Hynes’ Last Stand on FaceBook

It is finally over. According to a story in today’s New York Law Journal:

Hynes said though his name appeared on the GOP and Conservative ballot lines, he would not actively run for a seventh term… A run on the GOP and Conservative line would be “unrealistic.” ….. His decision is “very firm.” He said he was “flattered people are trying to persuade me, but they’ve been unpersuasive.”

Thus ends a flirtation he coyly encouraged for over a week, aided and abetted by the New York Post which made a big hoopla about everyone who wanted him to run.

About a week ago, a ragged band of Hynes groupies put up a ReElect Hynes page on FaceBook. It was an ill-fated, pathetic endeavor with only 36 friends at the end. As I had learned from other sources, he was being egged on to mount the barricades by Mary Hughes and Henna White. Both of them friended the page and urged others to do the same.

Mary Hughes Using FB for Reelect Hynes Sept 20As a sitting ADA, Mary was violating New York State Bar Association ethical standards which state:

“It Is Ethically Improper For An Assistant District Attorney To Participate In Campaign Activities As Part Of DA’s Reelection Campaign”…This Partisan Political Activity Would Undermine The Assistant District Attorney’s Ability To Exercise Professional Discretion In An Impartial, Nonpartisan Manner” (NYS Bar Association – Committee on Professional Ethics – Opinion #683 as quoted in Failed Messiah)

But why quibble? Hynes was pressuring ADAs to do all sorts of campaign work, all along. In fact, the best that can be said in this case is that Mary wasn’t being pressured but was acting on her own to protect her own interests as an overpaid executive.

When Hynes first conceded on election night and promised to cooperate with the Thompson transition team he was lauded for his classy exit. This time around, I doubt there will be any plaudits: just a sigh of relief. Almost two centuries ago Karl Marx anticipated Joe, and those like him, when he wrote:

Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.

This farce has extracted its toll on the Office of the Kings County District Attorney (KCDA). The phanthom campaign was seeded through a succession of stories in the New York Post that claimed that Hynes was reconsidering his concession because of potential corruption and cronyism by Thompson. There was also a racial tint to the tainting.

Rumors are flying all over KCDA that a Thompson administration will be filled, almost exclusively, with Black cronies. I don’t buy it. But my opinion is not what matters.

I believe the transition, like all such transitions, will be bumpy at times. Thanks to Hynes’ immaturity, it just got a little bumpier.

I am optimistic about the success of the Thompson era. I just wish the Hynes camp would fully accede to reality and work to make the transition smoother.

UPDATE: 9/25/13, 3 pm — Sometime in the last 24 hours I was blocked from the ReElect Hynes FaceBook page. Mary Hughes also removed herself as a friend.  She also removed her attempt on her own page to get others to join the ReElect Hynes page.

Mary, it is good to know you are aware of my postings about you. Even better to know you stopped violating the NYS Bar Association’s ethical advisory (at least in this respect).

Best of all, is knowing you will not be around much longer.

BTW, Around 11am the page owner wrote:

Henna White Supports ReElect Hynes 9-23-13 5pm for 7 hoursA certain man who has made his mission trying to disgrace the DA and his staff I won’t mention his name he is not worth the ink. It is quite obvious he has no idea about face book friends. He stated we only have 46 as that may be true the 46 have 46 have 46. So my suggestion to this small minded mean person. Worry about yourself. You blogs are filled with mean spirited words. And to the spies on this Face Book we pay you no mind. Freedom of speech Freedom of options Freedom of voting.

I am surprised they didn’t just call me the Dark Lord, Voldemort. “I won’t mention his name,” is so prosaic. Darn!

Henna White FB page 9-25-13 4:30 pm No longer a record of Friending ReElect Hynes

Henna White FB page 9-25-13 4:30 pm
No longer a record of Friending ReElect Hynes

Meanwhile, just for the record, Henna also used her FaceBook account (and perhaps her work time at $140k/year) to friend ReElect Hynes. But why quibble, that is what her entire salary has been about, all along. Henna has since removed her friending of reelect Hynes. Does it mean she realizes at last that the effort is over. I can’t believe that she is no longer a friend of Hynes, seeing as they are thick as thieves.


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