Is Hynes Himself Tied Into the Jabbar Collins Wrongful Conviction?

ADA Barbara A. Burke (Samide)

ADA Barbara A. Burke

In response to my last post, Dear Lopin — A Career Advice Column for the Unlucky – Parody — Part 1 a Hynes supporter, “Truther” wrote, “when [Jabbar] Collins [lawsuit over his wrongful conviction in prosecution led by Vecchione] blows over, which it will.”

Another commenter, “Aron” rejoindered:

“When Collins blows over”? Blows over? Just wait. Joel Rudin has only just begun. Maybe after the city pays out no less than 150 million will it blow over. But the disgraced legacy of the office will fester in the air forever.

We are watching as they wear down (ADA) Barbara [A.] Burke. What has that woman done? The answer is they need a scapegoat. From what I hear they picked the wrong person for that. People in the office view [Dino] Amoroso as a lowly thug who will cover himself at all costs. I spoke to Barbara in ECAB yesterday (YL, you see my email address and can authenticate, but keep it anonymous) and the Corp. Counsel wants no part of her.

Wait until the Judge [Sol] Wachtler/Hynes emails are produced showing just how much was known about the recanting witness. And why was [Judge] Barry Kamins [and] involved in emails to Burke about campaign strategies for Hynes? Isn’t he supposed to be neutral?

We hear her new attorney is a nun! The president of Saint Joseph’s College! This will be fun.

We also hear that Dino Amoroso is prepared to smear Barbara Burke in the press by revealing her experience as a victim of a crime in upper Manhattan when she was a nun – pretty sick stuff. And you can be sure it is authorized by Joe Hynes.

I cannot vouch for any of these allegations but I am posting them because there are elements of truth based on information not generally known.

There are implications that Hynes had direct knowledge of a recantation by Edwin Olivia the witness against Collins which was witheld from the defense in violation of the Brady rule which he communicated by email to Wachtler. If true, this is dynamite because there would be documentary proof. It would be the first time that Hynes himself has been directly tied to the civil rights violations that put Collins in jail for fifteen years for a murder he did not commit.

Ex-Judge Wachtler is a friend of Hynes, and effusively praised Hynes’ 2008 novel, Triple Homicide, which others panned. Hynes in turn, has high praise for Sol Wachtler, who was forced to resign after a stalking episode. He focuses on Wachtler’s subsequent treatment for his bi-polar disorder and praises him for his work in this mental health arena.

The mentioned relationship to Kings County Supreme Court Judge, Barry Kamins is also important. Kamins contributed to Hynes campaign in 2008. According to this comment he crossed a boundary as a sitting judge in helping a DA in campaign strategy. Kamins is the Administrative Judge of the Criminal Court of the City of New York, and has held important roles in the Bar Association, and the Judicial Grievance Committee. One has to wonder about the significance of the alleged emails by Judge Kamins to ADA Barbara Burke, a whistle-blower.

I expect we will learn more about these allegations and they will not be good news for Hynes.

For more about Judge Kamins, see:


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