Throwing the Monkey Wrench Into Judge Kamin’s Administration of the Court System

Last week, Charles Hynes was dithering, yet again, about whether he would actively campaign on the Republican and Conservative lines in the November Election for Brooklyn District Attorney. However, officially he was still sticking to his latest pronouncement that he would not campaign. Some folks were hoping he would stick to primary night concession speech promise that he would cooperate in a smooth transition. Instead, yesterday, through his office’s former press flack turned campaign spokesman, Jerry Schmetterer, he let it be known he would actively campaign.

The Honorable Barry Kamins is the Administrative Judge of the Criminal Court of the City of New York. As such, he is responsible for its orderly operation. Since the DA is one of the parties in criminal cases it makes sense for Judge Kamins to coordinate his efforts with the DA.

Last week, Judge Kamins met for lunch with Kenneth Thompson to discuss coordination of administrative arrangements. Judge Kamins was getting a head start. He had every right to believe he was dealing with the next DA because Hynes made an election night promise not to to campaign on the Republican or Conservative line. I suspect Kamins would not have taken this step if it appeared he was taking sides in an upcoming election. How was he supposed to know that Hynes would yet again break his election night promise to cooperate with Thompson on an orderly transition?

Once again, Hynes’ selfish egoism is getting in the way or his public responsibilities. I can only hope the employees of the Office of the Kings County District Attorney (KCDA) have finally learned to tune out the erratic mixed signals coming from Hynes and his incompetent audio engineers.

Speaking of lousy signals, using Jerry Schmetterer as a campaign spokesperson is good new for Thompson.  For years Jerry has been snubbing reporters who did not completely toe the Hynes line. He simply would not answer emails or calls from some very important reporters. He lied to some others. Still, reporters had to deal with him because he was the gatekeeper for news from KCDA and that is an important beat.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. Good luck to Jerry in getting his phone calls answered. You can be sure he will not be able to plant any stories that reporters cannot independently verify. Even his flunky, Daily News courthouse reporter Oren Yaniv is dancing to a different drummer since the election. At this point, only the New York Post is shilling for Hynes with a drumbeat of dubious stories about Thompson: this because he has justifiably sued them on behalf of his clients. Jerry should just install a  one number line to the NY Post and use his free time to look for his next job. He will not have an easy time. He was an OK reporter whose skills are rusty, who is ignorant of social media developments, and is in ill repute in journalistic circles.

His usual lunch buddy is Michael Vecchione, the albatross around Hynes’ neck that helped sink him in the Democratic primary. Some people believe Hynes will finally fire Vecchione since he has good reason to believe Vecchione repeatedly lied to him about a number of key cases and led him into embarrassing moments on the campaign trail. If Vecchione is fired, it will be fun to watch Schmetterer try to squirm his way out of reporter’s questions.

Stay tuned for synopses of episodes in the real Brooklyn DA show which is now plummeting in the ratings.


33 thoughts on “Throwing the Monkey Wrench Into Judge Kamin’s Administration of the Court System

        • Lopin, what IS your position regarding Clarence Norman’s position in Thompson’s campaign?

          • Kindly furnish evidence that Norman has been ASSIGNED any role by Thompson campaign as opposed to Hynes camp caterwauling and innuendos that they are reacting because Norman has a role. In spite of the NY Post shilling for Hynes, I have not even seen them do anything but repeat that Hynes is upset about Norman’s putative role. No facts. You argue like an attorney. do you think there is a scintilla of evidence that would matter in a trial.

            If you show me proof he has a “role in the campaign” and will give you my response.

            Right now his only role is as conjured boogeyman invoked by Hynes to justify his publicly breaking a public promise to cooperate in the transition and not campaign on the Republican & Conservative ticket.

            BTW, what do you think about the fact that Hynes made a promise on election night which he is not keeping.

    • see comments policy and at my discretion I block or delete comments based on whether they are respectful of a productive efficient exchange of opinions, directly pertinent to the post.

      In deference to the time of the readers I encourage you to use these things called Google, Wikipedia, and the search button on my blog, instead of just asking definitional questions. A number of my readers have expressed annoyance at this form of disinegnous or simply lazy questionining.

      Thank you.

