Rhonnie Jaus Update

Charles Hynes, unidentified, Rhonnie Jaus

Charles Hynes, unidentified, Rhonnie Jaus

Since my last two postings about Rhonnie (especially Rhonnie Moans… there have been a few developments and few new pieces of information about her past.

According to my sources, Brooklyn DA Charles Joe Hynes intervened and ordered Rhonnie to hand back the prosecution that she took away from Darren Albanese.

Rhonnie still held unrealistic hopes of being kept on in the Thompson administration. She did pull off that feat when Elizabeth Holtzman retired as Brooklyn DA and Joe Hynes fired twelve other Bureau chiefs but not Rhonnie.

She did Joe’s bidding in giving Yehudah Kolko a sweetheart deal where he never was sentenced to a day and was not placed on the sex offender registry even though there were two witnesses willing to testify against him.

She also presided over the disgraceful failure to extradite Avrohom Mondrowitz from Israel in spite of changes in the extradition treaty which made that possible. Mondrowitz remains a sore spot in the community. He is the worst rapist of boys we know about. His victims probably number in the hundreds. Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky has publicly spoken about knowing of suicides (in the plural) resulting from abuse by Mondrowitz. Technically, the extradition work probably fell to other units. But as Head of Sex Crimes she should have been kicking and screaming to fight for his extradition.

Rhonnie also buttered up Hynes with campaign contributions funneled through her husband, something which is improper, even if technically legal.

48 thoughts on “Rhonnie Jaus Update

  1. How do you think the sex abuse cases in the Orthodox community should be handled? I will grant you that I was uncomfortable with the Office’s strategy, but, the more I thought about it, the further I got from another alternative. Do you have one? Again, Im not trying to be a troll, but you use a lot of harsh language, and you have been honest in admitting that it is a unique problem, but no where do you offer an alternative strategy.

    • The ultra orthodox community is not monolithic. Periodically some folks weather the norms and go forward to complain to police or DA. Then the pressure on them starts. Some of it is legal about when that fails they escalate to illegal witness intimidation, tampering, etc. If the DA goes after every single intimidation attempt using the full force of the law, the word will get out: “Don’t mess with witnesses.” If that happens others will see that they can go forwards. I am not saying this will produce a flood of victims coming forward but it not lead to enough more to lay the groundwork for changing the culture.

      Does this require some extra resources. Yeah. But just by reallocating the Kol Tzedek budget of around $200k/year these costs could be covered.

      • I don’t think that that is a bad strategy at all. However, do you think that, if extra resources are funneled into prosecuting Obstruction of Justice in the Orthodox community, the incumbent DA might face accusations of anti-Semitism or bigotry in general?

  2. You wrote this in May regarding Mr. Hynes’ strategy: “The way the DA pitches the story, the poor primitive Haredim cannot comfortably communicate with the secular world and they need special shtadlanim (emissaries/pleaders) to serve as intermediaries.”

    Now obviously you wrote this in a derisive way, but noticibly lacking was whether you denied the bare bones position of the DA: That some Orthodox communities prefer not to communicate with the secular authorities. Because you did not address it there, and I have not seen you address it anywhere, I ask you here, “Do you believe that that is the case or do you not.”

    • The ultra orthodox routinely deal with completely secular agencies when it is important to them. When it comes to surgeons they seek the ones with the best reputations: Jew or gentile; Caucasian, Asian or Black, etc. Sure, maybe they prefer someone more like them, but they will readily make do, as needed. What they want more than similarity is excellence in delivering results. Kol Tzedek was an excuse to ensconce fixers inside KCDA.

        • Yerachmiel,

          Please ignore this Con-is-a-way!!

          You answered very thoughtfully and eloquently, he’s obviously not interested in honest straightforward discourse.

          Thanks for everything!

  3. Haha, I asked a straight forward question that was dodged. I am being very respectful. Just because I might have a different opinion does not make me dishonest.

    • No one accused you of dishonesty in this instance. You just dont like the answer but that is not dodging the question. Stop playing courtroom lawyer with control over allowable forms for answers.

      • “Concerned” did. It wasn’t clear from your original answer that you agreed that some in the Orthodox community preferred not to deal with the secular authorities.

