Why Am I Suddenly Getting More Blog Hits on Kenneth Brander and Richard Andron

Rabbi Kenneth Brander

Rabbi Kenneth Brander

It is sort of sad to write a blog post, even a very good one and know that the readership peaks and then rapidly tails off in a matter of days or at best weeks. Imagine my pleasant surprise when a post from July, “An Open Note to Rabbi Kenneth Brander about Richard Andron”  suddenly acquired new life in the last 4 days.In that post I reported that Brander, VP at Yeshiva University responsible for student matters, neglected the safety of his congregants in Boca Raton by giving youth work roles to a man he knew to have a history of sexually abusing children.

As you can see in the bar graph below (click on it to enlarge), readership tailed off in July and was negligible over August and September, but in the last 7 days I have had about 800 hits. 

Stats on Brander Andron Post

If anyone can explain this sudden resurgence in interest, I would be most appreciative.

7 thoughts on “Why Am I Suddenly Getting More Blog Hits on Kenneth Brander and Richard Andron

  1. it could be the timing and of course this story is so big anyway and affecting so many.whatever the reason, good for you . nothing like persistance to get things moving. we in israel still have not had success in highlighting these dangers. it fizzled out and nothing like this or what manny waks is doing in australia is happening here. maybe one day jerusalem will start to talk out and stop covering up these crimes.

  2. Perhaps Yechiel can start some threads that are Israel-specific. Post some threads about Matis Weinberg, Avraham Mondrowitz, Macy Gordon, George Finkelstein, etc. and see if anyone in Israel has any comments about them. Ruth would have to post links to Frum Follies with an explanation about what the site is about and how it can help parents in Israel protect their kids. Sites in Israel to post the link to would be Janglo and the many listserves in Anglo communities like Efrat, Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Modiin and Ranana.

    It’s worth a try. Maybe it will save a kid’s life.

    • I see that as necessary but I am stretched thin covering stuff in the US. I am glad to post links to stuff in Israel and Israelis are of course free to link to my stuff. I would hope some more Israelis step up to the plate. I would mention the good work already being done by David Morris which he reports on his blog, Tzedek-Tzedek. Australia has the excellent group headed by Manny Waks, Tzedek.

      • i keep on asking manny waks to please come to jerusalem to help us. we dont have anyone like him at all here… today rabbi elon he has been found guilty and is getting 9 months. wow 9 months. for israel that is already something that he even got found guilty but of course strings were pulled to make it a joke of a punishment.

    • thank you for your ideas. there is a woman here in jerusalem, a lawyer who did go onto the yahoo groups in various areas as you suggested, and she did give warnings. she was very outspoken and named names . we were working together at the time. she did manage to reach many people that way. however in the end she got burnt out from it all. sigh.

      for instance one man who works in a car business is running adverts on local sites here and he is known to be a pervert. she tried to get his name removed from the sites but it did not help. when i see his ugly mug and adverts it makes me crazy.

      she was a lawyer and had all the advantage of knowing how the law works and still it did not help as much as we had hoped it would.

      in my case being here in the centre of the scandal, and a neighbour to the disgusting mondrowitz. … even my contact with the haradi parents here has also fizzled out, not from lack of trying on my part either.

      at least everyone does know what is going on, its gone public and there are less of the perverts walking around here laughing in our faces. sigh. one is having his court case a really nasty one, zalman cohen. others have left, and only one is in jail sentanced for 15 years because he would not take a plea bargain

      we are very disheartened here as the strong grip of the rabbinim to close down the cases is still too strong even though they have lost a lot of the power they once had.

      poor kids. we really did try a few mothers here, we really did go to war for the children ,.in the end the only real thing i managed to do that really made a huge difference, was destroy the little garden that was used as a front to catch the children. the pervert approached me to help him make the garden as we have our own lovely little garden here . and for 5 years i was blissfully unaware what was really going on. by destroying his garden it made it impossible for him to hang around all day with his pervert friends. so at least the energy here is much cleaner. but that is it.

  3. Bottom line is that it’s okay to molest kids in Boca Raton, it’s alright to cover up for the molesters, it’s okay to cover up for every kind of financial fraud, malfeasance, criminal behavior, pill mill, theft, as long as you pay your dues to BRS and r. Goldberg’s minyan. You’re approved to steal from other congregants (have you seen the newest member-to-member lawsuit?), as long as you’re close to Goldberg’s and Brander’s tzitziot. What I cannot understand is why 600 families allow themselves to be hoodwinked by a rabbi with such low standards. This tells me everything I need to know about the ethics of those living near and attending BRS.

    • Please specify the lawsuit, either pasting in or linking to the relevant documents and pointing out the names of the BRS members and their membership status and other formal roles with BRS.

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