How People Find Their Way to My Blog

horse and filly (Wikipedia Commons)

horse and filly (Wikipedia Commons)

Most of my readers are regulars, and most of my hits by new readers come via links from other sites, FaceBook postings, and Tweets. On most days, about a tenth of my readership comes from search engines, particularly  Google. Some come looking for specific culprits. Yaakov Yagen is a perennial favorite. However, most just come looking for my blog searching for Frum Follies, Yerachmiel Lopin or slight variations thereof. For the last two days, I have been getting folks searching for “frum fillies.”

Honestly, I cannot figure it out. Is there a market for orthodox horse hobbyists?  Perhaps the Googlers have in mind young woman, a less common usage of the word “fillies.”  Weirdly, “frum fillies” also led me to some orthodox porn sites. This is all way too strange.

8 thoughts on “How People Find Their Way to My Blog

  1. Perhaps they think you have copies of some of the video surveillance tapes from present or past pedophile prosecutions. You know, like those showing Menachem Deutsch dragging in those two boys from the street (miskenim miskenim), (on the same day) to the shul restroom where he sodomized each of them. Could you refresh my memory, how was it that he got only 6 months? YL, can you refresh my memory,– video surveillance tapes, is that not better than three male witnesses (edim) over the age of 50?
    Oy, well, maybe the frum fillies crowd believe that you have a library of such tapes?

  2. Some survey or other asserts that the percentage of Orthodox girls actively and regularly watching porn is about twice that of ‘secular’ girls though how that relates to ‘frum fillies’ is hard to say…..however it’s interesting to speculate about the reasons for this disparity.

    • “Some survey” is not persuasive to me. I am a fact junkie and I have never seen any such survey. But if it exists I would love to pointed to it so it could be evaluated. I am not saying it is false. However if true, it is important fact so when a survey is found it will be worth carefully scrutinizing it validity.

  3. Reena is right — “o” and “i” are adjacent on the keyboard. You boggled me with the seeming oxymoron of “orthodox porn sites.” For those too frum to watch goyish porn? Maybe you’d better not explain.

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