    • Con, (what an appropriate name). you write that you are “being very respectful”. I hardly see how your multiple references to your host’s personal sex abuse history falls under the category of respect. NOR it’s relevance to the issues at hand.

      Theoretically “stupid” and “molester” are just two of many possible motivations for your and Moshe’s brow-beating of Lopin. Style of a potential witness intimidator, or association with Leibovitz’ defense team, i could go on and on with a myriad of hypothesis, ..all hypotheses (but you function largely in that realm)….. Your style is that of a prosecutor. Relentless. Intuition tells me that your interest in the topic is in no way academic,. But you accuse YL of having an axe to grind. I admire him for putting up with your relentless hammering away. Your not idle curiosity as to the source of his leaks provides grist for the mill.

  4. Everybody can see through your motive. You want kellners crimes covered. Come on you dont have to make up all those lies about hundreds of victims and suicide. You can just say “ronnie if you don’t aid kellners extortion business I will get thompson to fire you.

    • Moshe, I am used to the krum Lebovits defenses. but hold onto your dignity and avoid seeming stupid. Only someone stupid could think I could threaten Rhonnie with firing. She is DOA. Thompson declared he intends to have a new executive team. He made the Hynes handling of haredi sex abuse one of his main campaign issues. Rhonnie joined Hynes on a TV show defending their policy. So, even if was stupid, I would predict she will be fired unless she does him the favor of resigning and hauling her tuches off before he shows up. So how can I threaten her with something that is a certainty.

      Moshe, please help keep discussions interesting by offering a better explanation of what you are up to.

      • Everyone knows Kellner is a crook and should he prosecuted. Your accusing everyone that says so to being lebovits is getting a bit repetitious don’t you think?

        • Lopin, come now it is pretty rich that you, of all people, would question what somebody else was ‘up to’ and challenge them to sound more interesting in a post where you implied the opposition sounded ‘stupid.’

    • Moshe,

      This is getting boring. I say “Lebovits is a molester” and then you say “Kellner is an extortionist.” I say “Kellner is innocent” and you say, “Kellner is an extortionist.” Happily, Kellner’s status will be settled by a trial unless the DA chickens out and drops the case.

      • No it is not just me. You know full well that kellner is a crook and itvis clear that he is the one bribing witnesses and obstructing justice together with you. Your attempts at bullying the da into dropping his charges are obvious as is your manipulation of the new da thompson. Thompson is a decent guy lets hope he won’t allow himself to be corrupted by you.
        Conway, don’t you realize whoever won’t gobble up lopins nonsense is stupid or a molestor?

        • Oiy! How do I argue with a wacky conspiracy theorist who pays no attention to either the truth or to reason. I suppose you will also accuse me of concealing the planned Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Are you going to blame Kellner for it.

          How do you explain Dov Hikind giving Kellner a name of a victim with a prior outcry?

      • Why do you brother responding to ignorant scum like ‘Moshe’?

        He has obviously been drinking way too much Kool Aid at some Nickolanddime Rubbisheh tisch.

        You are trying to argue facts and logic with people who can’t think for themselves and worship an avodah zorah called Rebbeh (similar to that other pot bellied avodah zorah, but this one wears fur and stockings instead of a sheet.)

  5. Really classy of you to call me the wacky theorist when you are the one conjuring up suicidals and hundreds of victims. Why don’t you accuse them that they caused hitler to kill six million?
    You provide neither truth nor reason and yet you want me to listen to it?
    You were right in saying kellner should go to trial. Let’s hope the new da won’t chicken out because of your relentless tirade.
    As for dov hikind, he has enough problems without kellner so for his sake leave kellner out of his scandals.

    • Can you guys bring me up to speed on who Kellner is and what each of your connection to the case is?

      • Again you accuse me of your own faults. You sould know that the japanese attack in pearl harbor was orchestrated by the natzis. So there goes your godwun law.

        Conway stapleton my involvement with kellner started when he started yelling after me in the streets for talking to someone he didn’t like. I am telling you kellner is a completely deranged and dangerous guy. If you want more info check out samkellner.blogspot.com

        Rational faith, talk about puppets bringing up the rear.