      • Poor Conman Simpleton. Life as Jerry’s sock puppet must get boring. How often can one repeat all the transparent lies of a senile corrupt party hack and haraidi sex abuse enabler’s shameless whore without hitting the Prozac bottle?

        Poor Simpleton. With Jerry reduced to street walking, the only cover he’ll be able to provide for Jerry Schmatterer will be an umbrella.

      • I think that you don’t like that I disagree with you that Hynes, however flawed, is a better candidate than Thompson. And you’ve taken to censorship.

        • Conway, live with reasonable moderation or form your own blog or get Schmetterer to work for you. This simpering about the exclusion of some superfluous comments of no heft is unbecoming for someone who wants to be taken seriously.

  1. When do we get to hear about the real Brooklyn DA show?? Can’t wait to see how the meltdown is unfolding.

    • Waiting- the meltdowns have been EPIC. The DA choosing to run as a Republican is only going to make things worse. It’s going to be a literal bloodbath between now and November 5.

    • My position is that Thompson has not employed or designated Norman as his employee or agent. In a free country, Norman can choose to support Thompson without Thompson’s approval or encouragement, just as there are convicted felons such as ex-Judge Sol Wachtler who doubtlessly support Hynes.

      You are usually lawyerly. Try posing a more precise term for a relationship than “involved” to lead a productive discussion.

      • Fair enough. Do you think he advised Thompson during the campaign? Do you think that Thompson followed that advice? Do you think that Norman used his previous campaign infrastructure to bring out the vote for Thompson?

        • The Thompson campaign is quite clear that he was not part of their organized efforts. They cannot prevent a Brooklyn pol with ties from talking up a candidate to others.

          But why are you asking me these questions. The Hynes camp is claiming he had a formal role. Ask them to produce the smoking gun instead of innuendos in their Southern (Brooklyn) Republican strategy. Really! They are making the claims; let them come up with the proof.

          While we are asking questions, here is one for you. It is well known that Joe Hynes is a close buddy of disgraced NY State ex-supreme court judge Sol Wachtler who was convicted of extortion. Can you confirm for me that he has not been involved in the Hynes campaign.

      • Hynes and crew are hypocrites. They hired Tahaka Robinson a protege and aide to Norman. Hynes also investigated and subpoenaed Robinson when he went after Norman. This is all smoke and mirrors. There hope is to turn this thing into nasty old racial politics.

  2. BTW, answering your question from above regarding the DA’s election night concession, what do you want me to say? Im sure the DA regrets saying it. I think that, as a life long liberal Democrat, the decision to run as a Republican was probably very hard for him and something he really did not want to do. I think that that is obvious to everyone.

    • The world is divided into those that keep their word and those that don’t. Breaking promises is a no-no for a prospective DA. Please don’t try to expect any sympathy here for his anguished decision to go back on his promise. He either lied on election night or broke his solemn promise.

      • Yes. He obviously broke his promise. That is obvious, I don’t think we have a disagreement there. I was just answering your question. I don’t know what you are so angry about.

        • Newsflash! This isn’t about my emotions. It is about Hynes’ conduct. But your patronizing dismissive attitude is noted as obnoxious. A number of my readers are tired by your misuse of this space. Consider this an advisory.

      • What is very hard to do is to let go of power, and while that is human, so are a lot of traits that don’t deserve sympathy. And at least from here, it suggests willingness to exploit racial prejudice. If Kenneth Thompson were white, would anyone think Hynes would have a chance as a Republican?

        I remember the election of Chicago’s first black mayor, Harold Washington, in 1983. After Washington won the 3-way Democratic primary, suddenly all the white ethnic Democratic regulars came out for the Republican, Bernie Epton, and, without Epton’s approval, started playing ugly racial politics. Epton, a Jewish lawyer, was a decent guy, but would have had no chance against either of the white Democratic candidates. Washington was definitely flawed, but I voted for Washington because it was obvious that if Epton were elected, it would be perceived as a white-against-black victory, and Chicago would be a much uglier place to live in.

    • You are very wrong about the decision to run as a republican being “very hard on him.” On the contrary, Hynes has been the republican candidate since 2005. Check the ballots.

