Your Monsey Friend May Be Too Friendly

Shmuel Dym

Shmuel Dym

Chaverim of Rockland County, a service for roadside assistance, embraced its member Shmuel Dym with a welcome home gathering (kabolos ponim) according to Rare View: Dus Iz Neias. Dym was back home from a stretch in the pokey for molesting children and violating his probation. Chaverim, also helps people get back into their house when they lock themselves out. If Chaverim uses Dym to answer such calls they are endangering the children of the community. They should let the public know whether they are friends that should be trusted. Until they can confirm that they don’t let molesters work their service, I would advise folks in Rockland County to refuse to support them and to be wary of using their services.

I imagine Chaverim has a rabbinic adviser. I would be interested to know who he is and what he has to say about this issue.


10 thoughts on “Your Monsey Friend May Be Too Friendly

  1. Does anyone know what they’re thinking? Do they think he’s innocent?

    Chavierim of Lakewood has background checks etc., do they bother with these things in Monsey?!?


    Rockland Chaverim’s founder is Rabbi Shaya Erps

    Their posek is Rav Chaim Feivel Schneebalg, a dayan on the Badatz of the Edah Charedis who was brought to Monsey to be rov of the Avreichim beis medrash.

    He is seemingly the son of accused Monsey molester Rabbi Boruch Erps

    Thomas Zugibe is the district attorney in Ramapo. There were a number of molesters reported in Monsey and New Square, and even some arrests, but everything was whitewashed and the cases vanished. Click here to read about Rabbi Boruch Erps, a former Rebbe at Yeshivah of Spring Valley.

    Monsey Rabbi Israel Hager (son of Viznitzer Rebbe), who is alleged to be a pedophile, is a very powerful man and is alleged to make most of these cases disappear.

    The victims who were prepared to press charges against their offenders, were allegedly discouraged from reporting to the police, by Rabbis Tuvia Wettenstein (Belzer Dayan), Chaim Shiah Halberstam (Satmar “Rebbe” of Monsey who has about 2500 followers), Yitzchok Luzer Moskovits (Shatzer Rov) and others.

    Erps taught Alef- Bais in YSV (Yeshivah Spring Valley) for many years, and molested and raped his little victims many times. Last week I received the following e-mail from a broken mother who just found out that her son was raped by Erps.

    The DA informed me that Erps was actually arrested last year but they had to let him go after the two potential witnesses backed off because of community pressure!

    • Oh the hypocrisy!

      I didn’t understand from your post if “Oh the hypocrisy!” was just your handle, or if you are implying that there is allot of hypocrisy here. You are reporting some serious coverups, but they don’t seem hypocritical.

      As for Shaya Erps:

      If he is still in control of the unbelievable organization “Chavierim” that he founded, then he should definitely take a very serious look at this Shmuel Dym case. They should also be setting up some kind of protocol for cases like this in the future. And if they don’t we should be calling them on it.

      However, how in the world can you fault Shaya Erps for something that Baruch Erps did?!?! As far as we know it’s got nothing to do with him, even if it does turn out that Baruch is Shaya’s father!!!!

  3. What needs to happen in Monsey and in any number of other frum communities is for each of these perverts to be dragged out of his home, flogged in public and then to be branded “rapist” (in both Latin and Hebrew characters) on the forehead and elsewhere on his body. Castration optional. There’s hardly anything worse in my book than molestation of children except perhaps protecting pedophiles.

  4. As a Monsey resident I made some research on the alleged rumor that Chaverim of Rockland was arranging a party for a “former” Chaverim member Shmuel Dym.
    The facts are:
    1- Dym isn’t anymore a Chaverim member for over 2 years!
    2- This whole rumor is BS, a whole article with no single ethical source to base it.
    Why in the world do people have to involve such a admiring organization into their dirty agendas????!!!!
    Rabbi Shaya Erps is an unbelievable Erlich person! Anyone that ever dealt with him won’t disagree, it’s disgusting to even mention his name in such a ugly article.
    Chaverim of Rockland is always there for you when you need them, their volunteers don’t judge you… don’t judge them!!!
    Especialy when this whole crap is based on nothing.

    • Your comment is a typical defensive denial. You make a big fuss about research. Fact is you do not even bother to look at my link to a copy of the text message.

      You defend them as tzadikim across the board. Ordinary mortal just say things like “they usually do good work.”

      You invoke the tzidkus of Y. Erps to deflect attention from the well known kolo delo pasuk about his father.

      You use nivul peh, not the trait of an honest follower of a tzadik.

        • I verified with sources. This welcome home event for Dym by Chaverim most definitely was scheduled. The text was leaked by a member of Monsey Chaverim who was disgusted but did not want to go public himself for the usual social pressure reasons.

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