USA? Maybe the EDNY will finally do the right thing and step in to clean house? If for no other reason than to finally settle old scores going back to the “Mafia Cops” case and Lindley DeVecchio. It would be nice to see something good come from the bad blood between the Feds and the KCDA Goon Squad. Hey, maybe the KCDA will see the Feds come to the rescue again except this time they’ll be rescuing the KCDA itself. About time.

    Brooklyn needs to experience the catharsis of seeing Boss Hynes and his Goon Squad led out of the Office in shackles.

  2. Are you so cynical that you can’t even wait and see whether Hynes does the “classy” thing and rejects these attempts at another run? Do you really need to bash him for something that might be possible one day, but that he hasn’t yet done or even endorsed? How can you expect to be taken seriously like this?

    • My argument is that if he was committed to supporting the transition he should have signalled clearly that he would not accept the draft effort. He passed on that opportunity. Doesn’t that give you pause?

      • No it doesn’t give me pause. Hynes made a definitive, classy statement and then took some much needed time off. He has been battered by you at every turn. I’m not interested in picking apart every word. But I understand that you need grist for the mill.


    Until he takes his name off of the ballot, he can screw the will of the voters of Kings County.

    “Hynes made a definitive, classy statement and then took some much needed time off.”
    He did no such thing. He mumbled out some nonsense that night, then promised to aid in the transition, then went back on his word. “”Much needed vacation”?

    Maybe he should have considered that before signing off on “Brooklyn D.A.”.

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