The Myth of the Ultra Orthodox Voting Block Is Debunked by Orthodox Pundit

The blogger, Orthodox Pundit, once again debunks some myths about bloc voting by ultra-orthodox Jewish voters. In his post of September 17, The Brooklyn DA race in Borough Park and Williamsburg he shows that while Hynes carried the majority of the vote, a large minority voted for Thompson, or just left their ballots blank on that race.

As he put it, “While it is a decisive win for Hynes, it still shows that about 40 percent of those who walked or ‘ran’ to the polls weren’t convinced to pull the lever for DA Hynes.”

He also throws into the doubt the conventional wisdom about the value of getting endorsed by both Satmar factions in Williamsburg (as Hynes did this time around).

One factor in the Williamsburg results is that both sides settled for one candidate. Sounds counter-intuitive?….. First, unfortunately, the split galvanizes the voters and doubles the turnout (the best a candidate can hope is that both sides will come together for his race while splitting on some other race in the ballot. i.e. In the current elections, Squadron and Stringer benefited the most).

Orthodox Pundit also put up two interesting posts in July about estimating the number of orthodox democratic voters (Part I, Part II)


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