Head of Sex Crimes at Brooklyn DA Is Trying to Rehabilitate Her Reputation

Charles Hynes, unidentified, Rhonnie Jaus

Charles Hynes, unidentified, Rhonnie Jaus

Following Hynes’ reelection defeat I wrote:

Ronnie Jaus, head of sex crimes, is also looking for her next job. No other DA will hire someone tarnished with favoritism to orthodox Jewish molesters. Sadly, I believe she does care about sex abuse victims and does not relish the thought of defending perverts. But that is her most sellable skill.

Apparently, Rhonnie, the head of the Brooklyn DA Sex Crimes unit, is determined to make a splash by prosecuting a defendant accused of child sex abuse. Not having worked on these for a while, she decided to grab a trial-ready case away from the very capable ADA who did all the work, Darren Albanese. It is scheduled for October 7th in front of Judge Goldberg. Normally, no ADA gives up a case, or has it taken away at this stage, unless there is a completely, unavoidable conflict between the schedules of two different trials. Most of the work is in the preparation, not in the trial itself. ADAs are rated on trial numbers and outcomes.

Rhonnie seems to be taking a page out her patron’s playbook, in which, playing for the media is more important than the backstage work.

Henna White, Eli Poltorak, & Joe Hynes

Henna White, Eli Poltorak, & Joe Hynes

I am pretty sure she will not fool Thompson into keeping her on. She let the notorious Jewish liaison Henna White “be in charge of” the orthodox sex abuse cases. She never fought the DA’s policy of funneling orthodox complaints into White’s Kol Tzedek telephone hotline which wasn’t even answered. Rhonnie tolerated witness intimidation without ever securing prosecution. During the 24 years of the Hynes administration, no ultra orthodox Jew has ever been sentenced to a single day in prison for intimidating a sex abuse victim. KCDA discriminated against orthodox victims of sex abuse and victims of witness intimidation. Rhonnie presided over a 6 month sweetheart plea deal for Menachem Deutsch when they had two witnesses and videotape evidence of a notorious serial molester. The case was based on two boys he molested in the space of an hour that he never knew before he molested them. It was even a case where prominent Hasidic rabbis supported the prosecution. Rhonnie Jaus was a high-level cog in in a high-volume machine of injustice.

Rhonnie publicly bolstered Hynes during a NY1 interview in absurdly claiming that they were doing their best on those cases.

Rhonnie, a word of advice: Future employers will ask around. Your sex abuse record, for better and worse, will follow you. Now you will also be followed by the resentment of staffers who will report you are a lousy boss who screws subordinates out of credit for their work.

Really Rhonnie: it is time to cut your losses and to move on!


16 thoughts on “Head of Sex Crimes at Brooklyn DA Is Trying to Rehabilitate Her Reputation

    • Thank you for the compliment.Yes. I hear Joe ordered Rhonnie to give it back to Darren Albanese. From what I have heard he is an excellent ADA. I also heard that Rhonnie blocked him from getting a promotion because she wanted to keep him working for her. That may turn out to be his good fortune when it comes to the transition because he won’t be tainted by any of the misdeeds that fell on many who became management under Joe.

      Glad he reads what he blocks from your computers. Now if he had only paid attention to what I along with many others said about the need to fire Vecchione. Of course none of know what Vecchione may have on Joe.

        • Congratulation, Con (if you don’t mind my shortening your name). This isn’t like looking for a needle in a haystack. Everyone in the office knew by the time I reported, first the taking of the case and then the returning of the case. I shouldn’t think it would be hard to find out which of over a hundred people knew. As for who told me. I doubt you know. But I just spoke to my first of several sources. My source really doesn’t care if s/he is outed, but is amused at the thought that you are claiming to be on his/her case.

          Con, the jig is up. Many folks have been unhappy for a long time. Now more and more of them are not even afraid. They figure that if Hynes fires them now that will improve their standing in the eyes of the Thompson team.