        • Moshe I doubt your story about Kellner but I wasn’t there, so I won’t say it is a false story. But you are such an annoying person that I can easily imagine a lot of otherwise pleasant people yelling at you.

      • YL, you must really be enjoying responding to tatei adam, otherwise you would use the appearance of “Godwin’s law strikes” as a valid reason to end this absurdity, per internet protocol?

    • Conway, Samuel Kellner is a Chasid who was instrumental in obtaining the conviction of a man who allegedly molested his son and others, but the conviction was overturned and he faces retrial. Kellner has been accused, on the basis of very dubious evidence, of extorting the molester’s family on behalf of the witnesses, in a transparent attempt to discredit the witnesses and prevent a second conviction. I’m being vague because this is from memory; you can’t expect YL or anyone else to review and explain a rather complicated case for you. Please search this blog for “Samuel Kellner” where the case was covered extensively, and there was coverage in the Jewish Week as well.

  6. Give Lopin some credit for responding. The rest of you mental midgets would just rather have a forum of mindlessly uniform thinkers. It must really hurt your pea-sized brains when someone disagrees with you.

    • So far Lopin has been pretty much ‘on the money’.

      You sound like a cult member, defending Hynes even after his house of cards collapsed.

      Haynes was the patron saint of deeply religious sex abusers. The voters of Kings County finally woke up and fired the fox guarding the chicken coop.

      Deal with it.

      • We are dealing with it. “Dealing with it” is what this is about. Is your post really worth writing?

  7. Kevin from chicago, how could you know who kellner is. He can manage to fool everyone outside the insulated community. But if you really want know what’s going on come visit fifty first street and listen to the shouting. you will hear how this man abuses and threatens his own wife and children.
    YL Rational, truther, and all other puppets its not about hynes or cults or rebbes. Its about kellner a person the community is suffering from and should not be allowed to skirt justice.
    Conway you are right the problem is that the people in the community refuse to go to secular authorities as is also the case with kellner.
    Oh and YL kellners grammar is worse.

    • Moshe, I know from 51st St, BP and Kellner. He has a lovely relationship with his wife and children and this comes from seeing how it goes in his house over time. As is well known, unlike most Hasidim, his son told him immediately (bietzem hayom) when Lebovits was inappropriate. This says worlds about his relationship with his children. Much better than most other families in BP. You and others working for Lebovits are determined to slander him because he, unlike most of the scaredy cats in Boro Park, believes in lo segooroo mipnei ish (fear no man) and fought to protect his own and other children. So finally, 40 years after Baruch Mordechai Lebovits started tearing a path of destruction through the lives of chasidic teenage boys, one man finally got him indicted.

      Moshe go back to your sodomite rapist paymaster and kvetch to him. No one is fooled by this slander of Kellner. It won’t be long before we are all celebrating the dismissal of Kellner’s false indictment or even better, acquittal at trial. I say better, because if he finally gets the trial he wants, he will better be able to expose the lies against him.

  8. Your resume on kellner is very nice. But unforutanately is not true. If you believe in his innocence why are you so afraid of the trial? In any case your stories about lebovits are tremendously exaggerated. Don’t you think you need something new? Accusing everyone to work for lebovits?

    • Moshe, Kellner has repeatedly tried to get his trial. It is Hynes, or more likely Vecchione who keeps coming up with excuses for delays. Search my posts on Kellner and you will see that his attorneys keep asking for trial and the DA kept asking for delays.

  9. Deleted- incoherent.

    Moshe, you are welcome to comment as long as you respect readers by taking effort to be clear, and not simply repeat yourself. Please try and contribute to a quality discussion.

  10. Sorry for not making myself clear enough for you. So let me try again.

    Kellner was indicted in 2011 and kellner sought adjournments for two years. How can you claim he is seeking a trial. Where was he untill now? His dismissing motion also doesn’t fit in with your theory.

    Which part is unclear?

    • Kindly check back to some of my posts over the last 4 months. The premise of your question is flawed. Also not clear where you saw any motion of his to dismiss indictments as a delaying tactic.

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