      Also, not only is the decision to run as a republican quite easy for Hynes, but I know of cases in which he deliberately ignored evidence in murder trials because it pointed to a political influential person’s child. In this case in particular, it was someone high up in he brooklyn republican party. He did this so he could get the republican endorsement that year- and has gotten it ever since. (Check out Vince Nunez’s blog on room 8- he’s been talking about this case for YEARS).

      You’ve got to be kidding me. Honestly. “very hard on him” ?! He’s been doing it for years. No decision weigh heavy on his mind- not even decisions to lock away innocent men. Give me a break.

  3. Sorry I’m late to the party. Lopin: I’ve spoken to 3 people who actually saw Norman in Thompson’s campaign headquarters, and leaving with campaign materials. Between that and the NY Post stories, I’m confident that he had at the least a strong role in the street-level campaign. This means that Thompson’s complete denials can’t be justified: either he’s lying, or he has no clue what’s happening in his own campaign ( which just isn’t credible, and in any event, makes him as “asleep at the wheel” as you’ve accused Hynes of being).

    Also, since there will be 2 months for the new DA to transition after the election, there will be no disruption to the courts at all. You’re creating another false flag to use in criticizing Hynes. Kamins won’t have any problems getting this done after Nov 5th.

    Finally, on Hynes’ change of heart: yes, he wasn’t honest. But it’s pretty understandable. Putting emotion aside, which must have been a big factor, he had no money and no realistic thought that there were resources to mount an unlikely numerical vote campaign on the republican line. When, over the next weeks, a lot of money and resources presented themselves, and the revelations about Norman came out, and some other bonehead moves by Thompson (e.g. Putting ADa’s in precincts – very dumb, I’ll explain in another post), it made sense for him to change his mind. I’m sure you’ll disagree but that’s what happened.

    • No one disputes that Norman on his own initiative was pulling for Thompson. I have no idea if he picked up campaign literature just like anyone else could have. That is not the same as being part of the campaign effort. No one has shown clear evidence that he was selected or assigned a role by the Thompson campaign. No campaign or even government official can prevent an individual, including a convicted person who has done his time, from supporting a candidate. We live in a democracy with a bill of rights.

      I appreciate your conceding that Hynes was not honest. I like the way you say his dishonesty was understandable because he had no money. Then an honest man who wants to run again says, “I am disappointed and I need to think about where my effort to be reelected will go next.” You are pretty much conceding he was making a show of graciousness while he determined if he could get the money to campaign on the other two lines. I grant you he was depleted that night as is obvious from the pictures. In fact he is also morally depleted and well past his moral and political prime. Another reason to say, even if you believe he once was good at the job, it is time for change. In one of his saner, more self-aware moments he conceded as much himself.

      Truther, let’s forget about Hynes’ motives for the moment. Wouldn’t you concede that this previously shrewd politician has gone off his rocker into cuckoo land in thinking he can win a county-wide election in Brooklyn on the Republican & Conservative lines. I am not aware of a single Republican who has won a Brooklyn-wide election as a Republican in the entire post WWII period. If anything, Brooklyn has gotten more Democratic with an influx of hipsters and west Brooklyn brownstone gentrifying liberal. Even back in 1993, Giuliani lost Brooklyn by 15k when he unseated David Dinkins with a city-wide margin of ~60k. The numbers just aren’t there. Like I posted, the parrot is dead.

      You are being too generous in attributing Hynes’ last hurrah to moral outrage. We are dealing with a politician who thinks the office is his, the voters and public sentiment, be damned. He has forgotten he is a public servant who serves at the discretion of the voting public. Somebody in his camp should give him a dose of meds and a tap on the head with a polo mallet to bring him back to his senses. Instead, he will be hit with a barrage of more evidence of his own misconduct because he has also outraged many of his previous colleagues in the Democratic Party who feel he betrayed them by going back on his promise.

      Yes, a transition can be handled in two months. But there has been turmoil inside KCDA with mixed messages of some told to cooperate and others being told to work for Hynes’ reelection. Without getting into details which I am not yet free to reveal, the normal functioning and prospects for fuller cooperation for a transition have been harmed by Joe’s zig-zags.

    • Birther, what about Elvis? Did he leave the building together with Norman? And what about the latest stalling tactic by Hynes to cover up for Vecchionne as reported in yesterday’s Daily News?

