The Shkotzim of Square Town

Deb Tambor

Deb Tambor

Deb Tambor’s friends waited in the cold and dark for her funeral early last Monday morning. But the powers that be of Skver (Square Town) could not bear to acknowledge that she had such friends, young men and women raised in the orthodox world who no longer were religious or did not follow Skver’s krum (deformed) version of frumkeit (religious observance).

So for twelve hours they left them in the cold and refused them any information. Nevertheless Deb’s friends came and stayed outside from mid-afternoon, into the dark, past midnight, until three or four in the morning when they finally knew they weren’t going to be allowed the simple decency of accompanying her coffin to its final resting place.

When Deb left religious observance, Skver sided with her ex-husband in fighting for custody. Having won that battle they also used all of their influence to completely alienate her kids from her.

Now that this sweet, kind, 33-year-old woman was dead, they insisted on claiming her body and controlling her funeral. But this wasn’t a chesed shel emes (the true kindness of caring for the dead). Real Jews honor the dead, put aside differences, and welcome all who wish to join in accompanying the dead on their way to their burial. Real Jews offer survivors consolation by praising the virtues of the dead and not drawing attention to their shortcomings. Real Jews want orphans to remember what was good about their deceased parents. Real Jews adhere to the practice of orphans only saying kaddish for eleven months because they are not allowed to think the worst of their parents: to think that they need twelve months to elevate their souls.

But the wickedness of Skver extends even unto death, even unto further alienating orphans, even unto depriving the deceased and her survivors of the knowledge that others loved her and respected her, in life and in death.

Skver likes to delude itself into thinking it is the holiest of the holy, the frumest (most religiously observant) of the frum, the most tznius (modest) of those who are tznuah.  They disparage those who leave their camp as shkotzim (revolting creatures). Meanwhile, Skver itself is a hell-hole of sexual abuse, even much worse than most other Hasidic communities. Skver is a cult of sexual perversion, arson, violence, and theft, presided on by their cult leader, the rebbe, Dovid Twersky. It is a veritable Sodom. The shkotzim of Skver deprived Deb Tambor of the final chesed shel emes. They are Hasidim without chesed (kindness).

10 thoughts on “The Shkotzim of Square Town

  1. “They are Hasidim without chesed (kindness).”

    You are a blithering ignorant idiot. When I, who is not a chassid was stuck with a flat tire near skvere, a skvere chossid passing by called for me the skvere “ershte hilf”. 5 minutes later, a full fledged chossid with payos and woolen tzitzis and all showed up in his truck, patched and filled my tire, and adamantly refused my tip.

    • Everything is OK in your book if the city that employs molesters in their yeshivas helps you with a flat tire. I love your moral calculation: it’s OK if a child is raped as long as they spared me from having to wait for AAA.

      Use your moral imagination. Conduct a thought experiment. Imagine they guy who changed your tire also raped you. Would you say, “Wow, so much chesed!”

      It seems to me that as long as he changes your tire and offers you kugel you say the hell with the tormented kids.

  2. Skvere is Sodom
    Hey, Lopin, get your brains checked out. Your MO ilk has close to 50% going OTD, half your teens are texting on Shabbos but Skvere is Sodom and wicked. Get a clue, man

    • Wake up! Many kids in Skver are also breaking all sorts of rules. They just usually keep the levush. Also, Skver pushes out anyone who is a bit different just as the Rebbe forced parents of handicapped children to give them up for adoption.

      Nice town where someone who burns another resident almost to death is a hero who gets everyone’s prayers.

      Skver is in no position to talk to anyone else about frumkeit. They manage to violate several of the ten commandments including theft, incest, and shedding blood.

      • Is there more information about the forced child abandonment & incest? Doesn’t seem to have been reported anywhere.

  3. hey I was at at wedding there and the taubenfeld brothers child molesters were there I felt so not at ease

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