          What is Dino going to do? Will he transfer everyone to ECAB? I think, not!

          Stapleton, I am curious to see if you can nail this down. Please keep us all posted.

          P.S. I just thought I would give you a slight headstart. It wasn’t Anthony Blount, Robert Wilson or James Angleton.

  1. Two of the people I suspect are people I consider friends so I am not going to throw their names up on a public board without being sure and talking to them first. That’s something you would do! But I am enjoying the puzzle a bunch.

    I don’t think Hynes is going to be firing anybody before January. I am not sure what your personal problem with him is (especially if you are insisting that it wasn’t his office that botched your sexual abuse case), but, whatever it is, he is not the monster you portray him to be, and he isn’t going to hurt some junior line assistant out of pride. I think he has handled himself with grace over the past couple of weeks.

    Dino will wait for Suozzi to win in Nassau in November and then go work for him. The only reason he was back at KCDA at all was because Suozzi was dethroned in 2009. Dino would have been gone in January even if Hynes had won.

  2. You are being very optimistic. Suozzi managed to lose as an incumbent and he is running against Mangano, the current incumbent. No outsiders have called the race for Suozzi. According to newsday, the polls show them tied. But I suppose Dino might just find another lair for his spooky persona (assuming he does not go down on ethics charges for his stunts in dealing with the Collins lawsuit. I know that Dino swears up and down that he has looked at every piece of paper filling his office and claims it proves Vecchione is clean. The problem is that even you know Vecchione is not clean. So Dino may end up being collateral damage of the the Vecchione misconduct (beacuse, to the best of my knowledge, he failed to fullfill legal discovery requests and replied with false information. All this is bound to come out when Thompson comes into office. Thompson has no motive to cover up for Vecchione. Au contraire, all dirt on Vecchione bolsters his claims made during the campaign. Besides, he doesn’t have to take a budget hit for the Collins settlement. The city pays for it out of its budget, not KCDA, The interesting question is whether there was merely a failure to comply with subpoenas and discovery or whether there was also destruction or even just deliberate mislaying of evidence. Either is a federal offense, since the trial is in Federal court.

    The stink of the scandal is spreading, and even if Suozzi wins he may decide not to gamble on his gambling commissioner.

    Also, the Collins lawsuit exposes personnel policy at KCDA as erratic and way below prevailing professional standards. That was Dino’s job. No- Dino is not in the clear and on the greased track to another nice appointment. I would say his career in public office may just be on the skids.

    • You are quite accurate. Now lets hope the person who knows this information first hand finds the courage to speak up.

      • “When Christ calls us, He bids us come and die.” For those in our Catholic faith Boenhoffer’s words mean that the cost of discipleship is never easy. And speaking out against injustice – or the indiginities done to others – no matter how small comes with a price. It is hard not to become weary of the battle. But we have to remind ourselves that in our speaking we are standing up for countless others too. But we do get weary. And it can be a lonely and frightening road – until one morning we awake and our fear has turned to rage. And then . . . we act.

    • I support Vecchione, so you are barkin up the wrong tree if you think my beef with Dino is his association with Mike. (Let’s not argue about Collins though.)

      I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know Dino was involved in the investigation. I hope youre right that he isn’t on track for another appointment, guys like a bad penny.

  3. He’s worse than a bad penny. Dino Amoroso is the ECAB lawsuit waiting to happen. And when it does it will be big. In all my years I have never seen such disgust at how they put one ADA on display to teach her a lesson. She sits in the middle of the place not permitted to use the law library doing bogus research in her little nun sweater. The woman goes to the bathroom and one of the lowlifes comes out saying ‘where is she now’? Sadly, she thinks the ECAB supervisors like her – they are the ones timing her every move. If Sonnenshien had any balls he would stand up for her but no. Many are disgusted by it. Unfortunately, it probably will be her estate filing a lawsuit and not her. And please keep Dino in Brooklyn. We don’t need the likes of him in Nassau County.

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