      Hynes needs a new campaign slogan. How’s about “Whats mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. Joe Hynes, your DA for life”

    • Birther: As loath as I am to quote the NY Post, you seem to be experiencing black exposure overload. So take a deep calming breath and start over very slowly.


      “Let me just say this — he was not at my campaign office at all,” the former federal prosecutor insisted Wednesday. “Clarence Norman is not a friend.
      “So he was at the victory party, but there were hundreds of people. A lot of people came from the community because this was a historic night.
      “He played absolutely no role in my campaign.”
      But four sources — all top Democratic operatives, including two who actively supported Thompson — said Norman was holding court from the Crown Heights office, where he also ran operations for mayoral candidate BILL Thompson and Eliot Spitzer’s failed comptroller campaign. THE OFFICE BELONGS TO BILL THOMPSON’S CAMPAIGN.


      Birther: I understand you racists can’t keep track of all the new black faces since “they all look alike” and Hynes and his Goon Squad’s Office policy has always been to lock up any black for any crime, innocent or guilty since “who cares–one is as good as another for our political ends.”

      But: just for the record and for those civilized and non-neanderthals who don’t share your racism (e.g., the rest of us):

      BILL Thompson is the black guy who ran for mayor and lost to the white guy married to the black woman.

      KEN Thompson is the black guy who ran for Brooklyn DA and beat the white racist thug who locked up all those innocent black guys.

      I know this is confusing for you and your ilk Mr. Birther, but black guys are people too and it’s time for you and Hynes and his Goon Squad to accept this reality in the face of a refreshingly new Brooklyn.

    • Everyone here forgets that Hynes actually petitioned for the republican Wilson pakula in March of last year. He also petitioned for it in March of 2009 and March of 2005. These opinions are lacking some standard facts: Hynes has, for the last two elections, used the Republican candidacy as insurance in case this happened. Now that it happened and he’s having to use it, everyone is assuming this is the first time this has ever happened. Yerachmiel, please put up the ballots from 05 and 09 so everyone can see. If you need them, contact me I have all of them (including the ones from 2001 that show he wasn’t on the ballot then).

      • It is possible that you are right that he always was ready to bolt the democratic party. But it is also possible that he just wanted not to have to campaign against a republican in the general election and having himself on all ballots ensured that.

  4. I commented last week on a previous post…

    The Republican party’s action here is embarrassing. There is nothing remotely republican about this life long democrat, that is having trouble accepting defeat!

    It’s their desperate attempts at relevance, even at the expense of party values that makes them a laughingstock!! Consider this; twelve years after America’s mayor (Guiliani) leaves office, the republican candidate for mayor is trailing by 50 points!?!? They come across to voters as political horse traders.

    Aside from coming across as a party without any positions, I believe there is a serious imaging problem here. To the average guy, the picture looks something like this….
    “There are two democrats duking it out to be the Brooklyn DA; the republican party is siding with the white old Democrat over the young black Democrat?!?” They are playing into the stereotype that the republican party is white old men!!

    Since Hynes has no chance and they have nothing to gain politically, they should be worrying about their long term image.

    I would think.

  5. Why would the Hynes campaign hire Clarence Norman protege Taharka Robinson who was convicted of robbery & assault?

  6. There is little reason for me to continue to comment on this blog, in light of the bizarre allegations that I am racist. Where did that come from? All I did was relay what I’ve been told. Everything that the idiot above said can easily be refuted, but again, what’s the point? Perhaps the biggest joke here is the insinuation of racism. Say whatever you want about Hynes – some of you think he has always been corrupt, while others, like Lopin, seem to agree that he was once a great man and great DA who went astray – the one thing you can never say is that he was or is a racist, nor are his most loyal long-term supporters. Nobody, and I mean nobody in this country has done more for black and Hispanic communities within the criminal justice system than Joe Hynes. He literally invented alternatives to incarceration, re-entry programs, etc. But for him, we’d still be warehousing black kids as a default option. Those of you with long memories of the 80’s and early 90’s remember. Just wait until you dummies start seeing how a former novice federal prosecutor gets “tough on crime.” I wish I could say it will be fun to watch.

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